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Experiential School Experience Provides Education and Enhancement

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Experiential School Experience Provides Education and Enhancement

The most welcoming premises of the G D Goenka co-educational English medium school believes in the experiential learning ecosystem. The Principal Dr. Nidhi Nijhawan is a distinguished education researcher and specialist, believes that education is awakened through total efforts and initiatives by the students and teachers.The qualities of education are present in every person that needs to be harmonized through the inclusion of academia, arts, sports, emotions, attitudes, creativity, nature and  from life itself.

The school has adapted an integrated learning environment which excels through enquire and approach methods.The emphasis is given on high order thinking skills are developed through creative learning,problem solving approaches, effective communications and logical thinking sessions. 

Value of education is deeply embedded in the collaborative learning process to strengthen capacity among learners to enable them to face challenges of the real world. 

The school facilitates Pre Primary education that is followed by the CBSE Board Class XII and by the international Cambridge board examination system. 

The child's well being and mental health is of paramount importance and is considered relevant during the development of the child's education psychology that decides the future of education.

The counseling and guidance cell provides an opportunity to develop the overall mental and emotional well being of the students.The school counselor is responsible for close collaboration with the students, parents,teachers and school administration to match social, economic, behavioral and emotional needs of children within the school that have a balance with other environments.

The school has set up a Mind-Peer Counseling Club led by psychology students and professionals act as peers for students to solve the challenges of personal issues.One of the unique methods to keep improving psychology is through participation in various life skills workshops builds resilience and confidence in students.

The school has a large 6 acre campus that is always buzzing with the latest pulse of education system and facilities.Education system in the school is based on value based education that invokes creative energies needing a caring and nurturing environment for the integrated and capable young generation.

Published on: 17 Aug 2022
School Coverage
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