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AL Huda Public School

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AL Huda Public School

The institution was formed in 1983 by a group of conscious educators and people who felt the need to introduce the educational institution and contribute to the social and educational upliftment of the village of Binner, Baramulla. They planned to establish a school in the village area where children could attain formal education without any external intervention.

The autonomous institute aims to build students' character by offering a synthesis of a scientific education base while instilling the ecosystem for spiritual education in the beautiful natural backgrounds of Kashmir.

The institute has a vision with aims and objectives that address the children's educational needs as the school focuses on the universalization of education. Overall development of a student's personality is the key objective of the institution. Equality in education is a must for all, as the National Policy on Education ensures free and compulsory education.

National Policy on Education emphasized that it shall be ensured that free and compulsory education of satisfactory quality is provided to all children up to 14 years of age before entering the twenty-first century.

 Building the student's character is hugely dependent on the teaching-learning process, two-way communications, student activities, learning resources, and unique education methodologies.

Integration in the teaching-learning process also includes the timely, easy conclusion of the education curricula and activities, feedback, reflection, and following up.

 Cultivating the spiritual values and exploring the beliefs and experiences, respecting the faith, and understanding human relations while enjoying the process of knowing oneself in the presence of the outside world by using imagination and creativity is the institution's objective.


Recognizing what is correct, respecting the law, understanding the consequences, learning to sense the moral values within, give practical reasons are included in all educational topics.

Promoting culture and civilization through re-organizing and re-constructing human experience is essential for increasing tolerance, improving learning and health, creating opportunities to come with one another, and social outings. We need to understand that culture enhances the qualities of life, leading to the overall development of individuals and communities.

 The theory of achieving utilitarian objectives is practised within the education strategies while planning the topic-wise lesson plans for increasing the good things in life and learning to denounce bad things which are not suitable for oneself and surroundings.

Education is free from all discrimination and offers sagacious strength and orientate towards the objectives of the overall Education, Learning, and teaching process.

The school's infrastructure is always essential considering the success with students' involvements, natural pedagogy backgrounds, classroom activities, playgrounds, and access to the laboratories are all made available. The school has two buildings with a total of 19 classrooms. There are amenities for teachers in the teacher's room and the Principals room to manage the institution's education development program.

The institute has a well-equipped library with thousands of books to improve the students' reading skills. The students take a very keen interest in reading the books from time to time. The computer laboratory has all the necessary hardware and accessories to teach the students about computing science.

Institute brings amenity services such as toilets and classrooms. The playground is in front of the school, where students keep themselves fit through games, sports, and physical exercises.

The day starts in the school at 9:30 A.M with the morning assembly, where the students read prayers and perform their talent by "Tilawet, Naat, Speech, Questions and News. The classwork starts at 10:00 A.M. First, the student's attendance is written down on the attendance registers. The statistical record of the daily attendance is also recorded. About ten subjects like "Math, English, Urdu, Gen. Science, Social science, Arabic, Kashmiri, Islamiyat, Al-Quran, Computer" are taught. The highly qualified, experienced teachers are doing this job with dedication.

         Every Friday in the second half, there are different programs for the students, like a speech on the science of religious topics, and we are trying to give a chance to the students to show their talent in every field. The prizes are accorded to the position holder students. Also, there are separate programs on Fridays for teachers, where the Principal and other teachers share their experiences, and direct instructions are also given to the teachers.


The students who have completed their education in this school work in different Govt. Departments and the primary education they have got in this school. It is in their memory, and they cannot forget it.

 Al Huda Public schools have a strong affiliation with parents and students through the efficient Skoodos (Spherion initiated School Search Engine) platform that bridges the gap between students and schools.

SkooBuzz Magazine congratulates the legacy of efforts from the institutional leadership for bringing together education and learning facilities for the students of the Binner area in Baramulla, which is logistically far from other regions of the country. We make your institution's story reach its fullest potential.


Published on: 28 May 2022
School Coverage
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