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Best Stream to choose after the 10th: Choices and their outcome

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Best Stream to choose after the 10th: Choices and their outcome

Lakhs of students sit for various competitive exams every year, and a very less percentage of students actually succeed. It is very important for a student to find a niche for themselves and the start of choosing a correct career for themselves begins by choosing the correct subjects and stream for themselves in their senior secondary years.

Usually, the subjects offered after the 10th class are:

Science Stream: The science stream has subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and Biology. Students can bifurcate it further by either choosing the medical stream and taking up subjects- Physics, Chemistry, and Biology along with English as a mandatory subject and one optional subject this opens up career opportunities in Medicine, Dental, Nursing, Physiotherapist, and Nutritionist.

Or take up Engineering with subjects- Physics, Chemistry, and Maths where the possibilities lie in Engineering, Manufacturing, Robotics, Navy, Aviation, etc. Students can also take up Computer Sciences with Sciences to avail themselves of career opportunities in data analyst, software engineering, cyber security, Animation, etc.

Some students also take up General Science and opt for all the subjects so as to broaden their career choices. Apart from sciences students can also take up business studies and opt for subjects, Accountancy, Commerce, and Economics. These subjects open up career possibilities for Chartered Accountants, Banking, Investment, Actuary, Sales, etc.

People with a poetic temperament can take up arts and learn about History, Political Sciences and Economics. The career options for them include Paralegal, Law, Media, Digital Marketing, Designing, etc.

It is true that the conventional society of our country considers only jobs like doctors and engineers successful but in the changing time non-conventional jobs like content writing, testers, social media influencers, etc. are a rage in the modern world. So before choosing a career for yourself it is important to keep in mind these important points that will tell you how to choose a stream after the 10th.

Does your chosen career resonate with your interest? Oftentimes students consider the advice given by parents or peers and choose according to that instead of carefully researching and then deciding where their interests lie.

  • The students should not opt for a subject just because they can score high in that subject. Success does not decide your passion, but the one that does not tire you out but rejuvenates you is the one where your interest actually lies.
  • You may have skills as an orator but there is no such subject as oratory, you can instead take up English/Hindi to strengthen your language skills. Your subject choice should be in sync with your aims.
  • Your other choices of subjects should also be compatible with the chosen career and subjects because, in the end, it is the cumulative score.

Research what lies ahead

It is very important to understand what lies ahead thus before choosing a stream or even your career, research what skills you will require and what subjects you need to study.

Students can easily download the 11th and 12th syllabus from online sites to get a gist of what they will need to study for future classes. The subject syllabus is very different from what is taught in higher secondary, so it becomes important to be prepared beforehand as to what are the best choices while choosing a stream for the 10th class.

Choice of the optional subject

Your optional subject should not be a hindrance in your career for e.g.- If you wish to prepare for the medical exam, you would not want to take up a difficult optional subject like computers or language. As it would only be an extra burden without actually helping you in your chosen career.


IKIGAI is the Japanese philosophy for living a happy and reasonable life, that has meaning and fulfills your purpose of being. Use this as a checklist before deciding on a professional path after finishing high school.

  • Do what you enjoy.
  • Do what you excel at.
  • Do what you can be paid for.
  • Do what the world requires.

In a word, do something that you can accomplish with enthusiasm and professionalism. Whatever you do must result in excitement, pleasure, and fulfillment.

Don’t get influenced!

While answering the question “What stream to choose after the 10th”, you should NOT consider.

Get influenced by peers, society, or parents while choosing a career for yourself. Success isn't always about finances; it also means that you have sound mental health and the satisfaction of having a job that rejuvenates your soul instead of exhausting you mentally.

Choose a career that is in sync with your abilities and interests equally. You might not want to choose a career in Data Science if technology is not your strong point.


We at Skoodos understand the concerns of parents and students in terms of fruitful career options and offer guidance to choose the right one. You can check the website of Skoodos to know the best school and related information in your region. We are your trusted partner in guiding you through the best career options for a bright and fruitful future ahead.

Published on: 05 Feb 2023
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