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Experiential learning prepares students for a world outside the classroom.

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Experiential learning prepares students for a world outside the classroom.

Schools and education have long been considered just facts and theorems; their implication and practical usage had no place in the curriculum, but now the days are changing, and education has developed new dimensions for itself. The studies are no more limited to just cramming the facts, experiential learning is taking roots in many schools, and innovative measures to enhance and enrich a child's experience are taken.

Even in our scriptures and old texts from Indian culture, the value has been given to learning by experience. Students were supposed to imply what they had learned from their Gurus and were not declared promoted until they could instill the lessons in their own lives and use them practically.

However, not all schools can catch the essence of experiential learning to provide desired results. Experiential learning helps students learn through experiences, building up their confidence in the students and preparing them for the future world, equipped with all the practical knowledge.

Experiential learning can be done by using various methods like-

    Practical assessment of various theorems

    Outdoor activities and trips to enhance exposure.

    Inquiry learning enhances the curiosity and creativity of a child.

    Solving problems in a team to enhance social skills.

These activities can be seen in the G.D. Goenka School Sector 10A Gurugram branch. They are committed to instilling students with an attitude to learn and think creatively, preparing them for a practical world where their real test is taken.

The Principal of G.D. Goenka, Nidhi Nijhawan, says, "We have strived to build a school that understands the needs of the students, helping them develop on their latent potential, so that in future they can use their talent and be a successful name in their fields, and to ensure this we inculcate various methods with our curriculum that include experiential learning methods like the practical assessment of theories and exposure to the outer world, makes them more confident in their knowledge and prepares them for the outer world." She further includes, "We endeavor to develop a child's cognitive and social skills so that our students are in no way deficient when facing the real world."

This school especially impressed Shruti Verma, the Co-founder of Skoodos. She went on to say, "We see schools that use traditional methods to teach students and are in no way concerned about the practicality of the education they are imparting. Whereas at G.D. Goenka, we are concerned about what a child is doing inside the school premises and in the world premises where all the actual life exams take place."

The traditional way of education certainly leaves many gaps that schools like G.D. Goenka strives to fill. Our children can enjoy a happier and brighter future if given an opportunity. Thus finding them a school that resonates with their passion and works on it is significant for our kids, developing their talent into finesse.

Published on: 27 May 2022
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