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Home Schooling- an enhanced version

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Home Schooling- an enhanced version

Home-schooling in India is something that is not common and most people do not have any information regarding this. The most common mode of education remains day boarding schools or online schools, and these though very common can not match the flexibility and creative nature of home-schooling. Most of us in India are ignorant about home-schooling and do not know much about the legal status or feasibility of it, and moreover it is considered that home-schooling is mostly for the special students or those suffering with some kind of sickness, which though widely accepted is not true. Cyboard School has come up with exceptional methods that help parents wishing to homeschool their children, by providing well-trained teachers, who are expert in handling children and teaching them.

Parents wishing to keep their kids safe and secure especially during times like these where pandemic has its claws everywhere can also avail homeschooling and keep their kids in front of their eyes and safe.

Before discussing further let us look over the advantages of getting your child  home-schooled-

  • Provides flexibility over teaching timings
  • Provides an opportunity to make learning exciting through your innovative learning ideas
  • Helps provide necessary attention to your kids
  • Provides an opportunity that aids in practical learning experiences
  • Protects your wards from the negativity of the society
  • Provides an opportunity to pass on your values and beliefs to your children
  • An opportunity to provide attention to subjects where your kid lacks attention
  • Helps in conveying your self-earned tricks and shortcuts for easy and fast learning
  • Helps in teaching your kids in a better and an effective manner by developing a one-to-one relationship with them
  • An opportunity for your kids to learn great lessons from your life experiences
  • Helps make your kids believe that education can be exciting and fun
  • Helps in making parents aware of their children’s hidden talents
  • It also helps initiate discussion between parents and kids where the parents can also learn from children.

Finding a trustworthy teacher who can act as a sole-guide to your child is not easy, placing such responsibility on someone requires a lot from the parents. The child should get well-versed in all the subjects, not missing out on the extra-curricular subjects that would provide the child an all-round development opportunity. It should be cognitive as well as physical. 

Cyboard School is one such school that has been helping parents to keep their child in front of their eyes and also acquiring knowledge through a trusted source. Cyboard school provides well-trained and equipped teachers all over India. The teachers are well-versed with various subjects and techniques that help in teaching children.

Published on: 18 Jul 2022
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