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India's first 100% Online School Powered by AI : CYBOARD

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India's first 100% Online School Powered by AI : CYBOARD

We have often heard the struggle stories of our parents, relaying that they had to go through a lot of troubles to reach their schools, we often ridiculed their claim until the pandemic set its claws and drastically changed the demographics of those who physically visit schools, and easier alternatives became a necessity.

In recent times most parents, concerned for the safety of their children are opting for safer methods that would not only keep their children out of the danger’s way and also ensure their quality education, and the best alternative that comes up is a school that provides online classes with a solemn promise of quality education for the child.

India has shouted out its need for an online school that assists its students with advanced technologies like AI, making it easier for them to learn and apply their knowledge within the safety of home. The desired needs were perfectly met by Cyboard school, becoming India’s first 100% online school powered by AI. The concept may be new in India but it has become a worldwide norm due to the pandemic. Online studies are still considered secondary to physical attendance but the pros of online schooling aided by AI are outweighing the cons even in India now, Let us take a look at basic benefits online schooling can provide-

No Geographical bar

Cyboard School aspires to use the technology's vast potential by turning classrooms into live sessions by competent teachers and providing children from even the remotest areas a chance to avail education, without the hassle of extensive travelling or migrating.

Innovative Teaching Style

It aspires to change not just the classrooms but also the traditional parrot-fashioned teaching methods, and aid students in their all-round development, honing their skills into prowess. Artificial intelligence helps students in a better understanding of the concepts.

Technological Advantages

The application of AI for the assessment of student performance takes a lot out of the teacher's plate and ensures that their sole focus is on the students, keeping an eye on the overall progress and performance of the child.

This approach assures parents and fortifies a secure future for the children.


India is one of the biggest consumers of internet and even the remotest corners have some or the other kind of connection to the digital world, schooling becomes easy when the only concern that remains is a stable wifi connection and study material for the kids, cutting off the travel and accommodation expenses. Education is no longer constricted to a physical place, anyone can access it from any place.


Cyboard school provides its students with a flexible curriculum, providing them with a wide range of topics and subjects to choose from and the live classes ensure that the discipline and decorum of the school are maintained, usage of advanced technology makes it easier for students and teachers.

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Published on: 01 Apr 2022
Virtual Schooling
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