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Innovation: Find a School for Innovative Teaching

Category: Virtual Schooling

Innovation: Find a School for Innovative Teaching

Ta:ra Online Preschool is the new teaching system that impresses the kids and parents as it introduces a whole new regime of  Pre-Primary education through online learning, innovative explorations creating a new, colorful eco system for the students.

So if the parents are thinking of starting education journey for their preschoolers, this school can be the right choice for many reasons.The school presents an online virtual platform for the preschool students who at an age of discovering new aspects of knowing more things about the educational spheres and most importantly about the new things that are not present at home.

Kids at an early age want to learn from their curiosity and also like to see the display of education through various means and presentations that consist of rhymes,music, cognitive games that include tactics that help in building a child’s mental skills along with Motor skills development.

The nursery curriculum is designed for children aged between 2.5 to 3.5 years and the Kindergarten section is introduced for children aged 3.5 years to 5.5  age group.

What one needs to do is to contact the school for the admission and enroll their kids to start the high quality learning sessions which brings an ease of mind and smooth understanding.

Fun theme based online interactive sessions draw the attention of the kid as the educational collaterals take the child to the comfortable experience.

Recreational activities that help in Gross and Fine Motor skills development, give the real chance to see it happen before parents as the child learns making new moves with the rhythm of the class. 

Phonics lessons bring the kids a whole new world of studying words, introducing new worlds, beginning to spell and use of rhyming words.

Activities are clubbed through lesson plans and interactions or through a fitness session,speaking and listening activities,hobby classes.

An interactive homework help is provided to the kids through the important tasks that he will plan and follow after the online classroom activity. 

Game Based engaging activities, curriculum topics and co curricular based language skills are focussed all the time. 

The focus stays on developing the pre literacy skills ensuring a development in the early numerical skills that always relates to the overall  growth in physical, cognitive, emotional, social and linguistic objectives.

Ta:ra is the place for your child's early education development and age appropriate education concept through various teaching methods, online classroom activities and teacher interactions. 

Published on: 29 Jul 2022
Virtual Schooling
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