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List of Top 10 Best Schools in Amritsar for Admissions

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List of Top 10 Best Schools in Amritsar for Admissions

Amritsar is the regional cultural hub and second largest business city of Punjab, North India. The city is famous for its historical monuments, The Golden Temple Gurdwara, and consists of the highly skilled citizens of the country. The city is connected with many important cities and is close to the Wagah International Border. The parents of the city look for a highly energetic educational atmosphere and also prefer the full learning and teaching of Punjabi culture and language.

List of Top 10 Best Schools in Amritsar


Akal Academy, Basarke

AABS is the most happening school in the region. The school has branched all over the world and is not constrained to attain education excellence by all means. Akal Academy, Basarke is one of the most prestigious CBSE schools in Amritsar. Tal education environments. The schools offer dedicated education from Nursery to Class XII that is backed up by world-class sports facilities.

Akal Academy is one of the Top 10 schools in Amritsar.

Holy Heart Presidency School

His focus of Akal Academy offers one of the most intellectual, artistic, sportsmanship, and ethic Holy Heart Presidency School is one of the top-ranked schools in Amritsar. The ICSE board English medium co-educational school offers a Pre Nursery education facility up to Class XII of a highly secured and qualitative education atmosphere. The school has active participation in all state and regional school-level sports, art, and drama competitions.

The school's head is held high due to the past and recent achievements of its students that are attained through the scholastic and non-scholastic engagements of the students. Each day there is a new activity that adds new value to the education of your child. 

Mamta Niketan Convent School (Tarn Taran)

Mamta Niketan Convent School is an English medium CBSE board day boarding and residential school. The sprawling campus of the school is above 8 acres and gives a pollution-free learning experience to its students. The school's healthy learning atmosphere and vibrant cross-ventilated classrooms make it one of the best schools in Amritsar. School infrastructure, education facilities, and hostel amenities surpass the best schools in the country. The school provides equal attention in providing sports amenities, a swimming pool, its infrastructure, an indoor games complex, music rooms, and dance rooms to all its students.

Bhavans Sohan Lal Public School

Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan's S l Public School is a CBSE school and is one of the 119 centers of Bhavans, Mumbai. The unaided private school has a remarkable campus, and indoor games facilities, and is equipped with science workshop-based laboratories. Being one of the most progressive schools in the region and is considered the temple of learning. The school's neat and clean atmosphere brings the reminiscences of the best education system making it one of the top schools in Amritsar.

Focus on the traditional methods of teaching and inculcating top values of modern education and extracurricular activities attract parents' attention to ignite young minds towards 21st-century skills with a blend of the value-based education system. The school operates from Nursery to Class XII of spirited skill development and education programs.

Sri Guru Harkrishan Public Senior Secondary School

The GHPS School Rasulpur Kalan was founded under the aegis of the Chief Khalsa Diwan Charitable Society in 1988. The school is one of the premier educational institutes in the region to inculcate habits of learning, shaping young hearts and minds to impart quality education to the students of rural areas. The CBSE School is co-educational and provides an environment that helps the children to excel in all walks of life and grow up to be responsible citizens of the country.

The spacious environment gives the school the status of being one of the top-ranked schools in Amritsar that focuses on Punjabi, English, and Hindi languages and provides the best infrastructural and carefully developed classroom teaching functions to every student from Nursery to Class XII.

All Saints Convent School

All Saints Convents School disseminates value-based and holistic education through the Diocese of Jalandhar, a dedicated catholic institution for all-around education deliveries. The ICSE School imparts education from Nursery to Class X. All Saints Convent School Ajnala is ranked one of the best schools in Amritsar due to its student's friendly, intellectual and spiritual environment for education. The encouraging teachers of the school strive to develop a conducive atmosphere to assist the students to achieve holistic perspectives and positive thinking attitudes.

Alexandra School

Alexandra School Amritsar is an ICSE Board school that is ISO certified for disseminating quality education in an equally equipped school infrastructure that offers the bond of educational excellence through the school's glorious past and equivocal presence. Alexandra school is one of the best schools in Amritsar that provides a separate wing of boys was started to make it a leading co-educational school in the region. The school begins from the Nursery section and carries its immaculate education stream up to Class XII. The historical buildings on the campus are blended with new and fresh buildings for a progressive blend of education.

Alpine Public School

Alpine Public School sets high standards of education through a devoted learning approach to early education. The school has won numerous awards and achieved success at state and district talent search competitions. The school has an exceptionally well-developed sports program for students and takes ultimate care in achieving academic excellence. The schools engage students' attention through classroom activities and guide every individual child to explore their innate skills.

Alpine public school is an ICSE Board institute that is one of the best schools in Amritsar that offers education from Nursery to Class XII.

Amritsar Public School

Amritsar Public School is a CBSE Board Senior Secondary School that Marrs through its educational excellence and grows its stature every year. The highly committed school management, administration, students, and supportive parents have helped the school grow by leaps and bounds. APS is one of the Top schools in Amritsar that has a cent percent student passing rate and has been able to satisfy the parents for their child's overall performances. The English medium co-educational school begins from the Nursery section that carries on to Class XII education.

Angel World School

 Angel World School is a blend of modern education mingled with Indian Culture. The school ranks as one of the Top 10 schools in Amritsar due to the right kind of education with an intelligent application to nurture positive thoughts under a healthy climate. Progressive schools have many avenues to achieve the student's interest in academic and co-curricular activities. Learning happens throughout the day while in collaboration with parents, teachers, and students.

The school brings out the holistic personality of the child through the concepts of inner peace, self-control, love for the environment, and care for the world. The CBSE School begins its operations with Nursery Sections and furthers up to Class X of the quality education system.


This list of top-ranked schools in Amritsar will help you make the right choice about where to admit your child. Other than these reputed names, you can also look at Manav Public School, Shri Ram Ashram Public School, Ajanta Public School, Dav International School, Shri Ram Ashram Public School as well. Check out our website to find the latest details and make a comparison on all of them.


Published on: 09 Dec 2022
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