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List of Top 10 Best Schools in Assam for Admissions 2024-2025

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List of Top 10 Best Schools in Assam for Admissions 2024-2025

Assam is in the far northeast part of India and popularly known for its identity as one of the Seven states called ‘Seven Sisters’ in the far eastern countryside. Assam is one of the largest producers of Tea in the country. It is also known for its rich culture, traditions, forests, Kanchenjunga Mountain range, and pollution-free environment that is conducive to quality education. Assam provides the right background for school children to learn from some of the best schools in the country that provide international quality education. 

List of Top 10 Best Schools in Assam


The Assam Valley School, Sonitpur

Assam Valley School is a CISCE, coeducational, and privately owned residential school. The school founded in 1995 by the Williamson Magor Education Trust is one of the Top Schools in Assam with world-class education amenities. Called ‘The School of Adventure’ it provides new methods of excavating and exploring education through activities. The school offers education from Class 5 to Class 12. The school aims to build the global character of students through the 21st-century education system. Schools also present a wide aura of extracurricular opportunities through horse riding facilities, swimming pools, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, and infrastructure.

Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Dibrugarh

Don Bosco school has 11 branches in Assam itself. The schools have branches in Dibrugarh, Doom Dooma (Catholic Church), Dergaon, Golaghat, Jorhat Life Plus, Jorhat Rua Home, Tinsukia Parish, Tinsukia DB tech, Amguri Pre Novitiate, Khobong DB and Rangajan DB. The school also marks its presence in adjoining states such as Manipur, Nagaland, and Arunachal Pradesh. Fr. Rudolf Fontaine opened the Dibrugarh mission in 1908. In 1986 the school provided free evening school for poor children.

The school's vision is Apostolic and provides high-quality education up to High school with evening schools hostel and Chaplaincy. The CBSE school is ranked as one of the top schools in Assam. It provides co-education from Nursery to Class XII in its Dibrugarh, Boiragimoth establishment since the year 1888.

Miles and Bronson Residential School, Guwahati

Miles and Bronson Residential School is a CBSE school that is ranked one of the Top 10 schools in Assam. The world-class campus of the school is highly equipped with science and subject-wise laboratories. The school offers a connection with teachers and parents in all phases of a child's education in the school. The school has introduced career classes for various competitions such as Engineering, Medical, and Law Entrance. Creative and discovery-based education is encouraged through child-centric based learning and instructional strategies.

The school offers quality education from Nursery to class 12. Teacher empowerment, student fitness modules, skill development, and cultural activities are some of the other amenities in the school. This 21 st century schools focus on developing the qualities of responsibility. Sports facilities in the school include Yoga, Cricket, Lawn Tennis, Football, Golf, Swimming, Taekwondo, Volleyball, and Basketball. 

Kaziranga English Academy, Guwahati

Kaziranga English Academy is rated one of the top 10 schools in Assam. The co-curricular CBSE Residential cum Day Boarding school is located in between the diversity of lush green nature. The school provides education from Nursery to Class 12. The magnificent backdrop of misty hills makes the school appropriately located for quality teaching and learning activities. The school provides a world-class hostel facility and promotes reading and research habits through a digital library. Extracurricular activities are equally weighed for every student through various club and community-based programs that include science club, cultural club, cyber club, math club, etc.

Holy Cross School, Silchar

Holycross Cross School provides a predictable future to its students. The CBSE Co-Ed school ranks as one of the best schools in Assam and stands tall in providing pedagogical education for the last 60 years. The school provides globally competent education from Kindergarten to Class 12. The school believes in skill development along with the free-flowing nature of education. The Assam Board of Secondary Education school has H.S.L.C. and H.S. Examinations to offer its students.

The school has been performing to the best of educational and extracurricular standards by winning trophies in state-level competitions for debates, sports, and cultural activities. The school infrastructure is upgraded through Smart Classrooms, Central Library, Computer Lab, Science Lab, Playground, Indoor Games, Auditorium Hostels, Cafeteria, and more.   

Carmel School, Jorhat

Carmel School in Jorhat was founded by the Apostolic Carmel sisters in 1967. The school works under the jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Dibrugarh. Budding Buds Senior Secondary School Co-Ed CISCE school is English Medium and teaches Hindi and Assamese as second languages. The school offers education from Pre-primary to Class 10. The school provided many important facilities that are important to develop skills and carry forward the global objectives of education. The school has an Art Lab, Literary LabScience Club, Sports Club, Spice Club, Environment Club, and more. For extracurricular activities, the school offers an auditorium, playground, aerobic classes, educational tours indoor and outdoor sports facilities, etc.  

Budding Buds Senior Secondary School, Tinsukia

The Budding Buds Senior Secondary School was established by Shree Kanya Education Trust in the year 1984. The CBSE school believes that every student should develop a love for education and should be able to visualize as the leaders of the future. The schools can understand the requirements of individual students through classroom interactions and pedagogies.

The English medium-only Girls co-educational school imparts education from Nursery to Class 12. Budding Buds senior secondary school ranks as one of the best schools in Assam due to its active involvement with students. The school believes in partnering with parents to gain the momentum of success to achieve the heights of personality, skills, and social development.    

Tezpur Gurukul School

The Tezpur Gurukul School is the CBSE, Co-Educational school that is one of the top-ranked schools in Assam. The eco-friendly green school is located on a sprawling campus of 5 acres. The school has world-class infrastructure, and transportation amenities and set safety standards for every student in the school. The school provides hostel facilities for both girls and boys. The school develops the personality of students through multiple and well-thought-out classroom and extracurricular activities.

The school is a developed center for educational excellence that prepares students for being future leaders, in every aspect of life. The school teaches from Nursery standard to Class 12. The teachers of the school have an exemplary teaching background and believe in the values-based education system that inculcates hard work, honesty, perseverance, mutual respect, and transparency in relationships.

Our Abc Academy, Tinsukia

Our Abc Academy of Tinsukia believes in the core of the modern and global education system. The school has earned a massive reputation among the students, parents, and teachers fraternity. The school teaches ethics, and morals through the Indian spirit of education deliverance. The school's humane approach to education is widely popular for molding the students to achieve excellence in acquiring futuristic skills to steer India’s pathway to all-time success. The school is bringing forth opportunities to grow through a rich variety of activities that direct students toward their affluent dreams and aspirations.

The school is one of the top-ranked schools in Tinsukia that brings together the experience of Sports activities, entertainment gadgets, and indoor, and outdoor games and organizes expeditions to optimize mental strength. The school has introduced Interactive Python Learning Classes, Learning Management System and promotes hobbies through coaching facilities i.e. photography. A well-connected National Digital Library adds more value to the teaching and learning environment. The co-educational English Medium CBSE school begins from Nursery to Class XII.

Royal Global School, Guwahati

Royal Global School is the best place for the holistic development of students in Assam. Its emphatic architecture and infrastructural benevolence make diverse education possible. The traditional values of education heighten the spirits of a free-flowing, learner's atmosphere. The school's 360 degrees learning arena is mingled with the experience and knowledge of the teaching staff. The quintessential and futuristic ambiance makes education easy, achievable, and affordable. The co-educational CBSE school follows the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2015 and finds its place as one of the top-ranked schools in Assam. The school also provides state of art hostel facilities for boys and girls from class onwards.



There are a large number of top schools in Assam to choose from, we have listed the top 10 schools in Assam. Here are few more emerging schools in Assam like Tender Petals Guwahati, Sarala Birla Gyan Jyoti Guwahati, Delhi Public School Golaghat, Delhi Public School Jorhat, Kaziranga English Academy, Shrimanta Shankar Academy Senior Secondary School, Sboa Public School, Army Public School Bakarapara, Army Public School Satgaon, Shree Agrasen Academy, Vkv School Dibrugarh, Delhi Public School Cachar, Delhi Public School Dibrugarh, Assam Rifles Public School, Shiksha Valley School, Hemalata Handiqui Memorial Institute and more.


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Published on: 17 Jan 2023
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