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List of Top 10 Best Schools in Durgapur for Admissions 2024-2025

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List of Top 10 Best Schools in Durgapur for Admissions 2024-2025

Durgapur is a major industrial area and a tier 2 city that is located in the Indian state of West Bengal. Besides the industries, the city of Durgapur is also home to some of the best schools in West Bengal. In today's world, where the quality of education determines the future of children, parents are highly inclined towards selecting the best school for their children.  Providing children with the best education gives them a better chance to develop in today's competitive culture. Every parent aspires to offer their kids the best education possible, but it can only be done with the help of the right schools. To help parents select the suitable school for their children, we have come up with a list of Top schools in Durgapur. These schools are well-known in the region and will offer your kids top-notch academic help.

List of Top 10 Best Schools in Durgapur 


Delhi Public School

Delhi Public School Durgapur, an OmDayal Group venture, is the first school on our list of top 10 schools in Durgapur. It is a prestigious school that is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and has first-rate facilities and top-notch infrastructure. The school first opened its doors in 2011 and fostered growth by accepting the challenges of a modern curriculum and allowing children to explore and develop into self-assured individuals. 

Delhi Public School Durgapur uses cutting-edge instructional techniques, just like OmDayal Group's other educational institutions, to achieve new levels of success. Among the 200+ DPS schools in India and overseas, the school has a stellar academic record and has been recognized with awards from students participating in a variety of extracurricular activities.

Hem Sheela Model School Junior (Durgapur)

The next on our list of Top schools in Durgapur is the Hem Sheela Model School (HSMS) which made its debut in the 1995–1996 academic year. This school is known for its committed faculty and academic achievements. The school has a superb track record of outstanding results in the CBSE board and other competitive examinations. In one of its king initiatives, the Hem Sheela Model School has been offering free tuition to deserving and financially disadvantaged students since 2005.

Dav Model School (Durgapur)

The next on our list of Best schools in Durgapur is the DAV Model School, which was inaugurated on March 11, 1975. The school, which is located in the centre of Durgapur Steel Township, first opened its doors to 45 pupils and three instructors and started with just three rooms. With over 5000 students, 115 teaching members, and 35 support personnel, it has grown over the years into an institution of excellence, preparing the path for it to stand tall and proudly tackle the challenges of the rapidly changing education system.

Zoom International School, Durgapur 

Zoom International is another top-ranked school in Durgapur that provides excellent infrastructure and is known for following the modern trends of the education system. The school focuses on children's overall development that is done with the guidance of expert, experienced and well-qualified teachers. 

The main vision of Zoom International School is to find out the hidden talents of the children to make them responsible citizens for tomorrow. The school has well-maintained and spacious classrooms, a properly maintained swimming pool, and hi-tech computer & science labs. Moreover, the school understands the importance of the safety of the students and provides a completely secure campus that is under effective vigilance through CCTV cameras.

Narayana Day School (Durgapur)

The Narayana School, which is also among the best schools in Durgapur, cultivates creativity and self-control in the young brains of its students. The Narayana Group of Schools, which has schools located in 13 states of India, ranging from West to East and from North to South, is a well-known group for academic institutions. Narayana Day School has become one of the top-performing educational institutions in Durgapur, West Bengal, because of its exceptional faculty, educational program, and meticulous study materials. Their educational system is unmatched, and they have the ability to produce extraordinary and unheard-of results.

Gis International School (Durgapur)

GIS is an innovative institution that can transform learning into a lifelong quest for knowledge that counts. GIS strives to enhance the talent of young students so they can have a balanced personality. The students receive individual attention from teachers that help them develop into self-assured and motivated adults. The students here are taught by a team of highly qualified, gifted, and committed mentors. This makes GIS one of the top-ranked schools in Durgapur.

Ld Bentinck School (Durgapur)

Ld. Bentinck School is next on our list of best schools in Durgapur. The innovative and holistic teaching methods used by this institution have allowed them to elevate the bar for instruction. The school believes in the idea of holistic learning and emphasizes play-based learning for its students. Children can take part in a wide range of extracurricular activities to expand their skill set.

Beachwood School (BS) 

Beachwood School is located at Satyajit Ray Sarani, City Center, Durgapur, West Bengal. This institution is one of the best schools in Durgapur. Moreover, the Central Board of Secondary Education has long acknowledged the school. Visitors to iCBSE have given top ratings to Beachwood School. With a strong academic track record, this school is among the best not just in Durgapur but also in West Bengal. You can contact the school's appropriate department if you want additional information about application forms, curriculum, admission process, exam schedule, etc.

SKS Public School

Next on the list of the top 10 schools in Durgapur is the SKS Public School, which has a ten-year history of providing high-quality instruction. The school is known for its top-notch quality education system, experienced teachers, and equal attention to co-curricular activities. It offers several amenities like a fully equipped computer lab, a science lab, a library to enhance learning, and a sports field. With its presence in Asansol and the Bardhaman area, the institution is now available at two different locations in West Bengal.

Guru Teg Bahadur Public School

The last on our list of top 10 schools in Durgapur is the Guru Teg Bahadur Public School. The school is located in the centre of Karnal City, giving pupils the benefit of not travelling far to get to school. In Model Town Karnal, next to the main market, you can see a contemporary, well-designed building. The founders of Guru Teg Bahadur Public School in Model Town, Karnal, set goals for the children enrolled there to grow up in harmony on all levels. The school's welcoming environment helps students develop the proper aptitude while keeping in mind the highest ideals of sacrifice and humility that were preached by "The Great Guru teg Bahadur." 



With this, we conclude our list of Top schools in Durgapur. These top-ranked schools in Durgapur have been leaders in their fields of education and extracurricular activities. If you are looking to provide an excellent quality education to your child, then enrol them in one of these best schools in Durgapur

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Published on: 11 Jan 2023
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