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List of Top 10 Best schools in Haryana for Admissions 2024-2025

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List of Top 10 Best schools in Haryana for Admissions 2024-2025

Haryana is India’s state of talent for all spheres of education and has a love of Indian tradition and sports. There are many important corporate, industrial and commercial towns in the state that offers a wide range of supply diversity for the Indian economy. The parents of the state often have the honor of parenthood due to the performances of their children on academic or extracurricular grounds. Many parents mibilize to the towns of Haryana like Gurugram, Hissar, Faridabad or Jhajjar that makes the schools of these towns extremely busy in bringing and planning world class education into their institutions. There are top schools in Haryana offering education on all aspects of value addition, child care, skills development with a sense of confidence, clarity and character.

 List of Top 10 Best Schools in Haryana


Cyboard School

On the best schools of Haryana, Cyboard school has a special impact on the education meeting the education requirements of the state The unique school feature enables students to attend online classes and can access the schooling system from any device and from any part of the country without being physically present for the classroom attendance. Once the students login they are able to enter the schools at all flexible times that they feel is important for attaining education. The school focuses on affordable teaching, learning process, providing quality education from across curriculums that otherwise may not be possible in remote places due to lack of quality classrooms and teachers. The school is from Nursery to Class VI and follows the IOA accreditation curriculum that denotes global standards of education when schooling from CYBOARD.

GD Goenka Public School, 10 A Gurugram

The GD Goenka School happens to be one of the best ranked schools in Haryana. The Coeducational English Medium School is about experiential learning that brings assured success to students. The vast, lush green campus of 6 acres is devoted to the children of the school who learn, play, and develop their all-around skills through the ultra-modern amenities and infrastructure. The school has a tradition of excellence for the streams of education, fees structure, scholarships bringing highly educated and creative teachers who enable quality education, a continuous process that is customized to the student’s education needs and requirements. The CBSE School starts for Pre Nursery to Class XII matched up by the highly efficient school leadership.

Pratap Singh Memorial Sr.Secondary School,Sonipat

Imparting quality education is the specialty of the Scholl. The school is often the first choice of parents of the historically linked city of Sonipat, Haryana. Pratap Singh Memorial Sr.Secondary School is one of Top 10 Schools in Haryana which is due the equal learning opportunities and qualified teaching staff that activates the sense of achieving various goals in real life. Students of the school get the support to develop critical thinking, efficient decision making, communication skills, team spirit and responsible behavior among students. The school has produces state level champions in sports arena who are now achieving new heights at national and international level. The CBSE Day Cum Boarding, Co Educational school is from Nursery to Class XII. The smart classes and emphasis on co-curricular activities makes the school best place for education in the region.

Sehwag International School, Jhajjar

The well planned school belongs to the Star Opening Batsman of Indian Cricket Team Virendra Sehwag who has realized the dream of imparting quality education and sports facility to the children of the country. The school has set in place an International standard in all aspect of education, infrastructure, and qualified teachers and sports amenities. The focus of SIS it to impart a 360 degrees interaction to nurturing, education consciousness, and exposure to global standards for learning process. Sehwag International School has introduced the unique synthesis of education process that involves the students to achieve greater height in realistic world. The CBSE School is Co Ed, Day Cum Boarding, from Class 1 to Class XII.

St Francis Xavier School,Hisar

The modern yet traditional school ranks on of Top 10 Schools in Haryana that boasts on the quality of study, highly equipped classrooms and infrastructure for students. The CBSE School and brought in effect contemporary infrastructure with a fusion of tradition and pedagogical modernity. The school provides ideal ambience for outstanding teaching and learning possibilities to nurture and promote intellectual abilities of its students. The school focus on inculcating system of values, purity of thoughts that ensures development of rational thoughts and scientific temperament. The school starts from Nursery to Class XII.

St. Mary's Convent Senior Secondary School,Panipat

St. Mary’s Convent is a Christian Convent School that focuses on a 100% success of schooling endeavors of a child. The school was formed in 1988 that has maintained the status for being one of the best schools in Haryana. The school organization and management provides strength to the overall educational function of the school. The school focuses on a number of small things to achieve great things in life. The school hones every aspect of a child's personality and provides continuous impetus on the nurturing, creating happy moments through individual achievements, to become a well-equipped human being in the real world. The CBSE School is Pre Primary School to Class XII, has all necessary amenities for modern education and co-curricular excellence. 

Eicher School, Faridabad

The Eicher School is CBSE Board, Day Boarding, from Nursery to Class XII Co Educational English Medium School that enables the students to learn and explore in most modern ways. The school works more on communications for exploring and expressing education in all possible ways. The student are taught on reaching the optimum excellence of learning and implementation in real life. The school environment is highly co-operative and works together with students and communities.

Holy Child Public School, Rewari  

HCPS was started in the year 1979 by Sharda Education Foundation. The CBSE school starts from Nursery to Class XII has the complete education system for students from various backgrounds and families. The school is popular among local parents due to its caring methodologies of education. HCPS is one of top ranked schools in Haryana. The school provides the best option for overall education in the context of quality education in the rural section of the country. The school has been recognized as one the best schools in Haryana by the state government. The school has excellent teaching facilities and staff that lays the foundation of education in modern ways while understanding the local requirement of the child to succeed at the national skill platform.

Delhi World Public School,Bhiwani

The CBSE School has devoted itself for CBSE Board education from Nursery to Class XII. The school has the focus on modern facilities and enabled pedagogies for the holistic development of the child that means the teaching and learning process is inclusive and involved with the education requirements. The school has scholarship programs and promotes popular sports and extracurricular activities. The school is equipped with air conditioned classrooms, playgrounds, and a transformed transportation service. The joyous school environment brings a motivation to learn new things while developing a competitive spirit among students.

Karmel International School, Gurugram

Karmel International School is one of Top Ranked Schools in Haryana that is at par with Global education standards and columns of education facilities. The school follows CBSE Board is Day Boarding, Co Ed, English Medium and starts from Pre Nursery to Class XII. The school imbibe true values of the most popular and trending 21st Century education skills to foster and instill the feel of empathy, integrity and humanity in each child. The school is located in the heart of the city and provides world class teaching and learning facilities to its students through the robust infrastructure and curriculum design. The school is often searched more often by the parents and students of the region to have a look at the Global infrastructure, teaching facilities of the school.


Here are few more emerging schools in Haryana like  Narayana E Techno School, Orchid International School, Delhi Wonder World School, St Brijmohan Lal Sr Secondary School, Dyal Singh PublicSchool, Swarnprastha Public School, Gateway International School, Jain Public School, Modern Vidya Niketan School, Aravali International School, Apeejay School, Rukmini Devi Public School, Sunrise International School , Rabindranath World School, Aggarsain Public School  


Published on: 26 Oct 2022
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