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List of Top 10 Best Schools in Navi Mumbai for Admissions

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List of Top 10 Best Schools in Navi Mumbai for Admissions


Navi Mumbai is an offspring of metropolitan city Mumbai. When Mumbai’s Population and expectations started expanding and could no longer be contained in the city of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai was formed. The city has a number of educational institutions that provide courses such as engineering, medical sciences, interior design, and hotel management.

It is also a bustling business center with a number of MNC offices. There are also recreational facilities in Navi Mumbai, such as a golf course, Central Park, and Pandavkada Water-Falls in Kharghar. Making it a great place for an all-round development of your child. Let us take a look at the best schools in Navi Mumbai that will help with the development of your child.

List of Top 10 Best schools in Navi Mumbai


Prudence International School, Panvel

Ranked as one of the best boarding schools in India, as well as one of the best IGCSE and A-Level schools in Maharashtra, Mumbai, and Navi Mumbai, according to several ranking surveys. The school supports a highly democratic nature and this boarding school for boys and girls in Navi Mumbai encourages all students to have freedom of expression, religion, and thought. The school environment encourages them to explore, think, and share their thoughts.

The school is a great place to learn tolerance and build a child's character that will be an asset to our nation. The school has facilities that help a child with both physical and cognitive development through a perfect mix of sports, extra-curricular activities and academic lessons.

Ryan International High School, Sanpada

Considered to be one of the top schools in Navi Mumbai, Ryan International School Kharghar was founded in 1999. They believe in developing a child's full potential, not just their academic potential. Experienced tutors and student-centered infrastructure are dedicated to providing students with a life-changing experience. Their mission is to prepare every student for the future by providing them with every life experience they can take away with them at the end of each academic year, and to teach them new skills on a daily basis.

Ryan International School, Kharghar is sited on a 3 acre campus. The school offers 95 spacious classrooms, a 500-seats auditorium, well equipped computer lab, science laboratories and toys and music room for pre-primary students. The library is well stocked with over 12,000 books. Sports facilities includes football, basketball ,handball volleyball,cricket and swimming pool.

St. Joseph's High School, Panvel

The school is situated in New Panvel (West), Navi Mumbai. The school is affiliated to CBSE board. The students are provided facilities like well-equipped laboratories, great infrastructure, library, exceptionally trained teachers and an environment that encourages creativity and curiosity. Children are acquainted with both academic and extracurricular activities that help in an all-round development of the child.

The school has upheld its prestigious reputation from 2003, and with a legacy like that you can believe your kid to be in good hands. The competence of the school can be fathomed by its successful Alumni count and accolades it has won itself.

Podar International School, Nerul

The school is dedicated to giving every child an all-round development that includes academics, cultural and sports at its core. The main focus is to prepare a child for the practical world by giving them interactive and experiential classes. The teaching techniques are modern, the lesson plans are engaging and the school infrastructure is state of the art, all these put this school among the best schools in Navi Mumbai.

They have Interactive smart classes that ensure that a student has learnt and understood the subjects. The Safe & supportive premises of the school built up confidence of the students. The school offers international curriculum to gift students with an enriched experience. It is affiliated to IB PYP & DP, CIE

Harmony International School, Kharghar

The Harmony International School seeks to give its students a sound education in the fullest sense of the term. While following a curriculum aimed at the attainment of the highest standards of academic excellence, the School takes particular care to ensure a wholesome all-round development of the child, his or her character and personality, as well as to inculcate in the child such qualities as will enable him or her to grow up as a disciplined, well-adjusted and responsible citizen of a democratic country. The School aims at rising above the confines of conventional teaching and all efforts are made to turn out confident, inspired individuals who will not only be able to fend for themselves, but also contribute to the welfare of the society.

Revera International School

Revera International School, is to challenge students intellectually and create an environment where students learn to think outside the box. The learning is not always through theoretical means and experiential methods are also employed that helps students to have a first hand knowledge of the lessons that they learn. The school has knowledge is more experiential than theoretical. The well-trained teachers ensure that students receive better coaching to build a successful future.

Vishwajyot High School

The smart school offers many aspects for learning with confidence and focussed on skill development.Educating students while guiding them to succeed in the ever evolving world for a promising future.The CBSE School is one of the top 10 schools in Navi Mumbai.The school begins with LKG classes and brings up to Class XII Higher secondary education. Parents feel the urgency of catching up with the real world has increased as the world is changing fast.The school incorporates activity/game based learning into the curriculum at a very young age.The school has plans for each class topic and individual kids.

The classroom and activity planning has focussed analysis through critical thinking, conceptual focus through visual arts, drama,drawing elaborate figures,making connections with the real world and through exploring imagination and generating inquiry on various happenings through classroom interaction.

Goldcrest High

The school is shaping tomorrow‘s future today is a CISCE affiliated school from Nursery to Class XII implementing new learning methodologies that are executed to perfection through the school teaching and learning environment that highly images the student with great dexterity.The school program is designed to chive the complete objectives of classroom education, build students self confidence and encourage independence. The school organizes an exchange program with Finnish education system. Nurturing future superstars,enabling a second home environment, and learning is real fun for the students that ensures the culture of learning and growth.The school makes students understand the importance and intervention of education requirements through highly interactive sessions.

St. Joseph's High School

St. Joseph High School strives ceaselessly to instill the best academic practises in order to establish a benchmark for an ideal teaching-learning environment that makes learning a joyful activity. There is ample opportunity for learners to engage in questioning, debating, and hands-on activities because there is a focus on the environment both within and beyond the classroom.

D Y Patil International School, Nerul

The school is a hub for exceptional students and talent-honing of children. Teachers are trained to be empathetic listeners and to provide individualised attention to each student in order to assess his abilities and areas in which he faces difficulties, as well as to implement corrective measures to bring him up to par with his academic peers.Notable characteristics of the school include in-house workshops for teachers and regular meetings to discuss their observations and problems among themselves and with the administration. The school is presently amongst the top schools in Navi Mumbai


Published on: 16 Dec 2022
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