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List of Top 10 Best Schools in Patiala for Admissions 2024-2025

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List of Top 10 Best Schools in Patiala for Admissions 2024-2025

Patiala is one of the most popular towns in the state of Punjab, India is known for its Royal Family and their heritage Palaces and episodic ownership of 44 Roll Royce luxurious vehicles. Maharaja Sir Bhupindra Singh, ruler of Patiala State, donated these vehicles to the municipal workers as a great example of his dexterity towards common people. The state of Patiala has an iconic, grand, and inspiring history for being a part of the reputed princely states in the country. The enriched gardens, museums, places of worship, forts, and palaces make it a desirable location for global class education. The children and parents of the city and the surrounding areas feel pride in educating themselves at the reputed schools of the city.

List of Top 10 Best Schools in Patiala


St. Peter’s Academy     

St. Peter's Academy was founded and managed by Shimla Chandigarh Education Society in the year 1970. The CISCE co-educational school provides a progressive education base for students in the region. The school’s open infrastructure provides an excellent atmosphere for conducive education. Well-equipped laboratories, libraries, playground facilities, and a focus on computer education rank the institution as one of the top schools in Patiala. The school actively participates in competitions outside the school and has won many awards and trophies for the same.

The spirit of generosity and brotherhood is taught at an early age and helps the students to communicate better during classroom activities and functions. The school teaches from Lower K.G Pre Primary sections to Class 12. School offers ample guidance for Medical, Non-Medical Commerce Senior Secondary streams and competitive exams.     

Our Lady of Fatima Convent Secondary School

Our Lady of Fatima Convent Secondary School was established in the year 1960 by the Seraphim Educational Society Dehradun. The CBSE school is co-ed and serves education from Lower KG to Class 12 ranking as one of the top schools in Patiala. School believes in the spirit of love and freedom to shape a better human society. The school trains its students to make them intellectually competent, morally sound, and psychologically whole, and to learn communication to face all kinds of situations in life. The school's emphasis is on the development of extracurricular skills in all aspects of modern skill requirements.

British Co-Ed High School

The British Co-Ed High school serves the AISCE board of education and its students. It is a reputed Day school that ranks as one of the Top 10 schools in Patiala founded by Mrs. Rosa Alicia Kucharskyj in the year 1986. The school presents a high standard of educational delivery through various activities such as enabling Green School awareness camps, clubs, community events, international school tours, sports activities, art clubs, and more. Smart education is the primary objective of the school. The teaching style of the school provides equal opportunities for the children for enhancing their talented spheres to succeed in education and co-curricular fields. Developing community relations and self-esteem are being taught from the beginning.

The Punjab Public School, Nabha

Punjab Public School is an AISCE institution that ranks as one of the top 10 schools in Patiala. This school is also one of the best boarding schools in the region. The school bestows pastoral care to the pupils while focusing on discipline and a value-based education system. The green school campus brings forth all the topical, skill, and teaching pattern that is required for holistic education. The school is an active center of Cambridge Assessment International Education providing world-class facilities such as a swimming pool, junior school mess, school guest house, high-rise tanks, overhead bridges, basketball court, squash court, ultra-modern girls and boys hostel, sports complex, and more. The school has Junior Wing from Class 4 and a senior wing for secondary and higher secondary classes.      

Bhupindra International Public School

Bhupindra International Public School is one of the best schools in Patiala. The Co-Ed CBSE Board school believes in developing extraordinary education and skill standards to train the leaders of the future to make an impact at the global level. The co-educational school begins its education from Pre Nursery to Class 12. The teachers of the school are friendly and well-qualified to actualize the child's potential to achieve greater heights and aspirations.

A progressive thinking attitude is focussed by the educators of the institution that enables the students to become effective communicators and principled citizens. The school aims to achieve all the goals and objectives for the overall education and also aims for the physical, intellectual, aesthetic, emotional, and social development of all students.

Barefeet Public School

Barefeet Public School is a CBSE co-ed school established in 2010 and has a green campus that impresses everyone visiting the school. Scholastic education and innovative teaching methods have been widely successful among the student fraternity. The school believes in nurturing the skills of the students from the beginning of the child's schooling life. The school's students have the pleasure of being in a homely atmosphere. Learning to rise is the school's motto that develops the competencies for becoming a good leader for all occasions in real life. Talent development programs such as Yoga, Aerobics, Karate, Debate, Home Science, Table tennis, and Chess clubs have been initiated to keep track of the skills and inherent qualities of every individual child. The school runs from Pre-KG to Class 10 and is ranked as one of the best schools in Patiala.      

Blossoms Senior Secondary School

Blossoms Senior Secondary School is a co-ed CBSE senior secondary school in Patiala that is marching forward in achieving futuristic environment-friendly educational standards at par with academic excellence. The school is ranked one of the top 10 schools in Patiala due to its constant success in providing students with a learning experience that caters to individual life skills and overall personality development. School students can follow their dreams and achieve them through academic and extracurricular skills. Everyone has talent that needs to be understood to unfold in the right spheres to achieve the glory of success. The teaching plan of the schools caters to the diverse needs of modern-day education.

Sports activities are encouraged to attain heights of outstanding sportsmanship and physical fitness. Operating from Nursery to Class 12, this school believes in achieving traditional skill upgradation through hobby and skill training classes such as drawing and painting, music, dance, embroidery, cookery, knitting, art and craft coaching, etc.     

Cambridge Global School, Nabha

Cambridge Global School is a CBSE school that begins educating children from Nursery to Class 12. The school is ranked one of the best schools in Patiala that focuses on the overall growth of children with a balanced curriculum for furthering child's development in academics, sports, and extracurricular activities. Cambridge School is a co-educational school that is equipped with multiple facilities to cater to the requirements of modern-day education. The children are not only desired to take command over academics but are also desired to achieve co-curricular excellence in sports, arts, drama, robotics, IT programmer skills, and more.      

Dhudial Khalsa Senior Secondary School, Khalsa Mohala

Dhudial Khalsa Senior Secondary School is one of the premier educational institutes of Patiala that makes the qualitative schooling experience look easy, innovative, and up to the mark for every student. The Co-Ed English Medium affiliated with Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) school imparts holistic education through constructive pedagogies and classroom activities.

Dhudial Khalsa school is one of the top ranked schools in Patiala. 21 st century education system is being implemented to develop and understand the secrets of creative and critical thinking skills. The school promotes the idea of learning accuracy through a congenial atmosphere and diverse educational infrastructures like laboratories, computer labs, traditional and modern sports facilities, and more. The U17 boy's hockey team of the school has won gold medals in School National Hockey Championship and Asian hockey championship. The School begins in Nursery sections and carries on its quality educational deliveries up to Class 12. 

Kaintal School 

Kaintal is a leading English medium, Co-Ed, ICSE school in Patiala that is run by the Shealinder Kaintal Education Trust. The fully IT-enabled campus is a quality 21st-century school education center and is one of the top ranked schools in Patiala. Imparting holistic education through caring dedicated teaching faculties is the primary strength of the school. The focus of academics is to develop cognitive, emotional, social, physical, creative, and spiritual skills.

The academic plan of the school consists of the valued inputs from the National Education program. The school follows the experiential learning approach by analysis of students, questioning, application of studies, and acquiring knowledge feedback. The school runs its classes from Nursery to Class 12 aiming at the overall development of the student's personality.  


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Published on: 20 Jan 2023
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