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List of Top 10 Best Schools in Rohtak for Admission 2024-2025

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List of Top 10 Best Schools in Rohtak for Admission 2024-2025

In recent years, the city of Rohtak in the Indian state of Haryana has become an integral part of the National Capital Area. The city is well-known for housing Asia's largest textile market. A large percentage of India's dairy farms are located here. Many people visit the area all through the year due to its serene and relaxing scenery. The city was founded under the reign of Raja Rohtash, hence the name. Additionally, the Roherra tree, also known as Rohitaka in Sanskrit, is thought to have inspired the town's name. According to legend, a forest of Rohitaka trees once stood where the modern city of Rohtak now stands. Because of its abundance of educational opportunities, Rohtak has earned the nickname "education city" in India. Skoodos has compiled a list of the top 10 schools in Rohtak from which you can easily decide where to enroll your child.

List of Top 10 Best Schools in Rohtak



Pathania Public School

Pathania Public School is committed to serving society by guiding the nation's tiniest children toward a demanding global identity. The School's objective is commitment through learning and is currently amongst the top ranked schools in Rohtak. In the school the emphasis is on ensuring that students comprehend the concepts thoroughly and participate in a variety of activities that enhance their learning.

Curriculum is also based on PROJECT-BASED learning, through which students generate their own ideas and consider multiple solutions to a problem. Under the direction of highly experienced faculty, the school curriculum helps students develop their communication, thinking, writing, and leadership skills, as well as their emotional resilience.

GD Goenka International School

The school was founded in 2014 in Rohtak and is renowned for its state-of-the-art infrastructure, which includes high-tech labs and a well-stocked library. It is the best and most affordable boarding school near Delhi due to its well-equipped activity rooms for Art, Dance, and Music and its qualified faculty.

The classrooms at GDGIS Rohtak are outfitted with teaching aids such as Smart boards, Whiteboards, and Bulletin Boards, allowing students to remain engaged during instruction. The Goenkan method of instruction necessitates that classroom bulletin boards be filled with current academic topics, so teachers always maintain current bulletin boards. At present, it is one of the top ranked schools in Rohtak and India too.

International Bharti School

I.B.School was founded by Mr. Amarjit Dhull in 1999 and is affiliated with the IB Educational Society. It is a coeducational institution for students aged 3 to 18 and is also one of the best schools in Rohtak for studying. Learning at I B School is a thrilling adventure filled with opportunities for personal growth, accomplishment, and pleasure. From Pre-Prep to Sixth Form, they provide an education for life, equipping their students with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to achieve success as self-aware, self-confident individuals in the world beyond.

Their goal is to recognise, cultivate, and celebrate every student's aspirations, abilities, interests, and talents. The international Bharti school is proud of its academic standards, extracurricular offerings, and pastoral care. Students value their devoted and knowledgeable teachers, and the school community is justifiably proud of its outstanding academic accomplishments and examination results.

Indus Public school

With a location just 30 minutes from the Delhi border on National Highway-10, Indus Public School boasts a large, beautifully landscaped campus. The school offers education in the Medical, Non-Medical, and Commerce Streams up to the XII level and is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education. The upcoming institute's initiatives and efforts are laser-focused on three core principles. This means that the young minds will absorb the lessons being taught to them in a natural, unforced, and ultimately fruitful way, resulting in a vibrant and confident personality.

Model School

Model School is a distinguished educational institution in Rohtak, Haryana (India). The school is coeducational, affiliated with the CBSE, and English-medium through the Senior Secondary Certificate level. The Deputy Commissioner of Rohtak is the school's ex-officio Chairman. The school offers Science, Commerce, and Humanities Streams in order to provide a quality education and meet the needs of the time. The school, which was founded in 1952 with three students, one teacher, and one room, has grown steadily to include more than 3,500 students and 200 able faculty members.

Students' competitive networking and teamwork skills are honed through extracurricular activities, games, and sports, thereby enhancing their abilities to anticipate and adapt to the rapidly changing global scenario and the paradigm shift in the field of education.

J.P International School

The school believes that, since the beginning of the 21st century, there has been a shift in the educational landscape, and the younger generation must be prepared to meet the needs and challenges of the changing times. They prepare their students to learn from one another, collaborate to make positive contributions, and make a difference in all aspects of life and believe in collaborating with parents and the community to enrich students' educational experiences.

H.D Public School

H.D. Public School is an educational institution that prepares children for an excellent future by fostering their all-around development. The school is an ideal institution for meeting the needs of the next generation. The institution is affiliated with the CBSE and is situated on a 4-acre plot of land and features magnificent student buildings with attractive gardens and expansive play areas. It has an optimal student-to-teacher ratio and high-quality, modern infrastructure.

The Sanskriti School

The mission of the school is to help children develop into caring, sharing individuals who are equipped to make the right decisions in life and become responsible citizens of the nation and the world. It is the mission of the school to cultivate in its students the qualities of creative thought, integrity, compassion, and tolerance, and to create a value-centered academic environment by enhancing the professional competence of its teachers. Their pioneering efforts in assisting students to excel in the field of education have earned them a laudable reputation and they aim to continue in the years to come to meet the parents' ever-increasing desire for their children to attain even greater accomplishments.

Delhi Public School

DPS is the world's largest school chain, with 183 locations in India and growing. It is the only Indian school chain with 19 locations outside of India. The majority reside in Gulf countries. DPS Rohtak was founded in 2002 with the intention of providing quality reduction and the overall development of a child's personality. Numerous factors have played a crucial role in the development of this "paragon of quality education."  Under the direction of Mr. V.K. Shanghu, Chairman of the DPS Society, and in the presence of Mr. Mukesh Arya, Chairman of the DPS Rohtak, Children are provided with the most rigorous educational environment at DPS Rohtak.

Ved Model School

At Ved Model School, education is about self-assurance, challenge, and enjoyment. It teaches the significance of critical inquiry and a sense of responsibility with compassion, self-assurance, and originality. Ved Model Sr. Sec. School is one of the top schools in Rohtak, serving as a day-cum residential centre for co educational excellence. The 12 acre Ved Model campus in Kalanaur (Rohtak) consists of 5 ergonomically designed main buildings interspersed with playing fields, a golf course, gardens, green space, and flowering plants.


The Best School in Rohtak awaits your child:

Choosing the right school for your child is an extremely difficult task. This article was written to provide a framework for parents to compare between the top 10 schools in Rohtak and find the best fit for their children. When deciding on a school, parents frequently take into account the school's facilities, motto, and student-teacher ratio. With this list of the top schools in Rohtak in mind, you should be able to confidently choose a new educational environment for your child.

Skoodos is where you can find the most up-to-date and accurate information on the best schools in Rohtak.

Published on: 23 Jan 2023
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