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List of Top 10 Best schools in Surat for Admissions 2024-2025

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List of Top 10 Best schools in Surat for Admissions 2024-2025

Surat is an important cosmopolitan town in the country that embraces the business and industrial fraternity of the country. The mobilization rate in the city sets high standards on the chapters of skilled workers and provides a progressive momentum for the unskilled workforce. Surat is the 8th largest city of the country. Surat is the economical and commercial hub that hosts the flourishing diamond and colorful textile industry. The schooling in the city has urban contexts and involvement of children, teachers who amplify and energize the education moments through state of art facilities, creativity innovation and extracurricular action.

 List of Top 10 Best Schools in Surat


Ryan International School

Ryan International School- Masma nestled in the vicinity of Olpad, Masma is a part of the Ryan International Group of Institutions. In its continual efforts to revolutionize the education scenario guided by the futuristic view of Dr. Augustine F. Pinto, Founder Chairman of Ryan Group. Ryan International school program is designed to chive the complete objectives of classroom education, build students self-confidence and encourage independence. The school organizes an exchange program with Finnish education system. Nurturing future superstars, enabling a second home environment, and learning is real fun for the students that ensures the culture of learning and growth. The school makes students understand the importance and intervention of education requirements through highly interactive sessions.

Lourdes Convent High School

Lourdes convent is one of the top schools in Surat that is affiliated with Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board meant for Girls education. The commitment of the school is held high for pioneering for quality education in Surat. The school drives ahead the education endeavors for women empowerment. The school believes in nourishment of inquisitive minds of the students. The value based education of the school aims at building character with the focus on child care, safety by creating a safe environment for everyone. The smart education system of the school is aimed to make students compatible with the real world requirements. The school imparts the core human value system that is meant to be successful in all spheres of life that includes Sports, Arts, Drama, and Music. The school is from Class 1 to Class X where parents, teachers and students are learning partners. The school follows both Gujarati and English Medium ways of teaching.

Shree Gurukrupa Vidya Sankul

The Global format school believes that the training of students is a must to be a part and contributor towards sustainable development of global education. The integrated state board and national board education unfurls the universal nature of education. The essence of success is through the best quality of teachers, library resources, technology center, cultural center and the modern sports infrastructure embedded with powerful education system and parental care for children. The modern CBSE School is Co Ed from Nursery to Class XII and is considered as one of the best schools in Surat for learners.

Samithi School

Kerala Kala Samithi and Samithi School is one of the Top 10 Schools in Surat founded in 1971 with encouraging teaching and learning encouragement programs. The schools festive environment is highly graded through cultural activities enjoyment through the colors of festival. The CBSE School starts from Pre Primary up to Class XII providing social, moral and educational values to achieve the diverse objectives in life. The school functions through various useful infrastructure provided to the students include the learning center, library, scientific laboratories, computer lab, cafeteria, student counseling center, creative center, co-curricular center and sports amenities.

Pp Savani Cambridge International School

Pp Savani is the IGCSE Board International School from Nursery to Class XII. Cambridge International Examinations designed programmers with the help from expert’s educators in schools and universities challenges students to get them excited for their learning experience and realize their potential. Students learn English as a second language matching the qualities of international language quality requirement. The Global study curriculum is set to be world class, suiting the education requirement of every individual student. The Cambridge Programmed in the school include Cambridge Primary, Cambridge Secondary, Cambridge IGCSE, Cambridge International AS and A Level.

Gd Goenka International School

GD Goenka International School or GDGIS is one of the best schools in Surat. Knowledge is the power that drives success to all the students of the school. It is equally important to balance the educational requirements with co-curricular activities and sports. The need to become a good human being is primarily important to lead the future and strengthen the pillars of the country. The smart students of their schools continuously achieve great heights of education, career and profession their own. The CBSE School is from Nursery to Class XII is a next generation school that engages lifelong learning at an early stage. Sports and Performance Arts enables the students to act better in other relational context to adding values and education.

Vibrant International Academy

VIA is endowed with a sprawling 12 Acre campus that is considered as one of the top schools in Surat. The CBSE School is from Nursery to Class XII. The vibrant school atmosphere attracts students' interest towards complete education that helps the children to develop personalities with true devotion, kindness and service before self. VIA is a learner centered community that believes in education involvement for academic excellence and achievements in all platforms of competitions and beyond. The infrastructure of the school is world class and spellbinding the true sense of education and learning. 

The Millennium School, Narthan

The school blended learning approach enables the students to build leadership skills by discovering the true potential of skills. The institute focuses on the emotional intelligence of the students and nurtures the inherent potential and talent of each child that will create lifelong learners and leaders of tomorrow. The school enables and partners with parents to create global citizens who are innovative and have strong sense of values planned from the 21st century education system. The CBSE School takes all necessary actions to develop an extraordinary curricula on the basis of a global education standard that is largely successful from Nursery to Class XII. The Millennium school is ranked one of the top schools in Surat.

Vibgyor High School,Magdalla

Vibgyor Group of Schools are located in various states of the country and is regarded and ranked as one of the best schools in the country for its excellent curriculum development programs. Holistic education is paired with a healthy education environment that sparkles success and growth for its students. Promoting a healthy, nurturing ecosystem, congenial, intellectual and artistically imbibing fitness in all spectrum of learning. The wholesome development of the child is the main motive of the school. The school has enabled a learning curve technology which emphasizes on aesthetic, physical and cultural growth of the child. The CBSE Board School has adapted field training through well researched projects. The school provides augmented instructions technology to bring up the positive attitudes and healthy habits of the children. The school is one of the Top 10 schools in Surat due to its multi Board (CBSE, CIE, ICSE) classroom teaching from Nursery to Grade 12.

Shanti Asiatic School

The school follows CBSE Board guidelines towards completing school education from Playgroup to Class XII in a student’s friendly learning environment. The school aims at providing education through interactive classrooms and creative education for all students. The experiential, 21st century teaching learning adaptations enable the students to hone their skills and train themselves for attaining success in future of learning and career growth aspects.

Delhi Public School,Surat

DPS, Surat is regarded as one of the top schools in Surat due to its traditional approach of education and is combined with neo education values and learning perspectives. The ultra-modern school facilities raises the skills of the students from the very beginning to attain greater heights when it comes to qualifying for competitions and better success with lifelong learning capabilities. The Global Citizen approach to education has many more activities to match the modern upskilling requirements of the children. The school has a high level of facility inclusion on extracurricular activities that include Sports Arena, Cookery Lab, Conference Room, Clay Center, Kitchen Garden, Motor Skill Theater, and Puppet center, Taekwondo, Aerobics Classes, Dance Rooms, Library, Swimming Pool, Yoga, Art and Craft Room, Infirmary. 

Published on: 26 Oct 2022
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