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List of Top 10 Schools in Ajmer For Admissions 2024-2025

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List of Top 10 Schools in Ajmer For Admissions 2024-2025

Ajmer is one of the top tourist destinations and the oldest cities in Rajasthan, India. Education has always been on the threshold of success and priority in the city. Ajmer is the important learning center of the country consisting of shrines, temples and is surrounded by the Aravalli hills gives the place an unique charm, protection and attraction for achieving educational excellence. The city consists of many famous colleges, schools and institutes that has its influence from western countries. The multicultural residential, day boarding, regular, multi board, coeducational  schools of Ajmer brings unique success to the students of the city and beyond.

List of top 10 Best Schools in Ajmer For Admissions


Mayoor School

Mayoor School is a CBSE co-curricular English Medium School that's aspired by many parents for their child’s education in Ajmer and from other states of the country. The school is affiliated for IGCSE examinations and has the status of being an Cambridge International School. The school's international approach for disseminating education standards is for well-managed, value driven, dynamic personalities who create an impact in their world as adults. Inclusive education and innovative approach shapes the child’s personality to perfection. The school adapts the philosophy of nurturing life skills and through the philosophy of teaching various subjects.

The school’s curriculum is primarily based on the National Education Framework 2005.Games, Sports are synonymous to physical growth and develops the sense of wellbeing and fulfillment. The school has won many laurels in National Table Tennis and Shooting championships. Each student is personally tracked and encouraged in various sport events. The schools focus is also on visual arts, performing arts and other co-curricular activities such as Yoga, Meditation, Robotics, Clay Modelling Computer Club and more. The Pre Primary to Class 12  school is one of the top schools in Ajmer that has a hobby and career pursuit club for every frame of mind.      

Maheshwari Public School

The Maheshwari Public School was established in 1989 which is a part of the reputed Mahesh Shikshan Sangsthan. It is regarded as one of the top schools in Ajmer that  is CBSE Board coeducational, English Medium, spread in 7 acres of horizon. The school begins education from Nursery Classes and continues upto Class 12. There are almost 75 smart classrooms in the school that are dedicated to delivering a smart education base to its students. The school students have done wonders by qualifying in the best national competitive examinations like IIT, Medical, Defence & Administrative Services and more. The school aims to provide pre-eminent education by empowering students abilities and potential through pastoral care and world class education facilities.

The school organizes annual sports day functions, celebrative events, and in house competitions to activate and nurture  the skills of children. The popular activities are English Poetry Recitation, Best Out Waste events, Spell Bee activities, Greeting Card Making, Canvas Painting, Character Enactment, Solo Dance, Write well competitions, Fancy dress competition, Flag Making Competition, Cake Designing, English Story Enactment and many more. MPS gives equal emphasis to outdoor and indoor sports activities to make students feel happy, energetic and professional.

HillView Adventist School

The HillView Adventist School is co-curricular, English Medium, Day and Residential school founded in the year 1977.The school's objective is closely associated to provide education for everyone. The school is ranked one of the top 10 schools in Ajmer affiliated to CISCE board and managed by Adventist Education Society. The school started focusing on the education from Nursery section that carries upto Class 12. Sound Mind and sound body based education and co-curricular coaching program is implemented for every school child. The independent and progressive aspiration of the school management brings success to the students and glory to the parents. The school keeps its students busy through various extracurricular activities, games and sports and focus on building the child's character through liberal education and action.  

Mayo College Ajmer

Mayo College is a Boys Boarding School that believes that every child has inherent talent. Every child has the opportunity to explore the potential of his talent. Mayo college campus has more than 150 years old infrastructure and 187 acre green campus. The Mayo college’s objective is to prepare the boy child for the future. Students learn to appraise technology while learning robotic skills and program them using C++ and Python. Mayo college is one of the best schools in Ajmer and follows all the Sustainable Development Goals laid by UN. The schools international exchange programmes and projects in western countries is considered popular having an higher intake than any other school in India. The CBSE school also offers IGCSE choice for secondary education is from Class 6 to Class 12. The school provides state of art education boarding facilities and congenial atmosphere for education to boys.       

MayoCollege Girls School

Mayo College Girls School is a sprawling 46 acre campus affiliated to CISCE and CAIE examination Boards founded in 1987.The residential Girls school provides a balance in traditional and modern school education. Indian values, dance and drama play a significant role in developing the child’s overall personality in the school. The school instills the true value of education through a multi-dimensional education system. The objective is also to enjoy the education, maintain the individuality of every child, to bring out the best in every individual student and to inculcate a respect of work and human dignity.

The school begins education from class 4 and carries upto Class 12. The school promotes the idea of internationalism through exchange programs, games and sports, personality development, clubs, literary activities, excursions, horse riding and more. Mayo College is one of the best schools in Ajmer that gives n enriched learning experience to the students.       

St. Anselm Sr. Secondary School

St. Anselm Sr. Secondary School is affiliated to CBSE Board, New Delhi is an English Medium coeducational institution founded in the year 1904.The school has developed an atmosphere for education that suits all education requirements of the students. The school is one of the best schools in Ajmer where every learning and teaching has a significant meaning for the overall development of the students personality. The school teaching includes the need to spread the  light of knowledge through co-curricular activities and is directed towards the multi-dimensional development of the children’s curricular activities include Art and Cultural activities such as drawing, folk dances, national and religious festivals, playing musical instruments, public speaking, science projects, basketball, cricket, badminton, athletics and more. The school provides education from Nursery to Class 12 and has also introduced Online Classes, inspiring classroom teaching.

Sanskriti the School

Sanskriti the School is CBSE  Residential cum Day Boarding school from Nursery to Class 12.The school provides separate hostel facilities for girls and boys and is considered among top 10 schools in Ajmer. The school alumni are placed  in the top positions of the country and the school  students have an impressive track record for qualifying in all eminent national professional spheres such as IIT, Medical and more. The world class sports infrastructure include shooting range, indoor swimming pool, splash pool, indoor and outdoor stadium with volleyball, cricket, house riding facilities. The career advisory cell of the school facilitate college admissions consisting of  qualified teachers, professionals, and counselors. 

All Saint Senior Secondary School

The All Saints Senior Secondary School is a CBSE Board, Co Educational English Medium School that was established in 1969.The school of milestone has many achievements that are distinguished in the field of academic and sports. The school has won many gold medals in national and state sports competitions. The educational institute is a culture of inclusiveness, and instills educational excellence through a world class ambience and school atmosphere. The school clubs such as Nature Club, Arts, Science Club are the most vibrant ones in the region and thus the schools ranks as one of the top 10 schools in Ajmer. The school begins education from Nursery to Class 12 of inspirational yet traditional and modern education system.      

Central Academy

Central Academy is a leading CBSE co-curricular English medium school that believes in both modern and traditional systems of education. The teaching tools and digital classrooms play an important part of the education system in recent times. Experiential learning is the main focus of the school that discovers new teaching and learning methods. The pedagogy and planning of the curriculum is integrated with Arts, ICT, Storytelling and Sports. The school adopts the peer tutoring facility under the supervision of teachers. The school believes in reducing the weight of education by celebrating bagless days. The technology enabled classes begins from class 6 to class 12. The school begins its education from Nursery and continues upto to Class 12 and is placed as one of the top ranked schools in Ajmer.

Lawrence and Mayo Public School

Lawrence and Mayo Public School is CBSE co-curricular English medium school from playgroup to Class 12. The school is one of the best ranked schools in Ajmer which has a progressive learning module for middle classes. The K12 functioning school has shown exemplary performance in the journey and pursuit of educational excellence. The school has a lush green campus and a friendly education atmosphere. The school management has regular contact management with the parents and affluent infrastructure, large playgrounds, ventilated smart classrooms and amphitheater making students comfortable and enjoy education. The school has a multipurpose auditorium, sports amenities to facilitate the students for overall personality development. The school is dedicated to develop the skills, increase self-esteem and mental alertness of the students through its extracurricular activities and initiatives.


There are a large number of top schools in Jhansi to choose from, we have listed the top 10 schools. Skoodos team help you with the best schools search and conduct a thorough comparison between the schools in order to make an informed decision.

Published on: 30 Jan 2023
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