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List of top 10 Schools in Sikar For Admissions 2024-2025

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List of top 10 Schools in Sikar For Admissions 2024-2025

Sikar is an important tourist destination in the state of Rajasthan in India. It is well known for its Shekhawati cultural heritage and depicts the diversity of traditional customs from the country. The city ranks as one of  the best educational destinations in Rajasthan as per the recent government statistics. Sikar is also regarded as one of the best coaching destinations for many students in the country that provides a full-fledged career and competitive coaching facilities. The school institutions of the city are a pride for students, alumni and parents and act as an education catalyst for the nations most abled, diverse talent force.

List of Top 10 Best Schools in Sikar 


St Mary's Senior Secondary School

St Mary’s Senior Secondary School is a CISCE coeducational institute from Nursery Class to Class 12, New Delhi. The school ranks as one of the top 10 schools in Sikar which is due to its faculty that are hardworking and possess dynamic personalities as teachers and friends for students. The teachers of the school act as life time teachers and coach the students for building their character and develop skills. The school begins its education from Nursery to Class 12. helping students to achieve global standard of education and sports facilities. The schools endow with an open campus that becomes an ideal place for learning through its amenities, such as activity centers to nurture the creative, artistic and aesthetic skills, science and computer laboratories.

Mody School, Laxmangarh

Mody School, Laxmangarh  is ranked as the best boarding school for students who want to pursue an international education. The school provides opportunities for choosing the CIE, IB or CBSE board for meeting their educational objectives. The school has the vision for future focus education established by Shri Rajendra Prasadji Mody in 1985.The school provides education from Class 3 to Class 12 and is ranked as one of the top 10 schools in Sikar. Supportive environment of the school makes students achieve their potential as individuals and contributors for the society. The school enables the unique system for learning to live and work together with an international dimension into the cultural stream. The sprawling school campus provides state of art residential and pastoral facilities to the students. Complete range of indoor and outdoor sports facilities are provided to the girls of the school along with professional coaching to develop the thought to become a future champion.

Aditi Global Academy, Athwas, Fatehpur

Aditi Global Academy is a Co Ed CBSE school that offers international quality education from Nursery Class to Class 10.The aim of the school is to thrive with students to reach the ultimate educational goals, make education achievable and affordable for students. The residential school is in the sprawling 100 bighas campus and is abled by Marudhara Group of Education. The intimate nature-based school environment makes the student to explore the inherent potential and talent of the school students in academics, sports and pedagogical activities.

The school provides a career oriented study system with a special focus on STEM education, general education and English to achieve success in this competitive world.Sports hall and playgrounds of the school enables the students to learn and grow better.The school is one of the top schools in Sikar, Rajasthan for overall personality development.      

Choudhary Gharsiram Public School, Laxmangarh

Choudhary Gharsiram Public School is a Boarding school in Sikar that develops the character of the students to achieve and understand education priorities. The school imparts education from Nursery to Class 12. Stress free environment of the school brings the strength of determination and understanding of skills among the students. The values of integrity and honesty is imbibed from day one.The school provides an ideal and healthy environment for the students to achieve creativity and spontaneity of thoughts.The students get lifetime opportunities to develop their talent intelligence through indoor games,outdoor games, dance room, art studies swimming pool.All school is ranked as one of the top schools in Sikar which is true all contexts of educational excellence, amenities, modern infrastructure and state of art residential facility.   

Vidya Bharati Public School

Vidya Bharati Public School believes in the sense of equality for all spheres in education. The CBSE residential school begins from Nursery and carries its education auto Class 12.The education system of the school is deeply rooted in all the Indian ways of teaching through humanistic, modern, technically smart, self-sustained education atmosphere. Separate hostel opportunities have been provided for girls and boys who get world class accommodation facilities and experience to study, meditate and excel in school life. The school has introduced Sanskar lab that is involved with students to train them on  traditions and customs of the country.

The school comprehensively follow the CBSE curriculum such as focusing of Total Physical Response in Pre Primary sections, personality development programs in Primary Sections and promotes the idea of healthy competition, literary , cultural and sports competition at Middle school. The school is ranked as one of the best schools in Sikar believing in the delivering quality talent for the nation.  

Navjeevan CBSE School

Navajeevan CBSE  school believes in developing the talent in every child.The school has the most interesting ways to teach students to achieve learning capabilities to become economically productive and contribute to the diverse engagements of the world. The school is run by Navjeevan Education Group.The foundation stone is laid by Mr Shankar Lal Bagariya in the year 2007. The English medium day boarding school is ranked as one of the best schools in Sikar,Rajasthan having the motto to prepare the students for the modern life requirements.

Academic and co-curricular school life balance is sought after and achieved through the country’s best education infrastructure, teachers and school amenities. The student centered environment provides career guidance for competitive exams in India including UPSC, IIT, NEET and more.The hostel facilities are best suited for education, sports and revisiting like skills.    

Matrix High School MHS

Matrix High School,Sikar provides a vibrant education system that enables the students to enter into real life with ease and dexterity.The impact of the education attained from the school drives the passion and dreams of the students towards the successful  directions in all practical ways.The futuristic school in undoubtedly one of the best schools in Sikar contributing to all the topics for future of education. The evolving schooling system adopts advanced teaching methodologies using cutting edge technologies to nurture students in all effective ways.The students of the school achieve their full potential by getting empowered through transformational leadership at school level.

The school has the most prolific online education system and video tutorial for the students education stakes.School gives a full-fledged facility for NTSE and Olympiad preparation while adopting to interactive, active learning of skills, attitude and knowledge. The sports facilities of the school surpasses expectation in many ways through supervised indoor games and outdoor sports activities. This RBSE school provides world class education for Play Group to Class 12. And also provides CBSE Board options to its secondary and higher secondary students.  

Sanskar International School

Sanskar International School provides international quality education at a bare minimum fees structure. The school follows the curriculum as prescribed by the CBSE Board, New Delhi providing the best educational atmosphere to the school students.Best qualities of the students are brought forward while giving individual attention to each and every child. The school was founded in the year 2005 and is ranked as one of the best schools in Sikar.

The pedagogy of the school, curriculum and infrastructure are designed to develop the interest in education and develop logical,creative and problem solving skills. The students are provided opportunities to explore their talent in arts, drama, dance, music,sports and experimentation through tried, tested and successful guidance programs.This co educational CBSE school imparts education from Nursery to Class 12 and is a premier global education institution in Sikar, Rajasthan. 

Royal Academy Sr Secondary School

Royal Academy Sr Secondary School is a coeducational English Medium RBSE board school.The school is ranked as one of the top ranked schools in Sikar  providing a conducive environment for quality education.The school’s foundation is based on national integrity and thoughtful expressions from the tradition and customary of the country.Every student feel to be a proud citizen of the country and continuously learns to achieve best standard of education to become a responsible citizen of the country.

Students of Royal Academy have been continuously selected in wide and diverse spectrum of competitive exams in the country such as ranks in  NTSE, Admissions in Top IIT institutes, in Top Medical Institutes. The success list of the school keeps on rising as it gives equal attention to the art, culture and sports arena to develop fitness among its students.The schools starts education from Nursery to Class 12 and gives special career guidance for CUET, NTSE, NEET,STSE, OLYMPIAD and more.  

Euro International School

Euro international school is one of the top ranked school in Sikar started by Mr. Shiv Ram Choudhary in the year 2022.The school management believes in shaping the minds of young learners and imbibe traditional values of Indian culture in the contemporary world.The school develops all required skills which develops awareness about one’s identity. Real education is a powerful way to lead a successful life while helping others in the society.

Euro International School is one of the most technologically enabled school in the country which is intended for unparalleled education base, vibrant dynamism having an exact consciousness of the surrounding world. School life in EIS is child centered that customizes the child's learning as per Childs curriculum requirements, happiness spectrums, interests, skills, for personality development and more.The school has enabled many active education and co-curricular  programs for students that consists of professional educators and life school.

The school encourages and facilitates students to science happiness and mindfulness through meditation, yoga programs, coding classes, foreign language training,online chess platform,music platform,dance and zumba classes, drawing and painting, develop entrepreneurship and leadership skills.The co educational BSE English Medium school is regarded as one of the top ranked schools in Sikar focusing on high quality student life and well being.     



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Published on: 01 Feb 2023
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