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Make your child fall in love with studies

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Make your child fall in love with studies

Learning has been all about mugging up the syllabus and being able to write it or recite it perfectly in exams. The idea of fun and studies is something that has alway been considered adversary, that can not be done together. Though researches have shown time and again that studies if mingled with fun can become not only more productive but also enrich a child’s background. 
To enhance a child’s experience one can include activities like-

Outdoor Walks
Wall Painting
Personality development activities
Storymaking or Storytelling workshops to enhance creativity.

These activities help a child grow step by step, they help a child develop their skills step by step. Learning and growing as the level of activities enhance their mental ability, increasing the capacity at their own pace. 

Mount Litera Zee Kidzee school prides itself in providing its students with classes that they can fall in love with, because they teach by creating a fun environment that has numerous activities to ensure a child is having fun. These activities also make sure that the child learns and develops their cognitive skills and social skills, making sure that children develop their confidence by speaking in front of their colleagues and classmates and giving them a confident start for their future.
Activities like wall-painting etc. help children develop their creativity that in turn makes sure a child's brain gets fully developed, at a pace that is suitable for them.
These activities help a child in decision making, that is the biggest problem most of us, even in our adult life, face. It also adds to the benefit of developing a child’s personality and providing them with training for upcoming primary school.
The school believes that frequent training of teachers is as important as that of children thus sessions befitting teachers are organized on a regular basis, that includes technology-using, best ways of teaching students.

The Principal of Mount Litera Kidzee school says, “We have prepared our students for the practical world, making them understand and develop their skills instead of just cramming the knowledge, our target is to make them better citizens and model students in future. We believe in making our students efficient for any challenges that they may face in future and only a school with innovative learning methods can help them with this. We even train our teachers to make them efficient in dealing with children and providing them with the best learning methods.” 

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Published on: 06 May 2022
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