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Empowering Preschoolers: Integrating Teaching Methods for a Brighter Future

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Empowering Preschoolers: Integrating Teaching Methods for a Brighter Future

Pre-school education is the foundation of a child's education, but some of us are home-schooled by our parents during preschool or sent to some school in the locality without checking whether that school is right for the kids. What most of the parents forget is that Preschools act as the building brick for the child's life as a student, and it is very important that a child should have a sturdy foundation so that when they enter primary school they do not struggle to achieve simple tasks.


In the modern times, education has grown and evolved changing from its traditional ways to adopting innovative measures that include teaching methods that help in engaging a child and encouraging them to an overall development of mind and body, i.e cognitive and physical development. That can be attained by instilling the curriculum with engaging activities infused with lessons.


Though various pre-schools employ various methods to teach their students, very few of them mingle more than one method to produce an extraordinary effect that is great for students. 


Peek-a-boo preschool implements a unique connotation of Montessori and Play Way method that ensures a child is not only learning but also having fun along with developing their gross motor skills and fine motor skills. This overall growth of a child ensures a better future for the child and a better understanding of primary schooling.


The teaching methods implemented in the teaching of students are-


Montessori method- This method was developed by Maria Montessori who was a physician and was one of the first pioneers of modern education. She believed that, it is easy to mould a student's mind when they are still young and this teaching focuses on the cumulative development of the child, mainly following five principles that are formulated to enhance the cognitive and social skills of the students. This teaching method revolves around respecting children, helping them learn from their surroundings and giving them time for self study 


Playway Method- As the name suggests, children are happiest when they are playing, and playing not only makes a child happy it also teaches them important lessons, developing their motor skills and enhancing their mental and cognitive abilities. If a teacher is innovative they can invent games that can help children in learning various things like colours, alphabet etc.


Peek-a-boo is a chain of competent and able schools that strive to provide students with a sturdy foundation for their future and develop model students and citizens. It is highly beneficial if you are a working parent and prone to frequent transfers in the job, because you can easily get your child transferred to another branch of this school, without disrupting the studies of your kid.


Principal's Desk

Ms. Sangini lalwani says, "We are a chain of premium institutes that are dedicated to providing our students with the best facilities and infrastructure, providing our students with an open and educational environment that gives them the opportunity to build upon their confidence and imaginative skills by giving a multi-cultural background, that builds their tolerance and helps them understand diversity. We believe every child is unique and they need special attention, and our teachers are well-versed in imparting knowledge in a way that has been tried and tested so that the future and foundation of kids is in safe hands"


She further added, "Our students turn out to be model citizens and imaginative thinkers instead of just following upon the words of others. We instil our students with confidence, creativity and a willingness to learn." 


Published on: 23 May 2022
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