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National Education Society and Social Welfare Organisation

Category: Welfare Organisations

National Education Society and Social Welfare Organisation

Quality education has become exceedingly difficult to find, and even if a school offers good education, it is usually not affordable for the common folks; it has become imperative to bring out affordable schools and provide people with quality education.

Education is what shapes a country and shows the path of development; let us see some points that drastically affect our country-

      A country is democratic because every citizen of the country takes part in the decision making of the country, whether directly or indirectly and can not make informed decisions if they are not well informed or lack education. Thus a country can only be truly called democratic if education is a part of each life.

    Education ensures a future with citizens who are assets to the country and give a hand in the country's development instead of igniting baseless riots and social unrest situations.

    Even if a person decides to settle abroad, they help develop the country by providing foreign currency and increasing the value of the country's currency.

With this motto, the National Education Society and Social Welfare Organisation (NESSWO) strive to provide education to poor and needy students, helping them with quality education and skill development training.

The Chairman, Mr Mudasir Ahmad, NESSWO, School Anantnag, says, "Our biggest reward for working tirelessly to provide education comes in the form of excellence shown by our students; our journey to date has been full of achievements, hopes, aspirations and a yearning to excel. As the chairman, Managing Committee of NESSWO International School Anantnag and Vice-chairman, NESSWO Society, I am proud of our achievements. At many levels, the students have shown excellence at the national and inter NESSWO International School Anantnag competitions."

Published on: 28 May 2022
Welfare Organisations
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