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Pros and Cons of One-on-One Home-Schooling: A Comprehensive Guide

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Pros and Cons of One-on-One Home-Schooling: A Comprehensive Guide

The face of education has changed a lot since industrialization. There are new methods, techniques and combinations of modern with conventional methods of education. The old brick and mortar classrooms are now talks of the past and new methods like online classes, home-schooling are much preferred world wide, but these methods are still not accepted so much in our country. Homeschooling in India is surrounded by numerous myths, and most parents associate it with differently-abled children.

Let us bust some myths that surround homeschooling in this article-

  1. Some would say that homeschooling makes a child socially awkward but if we look closely, children can also encounter trauma due to mean peer behavior.
  2. No school can provide a one on one attention on a child, no matter how small the student-teacher ratio is.
  3. Children have flexibility and freedom to learn whatever subject they wish to which they cannot exercise in school.
  4. Surveys have shown that home-schooled kids do better in competitive exams.

Even with such vast benefits of homeschooling there are very few who actually know the procedure that surrounds it.

Let us take a look at it-

There are two boards that are associated with homeschooling, namely- 

  • National Institute of Open Schooling or NIOS
  • International General Certificate of Secondary Education.

Admission process for homeschooling-

When you have decided that you wish to enroll your child for homeschooling, these are the basic steps that must be followed-

  • Find a school that provides homeschooling facilities and is affiliated with one of the above two boards.
  • The biggest decision you will have to make is whether you wish to teach your child yourself or hire a tutor to work on your child. It is usually better to hire professional help as it ensures correct education for children.
  • Once you have decided on this you can easily create a curriculum that follows your child's passion.

My Facilitator is an exceptional facility that provides students with numerous schooling options and gives students the opportunity to learn in the manner that suits them best. It has Vedic math, tutoring and Career counseling along with Home-Schooling facilities.

They have trained teachers who are expertly trained to handle individuals and hone their passion into skill. An easy step by step process helps you to enroll your kid for homeschooling without any hassle and also curate the best possible curriculum for them that would include not only academic but also extra-curricular activities, along with subjects that interest your child.

Published on: 26 Sep 2022
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