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Unwavering Focus: Discover the Best Home-Schooling for Your Child

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Unwavering Focus: Discover the Best Home-Schooling for Your Child

Home-schooling in India is a rare but growing trend. While day boarding schools are still popular, they cannot match the flexibility and creative nature of home-schooling.  Most of us are still unaware of the legal status or feasibility of it, and moreover, it is considered that home-schooling is mainly for the students with special needs, which though widely accepted is not true.  

Home-schooling can be the best choice for your child if done right. It is also a wonderful alternative for parents who want to keep their children safe and secure, especially during times such as these when the pandemic has its claw everywhere.

Let's take a look at the benefits of having your youngster educated at home before we go any further:

  • Provides flexibility over teaching timings 
  • Provides an opportunity to make learning exciting through your  innovative learning ideas 
  • Helps provide the necessary attention to your kids 
  • Provides an opportunity that aids in practical learning experiences ∙ Protects your wards from the negativity of the society 
  • Provides an opportunity to pass on your values and beliefs to your  children
  • An opportunity to provide attention to subjects where your kid lacks  attention 
  • Helps in conveying your self-earned tricks and shortcuts for easy and fast learning 
  • Helps in teaching your kids in a better and an effective manner by  developing a one-to-one relationship with them 
  • An opportunity for your kids to learn great lessons from your life  experiences 
  • Helps make your kids believe that education can be exciting and fun  
  • Helps in making parents aware of their children’s hidden talents 
  • It also helps initiate a discussion between parents and kids where the  parents can also learn from children


But, finding a perfect teacher who is trustworthy and has enough experience to teach your child is a difficult task. To overcome this difficulty 21K school brings trained home teachers, who can help your child learn and grow.   

According to the Principal of 21K school, Aruna Shetty, “When we are teaching a  child the most important thing that we seek to develop is their imaginative  skills, if children are able to think and create for themselves, we deem them eligible to face the practical world and to achieve this we train our teachers in techniques that bring out the imaginative skills of a child.” 

21K school is also an online school that employs innovative methods to teach students and makes studies more engaging and fun. We have long seen the forcible methods teachers use, and most of us have gone through a similar type of education prototype. What we forget is that all of us are unique and so are our kids. When we respect these differences, learning becomes fun and easy. It is time to encourage such schools that bring out new methods to teach their students.

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Published on: 18 May 2022
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