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Top 10 Best CBSE Schools in Hosur for Admissions 2024-2025

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Top 10 Best CBSE Schools in Hosur for Admissions 2024-2025

Choosing the right school for your child is a crucial decision that can shape their academic journey. When it comes to CBSE schools in Hosur, parents are often spoilt for choice due to the wide range of options available. To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best CBSE schools in Hosur for admissions in the academic year 2024-2025. These schools have consistently demonstrated excellence in academics, extracurricular activities, infrastructure, and overall development of students.

 List of Top 10 Best CBSE Schools in Hosur


Ashok Leyland School

The Ashok Leyland School is a co-educational institution with superior infrastructure. The School is affiliated with the New Delhi Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and Ashok Leyland Educational Trust administers the school (ALET). The school is committed to providing the best education possible in its school environment for a world that is rapidly changing. Their architectural design is based on green principles. The classrooms are spacious, well-lit, and ventilated making them conducive to learning. The school is the pride of Hosur and is amongst the top CBSE schools in Hosur.

The school's progressive curriculum promotes critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills, preparing students to face the challenges of the modern world. The faculty members at Ashok Leyland are highly qualified and passionate about their profession. They provide individual attention to each student, identifying their strengths and weaknesses and tailoring their teaching methods accordingly.

Advaith International Academy

Advaith was established in 2012 and inaugurated by Shri Konijeti Rosaiah, the Governor of Karnataka. Advaith has since earned a reputation for excellence, high standards, and principles making it one the best CBSE schools in Hosur. It is a top-tier liberal institution that values the past while moving forward with a forward-thinking and energetic philosophy toward teaching. They are committed to preparing students for the opportunities and challenges of the twenty-first century by helping them become happy, successful, independent young citizens who embrace new experiences andC confidently pursue their goals.

The school also offers a wide range of co-curricular activities, allowing students to explore their interests and discover their hidden talents. With its strong academic foundation and emphasis on character development, Advaith International School is one of the top ranked  CBSE schools in Hosur as it prepares students to excel not only in their academic pursuits but also in their personal and professional lives.

Asian Christian High School

The Asian Christian Academy of India, a registered society under the Societies Act of 1860, founded Asian Christian High School in June 1996 as a major social outreach initiative. This society is composed of notable figures from all walks of life and serves as the school's highest governing body. The school was founded on Christian principles in order to provide children with a quality education that promotes their overall development. From its humble beginnings with 225 students from Lower Kindergarten to Class II, this multifaceted school has evolved into a full-fledged High School with more than 3,000 students from Kindergarten to Class XII. ACHS is a coeducational English-medium school affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education.

School emphasizes values-based education, instilling in students a strong sense of discipline, integrity, and social responsibility. The school's well-equipped laboratories and libraries facilitate hands-on learning and research, while its sports facilities promote physical fitness and teamwork. The school is rightly said to one of the Best CBSE schools in Hosur

Hosur Public School

Hosur Public School is run and managed by Chandira Choodeswarar Educational Foundation, which was founded in 2013 and established in the same year. The Hosur Public school is among the most prestigious educational institutions and one of Top 10 CBSE schools in Hosur. The school is co-ed and provides the CBSE curriculum. They are renowned for their excellent combination of academics, extracurricular activities, and sports that they offer.

The instruction at HPS is delivered in a blended format that maximizes offline and online instruction. They utilize the classroom. Live platform for their teaching and learning processes, in which they conduct live sessions, send pre-recorded videos, and conduct ongoing formative assessment.

Carmel International School

The Carmel Educational and Charitable Trust, Hosur, was established for the non-profit purpose of providing quality education and charitable activities. The school believes that every child is unique and gifted with enormous potential. The school focuses on assisting each child in charting a path to happiness and excellence making it one of the Top CBSE schools in Hosur.

The school makes a concerted effort to ensure that, as students embark on this exciting journey of self-discovery, they appreciate the power of inner strength and cherish every moment of their innocence. The institution is particularly dedicated to fostering creative opportunities for children. The school is assisting students with these activities and fostering their interest in creative subjects that will broaden their horizons in the future.

Mathakondapalli Model School

At Mathakondapalli Model School, Hosur, they intend to implement an education system that emphasizes experiential learning and is holistic, integrated, inquiry-based, discovery-oriented, learner-centered, discussion-based, flexible, and enjoyable for all students. They are said to be developing a new system that aligns with the aspirational goals of education in the twenty-first century making them the top CBSE schools in Hosur. Their student-centered classrooms, library, play fields, living space, and green environment contribute to the success of their efforts.

The school, is modeled after the ancient Indian Gurukul system, and is situated on 76 acres of land with plenty of greenery and open spaces for experiential learning. The classrooms are spacious, widely separated, and replete with technological aids, thereby creating a conducive environment for comprehensive education.

The Titan School

The Titan School is one of the best schools in Hosur, and is an initiative of the Titan Foundation for Education, which is committed to fostering an environment conducive to joyful learning. The school fosters an environment in which every child is eager to attend school, has positive relationships with teachers and peers, and is proud of the institution. The school is one of the Top 10 CBSE schools in Hosur with its spacious classrooms have ample space and are well ventilated. It has well-equipped laboratories, a library, a music room, a dance room, and an art center too.

School encourages sports like basketball court, cricket nets, a volleyball court, and a football field. The whole distinctive area was designed while keeping in mind the needs of their students.

Sri Chaitanya School

At Sri Chaitanya, they have created a one-of-a-kind blend of world-class curricula, modern teaching methods, and equal emphasis on intellectual, physical, and personality development, resulting in world-ready future leaders. The School strive to be the ideal mentor for IIT-JEE aspirants, assisting them in developing a global perspective and a passion for community service. At the same time, they prepare students for competitive examinations by imparting intermediate-level subject matter expertise thereby making it one of the top ranked CBSE schools in Hosur.

MS Dhoni Global School

MS Dhoni Global School stands out as one of the best CBSE schools in Hosur due to its unwavering commitment to providing a holistic education. The school goes beyond academics and focuses on the overall development of its students. With state-of-the-art facilities and a team of experienced educators, the school creates an environment that nurtures the talents and interests of every student.

The curriculum is designed to be dynamic and engaging, incorporating modern teaching methodologies to make learning a fun and interactive experience. Moreover, the school places a strong emphasis on sports and co-curricular activities, encouraging students to explore their potential in various fields. The dedicated faculty members at MS Dhoni Global School ensure that students receive personalized attention and guidance, fostering their growth and preparing them for a successful future.

St. John Peter School

St. John Peter School has earned its reputation as a top CBSE school in Hosur by consistently delivering excellent academic results and nurturing well-rounded individuals. The school maintains a rigorous academic curriculum, challenging students to reach their full potential and preparing them for higher education. Alongside academics, St. John Peter School emphasizes character development and moral values, instilling in students a strong sense of ethics and integrity. The school boasts modern infrastructure, including well-equipped laboratories, libraries, and sports facilities, allowing students to explore and excel in their areas of interest.

The dedicated faculty members at St. John Peter School are not just educators but also mentors who provide guidance and support to students, ensuring their holistic development.



It is crucial to consider your child’s unique needs, interests, and learning styles before choosing a school. A right school is the first step towards a child's successful career. The above-mentioned schools are the Top 10 CBSE schools in Hosur, they provide a nurturing environment that encourages holistic development and academic excellence along with character building, creativity and ethics.

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Published on: 24 Jul 2023
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