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Top 10 Best CBSE Schools in Panvel for Admissions 2024-2025

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Top 10 Best CBSE Schools in Panvel for Admissions 2024-2025

Panvel is a vibrant city located in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, India. Known for its strategic position at the junction of major highways and railways, Panvel serves as a crucial transportation hub connecting Mumbai, Pune, and other key cities. The city has witnessed rapid urbanization and development, with a growing population and infrastructure. It offers a blend of modern amenities and natural beauty, as it is surrounded by lush greenery, including the Karnala Bird Sanctuary. Panvel's cultural diversity, educational institutions, and proximity to economic zones make it an emerging urban center with opportunities for residents and businesses alike. We at Skoodos are happy to have provided a central location where you can gather information about the best CBSE schools in Panvel hassle-free. The Top 10 CBSE schools in Panvel that you should consider enrolling your children in are listed below. That being said, let's start by examining the foundations of these organizations.

List of Top 10 Best CBSE Schools in Panvel for Admissions 2024-2025


Mnr School Of Excellence

MNR School of Excellence, one of the top ranked CBSE schools in Panvel, follows an innovative and experimental academic system that focuses on making learning enlightening and relevant to future challenges. Their student-centered, project-based teaching approach incorporates multiple intelligence concepts, aiming to develop motivated and confident students with the skills for independent study. The school encourages students to explore their talents and interests, be it in academics, sports, theatre, music, or dance. With 3D animated lessons in virtual classrooms and a strong emphasis on discipline, personal attention, and various skill development programs, including IIT/MBBS coaching, personality development, and hobby centers, MNR schools foster all-round development in students.

Dav Public School

DAV Public School, New Panvel, is committed to holistic education, aiming to strike a perfect balance between ancient and modern, national and international, traditional and innovative aspects of learning. Their mission revolves around providing students with the best opportunities to cultivate positive life attitudes, human values, and the exploration of their talents. The school emphasizes a stress-free learning environment, student-centered teaching, and the instillation of cherished DAV values. Their approach encourages curiosity, self-discipline, respect for diversity, global understanding, responsibility, and a strong connection to India's rich heritage and culture. Key values include care, self-discipline, continuous learning, honesty, environmental consciousness, and cleanliness. All of this makes the institute stand out as one of the top CBSE schools in Panvel.

St. Josephs High School

St. Joseph’s High School, located in Panvel West, stands as one of the best CBSE schools in panvel. Established in 2005 by the Ryan International Group of Institutions, it is a co-educational CBSE Montessori-XII school with a strong commitment to nurturing not only academic excellence but also values and morals in its students. Their dedicated and qualified faculty focuses on holistic education, fostering innovation, curiosity, and continuous learning in students. The school boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure, well-ventilated classrooms, and ample opportunities for sports and indoor activities, ensuring the comprehensive development of young minds and bodies.

Changu Kana Thakur Vidyalaya English Medium

Changu Kana Thakur Secondary and Higher Secondary Vidyalaya, New Panvel, is a vital part of JBSP Sanstha's commitment to pre-higher education. Established in 1994 with government permission for secondary education and expanded to higher secondary in 1997, it offers streams in Arts, Commerce, and Science, including practical subjects like Information Technology (IT), Computer Science, Electronics, Office Management, and Banking. The school, guided by the visionary educationist and social worker Shri Ramsheth Thakur, boasts excellent infrastructure and amenities, with a goal of achieving global standards in education.

MES Public School

MES Public School, Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai, stands as the first CBSE school in the area, founded in 2014 by the Maharashtra Education Society, a prestigious institution with a rich history dating back to 1860. As one of the top CBSE schools in Panvel, it boasts modern facilities including a computer lab, well-stocked library, and a spacious playground, all under the watchful eye of CCTV cameras for safety. With a commitment to activity-based education and a focus on imparting both academic knowledge and moral values, MES Public School aims to nurture well-rounded individuals with life skills, sensitivity to society, and a strong national spirit, fostering personal happiness and global competence among its students.

The Oxford International School

Oxford International School, one of the best CBSE schools in Panvel, fosters a supportive and nurturing environment for children's growth and development. The school values the family bond and collaborates with parents to provide a program that nurtures children both physically and intellectually. With highly qualified teachers, a strong sense of community, and a focus on play and exploration, the school creates a space where young minds can thrive and hearts can open. Parents are actively involved in their children's learning experience, making it a holistic and engaging journey of discovery and growth.

Shri Balaji International School

Shri Balaji International School (SBIS) is one of the top ranked CBSE schools in Panvel, established in 2001. With a remarkable 15-year track record of achieving 100% results, SBIS is dedicated to the holistic development of its students. The school's mission is to equip students with essential life skills and academic knowledge through an integrated learning approach, preparing them to face the challenges of the world. SBIS is committed to lifelong learning, empowering students with knowledge and promoting all-round development.

Ryan Shalom Montessori

Ryan Shalom is a leading CBSE primary and Montessori school. Committed to providing quality education and fostering academic development, the school offers a dynamic environment that values analysis, dedication, and observation. With a focus on all-round student development, Ryan Shalom boasts high standards of facilities, including air-conditioned classrooms, interactive teaching methods, and specialized teaching areas for various subjects. The school emphasizes sports and offers access to a swimming pool and extensive sporting facilities. Moreover, a well-supported Learning Resource Center enhances the learning experience. Ryan Shalom prides itself on a friendly atmosphere and meaningful partnerships between students, teachers, and parents. As such the institute is one of the top CBSE schools in Panvel for kids to study.

Radhai Inksap School

Radhai Inksap School (RIS) stands apart with its innovative approach to education, aiming to liberate students from the constraints of the traditional system. The school prioritizes a well-rounded development encompassing physical, practical, ethical, technical, and global perspectives, with academics merely being the tip of the iceberg. Quality is at the forefront of RIS's educational framework, evident in its commitment to excellence. The school takes on the formidable task of educating students from Kindergarten to Senior Secondary, guided by a mission to redefine excellence in education, empowering students with academic prowess and a holistic, scientific temperament.

Sanjivani International School

Sanjivani International School, founded in 2005 by the late veteran National Congress Leader and Educationist Hon'ble Shri Shankarrao Genuji Kolhe, embodies the motto "Education for Enrichment, Enhancement, and Excellence." As part of the esteemed Sanjivani Rural Education Society (SRES), which was established in 1982, the school is one of 10 educational institutions under the visionary leadership of Chairman Late Shri. Shankarraoji Kolhe and Executive Trustee Shri. Bipindada Shankarrao Kolhe. With a commitment to all-round excellence, Sanjivani International School has been providing quality education, fostering holistic development and technical education in the region.



Keep this list of the top 10 CBSE schools in Panvel handy as you research options for your child's education. You must also ensure that the school meets your child's needs and provides the best education possible. Although we have added the best CBSE schools in Panvel to the list, parents are encouraged to visit the schools in person, ask the administration any questions they may have, and speak with the parents of current students. This can provide you with first-hand information and help you make a more informed school selection decision. Remember that Skoodos is an excellent source for learning more about numerous top schools.

Published on: 05 Dec 2023
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