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Top 10 Best Boarding Schools in Indore for Admissions 2024-2025

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Top 10 Best Boarding Schools in Indore for Admissions 2024-2025

Indore, located in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, is a vibrant and rapidly growing city. Known as the "Cleanest City in India," it boasts a rich cultural heritage, historical landmarks, and a thriving economy. Indore is famous for its delectable street food, including mouthwatering snacks like poha and jalebi. The city's educational institutions and industries have contributed to its development, and it's emerging as an educational and IT hub. Indore's blend of tradition and modernity, bustling markets, and warm hospitality make it a captivating destination for both residents and visitors, earning it the title of "Mini Bombay" for its commercial significance. As the gateway to knowledge and innovation, Indore continues to foster a passion for learning and nurtures the future generation of leaders, thinkers, and scholars. In this article, we present the top 10 boarding schools in Indore for admissions, listed by Skoodos, India's number 1 search engine, to help students and parents make informed decisions for their educational journey.

List of Top 10 Boarding Schools in Indore for Admissions 2024-2025


Agarwal Public School

Agarwal Public School, located in the educational hub of Indore, stands out as one of the top ranked boarding schools in Indore. The sprawling 12.5-acre campus offers a pollution-free environment and world-class amenities, including well-equipped laboratories and a rich library. The school is dedicated to providing quality education, and its faculty ensures academic excellence through guidance and support. In addition, Agarwal Public School offers optional boarding facilities for boys, creating a secure home away from home. The school places a strong emphasis on sports and co-curricular activities, providing students with access to various sports and exposure to international-level coaching and facilities.

San Marino Public School

San Marino Public School, established in 2001, is a highly respected as one of the top boarding schools in Indore. Founded by a group of visionaries led by Mr. Mahesh Patidar and Mrs. Hemlata Patidar, with the support of Mr. Umesh Patidar and Mrs. Dipika Patidar, the school is dedicated to providing quality education and modern teaching aids to students from all sections of society. The school's philosophy emphasizes a balanced development of intellect and personality, with a multidimensional, Continuous & Comprehensive Development program that sets benchmarks in sports, literature, and academics. San Marino Public School nurtures young learners with personal love and care to promote their overall growth and mental health.

Choithram International School

Choithram International School Indore, a flagship institution under its banner, has achieved remarkable recognition and milestones in the field of education. It stands as the first school in Madhya Pradesh to be designated as the center for all GAFE (Google Application for Education) activities in Indore. As the only GEG Certified Group in the state, it actively supports other schools in their mission of digital empowerment and hosts a Google Roadshow to spread the reach of Google tools. Additionally, the school has earned the prestigious title of an Apple Distinguished School for 2019-2022, aligning with Apple's standards of innovation, leadership, and educational excellence. This recognition showcases Choithram International's commitment to fostering creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking through the integration of digital technologies, particularly iPad devices, in its teaching and learning environments. All of this makes it one of the best boarding schools in Indore today for studying.

Delhi Public School

Delhi Public School (DPS) Indore, known for its commitment to excellence, has been providing a nurturing and secure environment for students since its establishment in 2003. With a strong focus on student welfare and progress, DPS Indore has earned a reputation for being a respectful and caring institution. The school offers an inspiring and ultra-modern pre-school called DPS Castle of Dreams, designed to provide young learners with a multi-level educational experience. Recognizing the critical importance of early childhood experiences, DPS Castle of Dreams emphasizes activity-based, multi-sensory, and thematic teaching to ensure integrated and enjoyable learning. The school focuses on developing language, visual, and listening skills, fostering a strong foundation in social, emotional, physical, and academic skills for every child.

Medi-Caps International School

Medi-Caps International School (MIS) stands as one of the top ranked boarding schools in Indore, since its inception in 2015, building upon the rich legacy of its parent institution, Medi-Caps, which has been a name of excellence in education since 2000. MIS has quickly established itself among the city's best schools with its state-of-the-art infrastructure and impressive amenities. The school is dedicated to empowering education, focusing on values over academic scores, compassion over competence, and cooperation over competition to provide students with a holistic experience for the growth of mind, body, and spirit. MIS's mission is to prepare students for life by instilling discipline, integrity, humanitarian spirit, social and moral values, and a sense of national and global identity. The school's commitment is to blend traditional and contemporary teaching methods to develop students' various skills and make them well-rounded individuals, ready to face the world beyond school life.

Shri Ram Centennial School

Shri Ram Centennial School (SRCS) in Indore, established by the Shri Ram Education Trust (SRET), is one of the top boarding schools in Indore, providing quality education with a focus on developing well-rounded individuals. Embodying the educational legacy of the Shri Ram family, known for institutions like Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) and Lady Shri Ram College (LSR), SRCS Indore aims to groom achievers by nurturing life skills such as logic, reasoning, and creativity. The school's pedagogy, curriculum, and infrastructure are thoughtfully designed to foster holistic development, ensuring that every student graduates as a confident and successful individual.

South Valley International School

South Valley International School, situated on the Betma-Pithampur link road in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, has been providing quality education at affordable rates since its establishment in 2007. Managed by the Shri Rameshwarnath Memorial Education and Welfare Society, the school is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education-Delhi, offering classes from Nursery to XII. With a picturesque 25-acre campus enveloped by greenery, the school provides an ideal environment for students' physical, mental, and spiritual development. The facilities and amenities contribute to a conducive learning atmosphere, where the school's dedicated efforts aim to nurture each student's innate talents and instill values of nature appreciation, community service, cultural respect, and the pursuit of peace and harmony.

Bhavans’ Prominent International

Bhavans’ Prominent International, one of the best boarding schools in Indore, combines global excellence with an essence of Indian culture. Nestled near Bombay Hospital in Piplia Kumar, it boasts a sprawling 20-acre eco-friendly campus, offering an ideal environment for academic and co-curricular excellence. Founded by seasoned educators Prof. M.H. Meer and Mrs. Gertrude Olga Meer, the school is a vision turned into reality. With a commitment to nurturing well-rounded students, Bhavans’ Prominent International focuses on spiritual and individual development, providing a conducive atmosphere for learning and personal growth. This institution aims to shape confident, accomplished, and balanced individuals for a purposeful life.

The Emerald Heights International School

The Emerald Heights International School, situated on a sprawling 100-acre campus in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, is India's premier K-12 co-educational day-cum-boarding institution and also one of the top boarding schools in Indore. Established by late Smt. Suneeta Singh on February 18, 1982, the school has a rich history of fostering holistic student development and instilling values such as community service, national integration, and a global perspective. Through partnerships with prestigious international universities, the school provides students with an enriching educational experience and the opportunity to explore a world of possibilities through international education, while supporting them in the application and exam preparation processes.

Vedaant Vidhyakulum

Vedaant Vidhyakulum understands the importance of nurturing independence and self-sufficiency in children. With a commitment to providing parental guidance and support, the school helps shape young minds by instilling values like time management, dedication to studies, physical activities, and social responsibilities. The school's holistic approach prepares students for life beyond academics, fostering leadership, initiative, and personal growth in a diverse and inclusive community through its weekly boarding environment. Vedaant Vidhyakulum aims to equip children with the skills and confidence to lead independent, purposeful lives.



In conclusion, the curated list of the top 10 boarding schools in Indore for admissions by Skoodos serves as a valuable resource for parents seeking the best educational opportunities for their children. With a diverse range of best boarding schools in Indore offering exceptional academic standards and holistic development, this compilation aims to assist parents in making an informed and uniformed decision. Skoodos takes pride in narrowing down the school options, ensuring that each child's potential is nurtured and they receive a high-quality education that lays a strong foundation for their future success.

Published on: 03 Dec 2023
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