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Top 10 Pre Schools in Patna for Admissions 2024-2025

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Top 10 Pre Schools in Patna for Admissions 2024-2025

Patna is a city where you want to talk about the best pre-schools in the country. The efficient teachers of the state have made it possible for many parents to see their kids in some of the best pre-schools in Patna. The schools in the region have a wide scope of experiential Montessori education through the best infrastructure and planned curriculum for every child in the school. 

List of Top 10 Pre Schools in Patna 


Euro Kids India

The school uses age-appropriate stimulation through the right balance of learning and fun encouraging their curiosity and fuelling their creative side. A hands-on education system has Euro Kids Kits, Develops language skills, encourages the learning of new age learning, engages children physically, emotionally, and socially, shaping the scientific thought in children are the clear motives of the school. The school is regarded as one of the top pre-schools in Patna giving a world-class learning experience and environment to its students. The school imparts education from age group 2 to age group (Playgroup, Nursery, Euro Junior, Euro Senior)

Junior Oxford Preschool

Learning is made in a simple, safe, caring environment for Play Groups, Nursery, KG, and Kindergarten. The ratio gives immense scope for individual development. All modern equipment and facilities are available. The school is situated in the middle of the city having accessibility to all corners of the city through its efficient transport system. The school is regarded as one of the Top Pre Schools in Patna. Following a methodological teaching method with having complete focus on the safety of the child.

OakValley International School

Oak valley international school is based on the most popular American ways of learning through Montessori education. This school's program is developed by physicians, and educators focusing on creativity, and hands-on learning through gentle guidance provided by teachers. The school's final goal is to develop the senses, encouraging your child's natural curiosity and providing an appropriate learning atmosphere aiming to build a safe and healthy world of learning. The school is regarded as one of the best schools in Patna providing education from Nursery, LKG, UKG, and SKG.

Birla Open Minds

Birla's open minds bring to you the complete experience right from the formative, early years to K-12 schooling. The Birla open minds school initiated operations for the year 2010 and has over 75+ Preschools and 70+ K-12 schools. Birla's open minds take a closer look at contemporary education for nurturing India’s Tomorrow. Birla School has initiated the 4 C’s Care, Co Operations, Collaborations, and Courtesy. A diverse and researched curriculum enables planned schedules and is immensely rewarding. The school is ranked as one of the best Preschools in Patna.

I Learn I Play- Kids Play Activity Centers And Preschools

This Play School has the popular Activity Center for children 1.5 years onwards supported by an activity center for age groups up to 16 years aiming to provide the best learning experiences to the kids where children can know what they want. After school timing the school offers a unique opportunity for the students to explore, learn and enjoy the parameters of success.

The daycare center facility is from Monday to Saturday to meet up the requirements of working parents who seek a more flexible time for their young ones. The school is regarded as one of the best pre-schools in Patna.

Organic Kids

This Play School has the famous Action Place for youngsters 1.5 years onwards upheld by the action community for ages up to 16 years, planning to give the best opportunities for growth to the children where kids can understand what they need. After the school schedule, the school provides students with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to investigate, comprehend, and appreciate the success criteria.

The daycare center is open Monday through Saturday to accommodate working parents who want to provide their children with a more flexible schedule. The school is thought to be one of the best preschools in Patna.

Aquatic Kids Global School

The school has set out one of the best pedagogical activity centers for kids. Every child in the school has something to do about his liking. Furthermore, the school is creatively stimulating and cultivating the growth of every child who is self-propelled in the joy of childhood. Each child brings a bundle of opportunities based on a play environment that fosters lifelong learning. The school provides each child with a ready atmosphere in school that is enjoyable and beneficial.

Little Creators

Our curriculum has been influenced by children’s acumen of wonder and joy. The education philosophy views the values and strengths of each child. The balance of education is through challenging play activities and learning intentions focussing upon six key areas of the Early Years Curriculum: The Arts, Language Development, Early Mathematics Experience, Personal Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development, Movement, and the World Around Us. The school practices topic-based projects by inspiring students through questioning, discovering, investigating, and playing inside Nursery and outside the classroom. The school ranks as one of the Top 10 pre-schools in Patna that work from nursery sections onwards.

Little Millennium Pre School

The award-winning seven-petal program provides children with greater results to learn and study. The school’s curriculum is exclusively planned for 2 -6 years olds ensuring learning efficiency in children. The eclectic model of Success. Developmental Milestones are ensured to measure a child’s growth, in areas of cognitive, and language development conjuring child growth patterns. National development milestones are helpful in age-appropriate programs. The school is hugely respected for its child-caring programs and is ranked as one of the Top Preschools in Patna.

Gayatri Samaj daycare center

The goal of the Gayatri Samaj creche is to provide your loved ones with a home away from home. We strive to provide your child with the highest quality of care and entertainment in a warm, nurturing, and secure environment. By fostering a sense of acceptance and belonging, we create an environment in which every child can feel safe, secure, and at home. Physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and moral development are central to our vision. We recognise the importance of enjoyment and play to children's growth.


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Published on: 02 Jun 2023
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