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U.S. Global School from Una, Himachal Pradesh, has an essential infrastructural advantage to mention

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U.S. Global School from Una, Himachal Pradesh, has an essential infrastructural advantage to mention

The school provides easy-going sports activities and takes utmost care for the transport of the students. The school management provides a highly based on the educational environment and ecosystem. The educators take the responsibility and focus on complete education and skill enhancement for each student's overall growth. 

School infrastructure plays an integral part in facilitating and activating the kid's nurture program and has much to do with the pedagogy to provide an ecosystem of education base.

The school's objective is 'All Around Development of Child so that he/she becomes an essential member of society.

The above-presented words are beautiful in the context of a child's overall development in nature's background.

 Pawan Kumar Dhadwal is the Chairman of the School and believes in bringing dreams to reality system of attaching his school with high spirits of educational devotion. He means to provide the value for money for parents through a qualitative approach to teaching while adding more value to the educational infrastructure.

 "the U.S Globians are bound to put our heart and soul into nourishing your child into a global citizen of the century. My father though not that much literate, always used to quote me the saying, "Awake, Arise and Sit Not Till the Goal is Achieved." I have also tried to assimilate it into my personality, and I always remember Robert Frost, the poet laureate's motivational:-

" Woods are lovely dark and deep

but I have promises to keep

And miles to go before I sleep

Moreover, miles to go before I sleep." 

Ms Poonam Dadwal is the school principal and suggests that education is an important weapon to remove the evils from society. The school believes in the child's nourishment through the topics of a moral-based education system. The schools in these regions are located in the most beautiful mountain-dominated landscape. Himachal Pradesh is also known as the 'Gods Own Land' when we talk about the lovely scenic beauties, snow-covered mountains water bodies of the place.

 Nature provides immense opportunities to achieve all the benefits of education. The school provides all the facilities to help the child's development and facilitate the teaching-learning process.

 The school is ready to serve society through its infrastructure, teaching facilities, and vibrant teachers.

The school comes up with the social message that 'we have a solid immunity base, but we should follow all the norms of social distancing by not stopping our resolution of continuous learning and school functioning, whatever effort and innovative measures it takes.

The well-constructed school building has enough front space for the students to play and involve in the school moral based education system.

The school accepts that global educational challenges are essential as we progress with Child's Education on a daily improvement and skill addition basis. The school teachers are highly involved with the children as a new moral is discovered and taught three ough various strategies from the topics of modern yet traditional moral values.

U.S. Global Public school is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to serving society as a whole by imparting the best education to the students who grow up to become the best scholars in the nation. 

The teaching principles and methods involve pedagogical inclusions through innovative classroom teaching experiences for the students. The teachers are high on teaching energy and involvement with the students to keep up the desire for learning and the teaching process.

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Published on: 28 May 2022
School Coverage
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