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Your Child can be anything they want to be

Category: Virtual Schooling

Your Child can be anything they want to be

Even before a child is born the parents start contemplating possible career choices and start training the kids to be ahead of everyone from a very young age, But instead of skipping steps and turning the childhood of Kids into a pre-training for future, Tara Pre-school believes in providing children with freedom, so that they can find themselves and learn important life skills and lessons of their own accord.

The school prides itself in providing its students with classes that they can fall in love with because they teach by creating a fun environment that has numerous activities to ensure a child is having fun. They not only help a child find what interests them the most but also focus on a child learning and developing their cognitive skills and social skills, making sure that children develop their confidence by speaking in front of their colleagues and classmates and giving them a confident start for their future.

The kids at Tara Preschool are taught in a way to develop their cognitive and physical skills. They are given activities that help in enhancing fine and gross motor skills of a child so that future learning becomes easy for them. 

The school offers various activities for it’s students, namely-

Pre-literacy Skills

Oral language and phonic sounds, preparing children for the ability to read. This includes print concepts and knowledge, shape and sound of different alphabets.

Basic Math Skills

The basics of maths include Addition and subtraction along with the knowledge of numbers along with their sounds and shape

Colour and Shape recognition

The name denoted to each color, different types of shapes and what they are addressed with is taught to kids.

These not only help with a strong academic foundation but also help with Motor skill development.

Apart from these lessons there are other ways to ensure physical development of children along with improved Brain-muscle coordination.

  • Art and Craft Lessons
  • Reading and Writing Lessons
  • Music
  • Interactive Lessons

The children are encouraged to engage in the above activities that train them for future studies and prepare them to learn faster. 

A sturdy foundation helps to make the future of students brighter and more secure.


Published on: 02 Dec 2022
Virtual Schooling
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