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Your child deserves an education that is meant for today's world

Category: Virtual Schooling

Your child deserves an education that is meant for today's world

Growing up we have seen how norms of education have changed, our parents were used to cramming their heads with facts and were oftentimes given thorough beating upon failing to meet the desired standards. We as kids saw an advancement where extra-curricular activities became a part of our school curriculum, and we had several experience related studies induced in our studies. But, the modern education system is curated to bring out the best in a child, inducing innovative teaching methods like Montessori and experiential learning so as to prepare a child for the real world.

Online schooling is the newest norm in today’s digital world but even though it is the safest method it is not yet seen with trust by the parents. Especially in the Preschool level of education, parents do not wish to risk their child’s foundation, and to be fair online schooling can sometimes be boring if there is a lack of initiative.

There are a few schools that have now come up with new and innovative methods of teaching that strive to make the otherwise boring classes interesting and fun-filled, not only this online schooling has other benefits too let us have a look at them-

Overcome Geographical Barrier-

Online schooling does not require physical presence, so the child can study from anywhere, be it remote or a central hub.


The Internet in India is the most affordable, and if a child enrolls, online classes cut the traveling and lodging expenses making it easier.


With Geographical barriers gone, a student can learn anything they wish for, even if it is not available in their home country.

Ta: ra Preschool is an online school that places great emphasis on providing their kids with a perfect foundation that would prepare them for the further studies from the safety of their homes. They follow an innovative curriculum in a specially prepared environment to help students learn at their own pace. It is high time we realize that our way of teaching has become obsolete and we need schools like Ta: ra Pre-school to opt for innovative methods of teaching and learning for our Kids giving them an edge over the rest.

They keep their curriculum fun filled and happening for the kids, including activities that help with the development of fine and gross motor skills, and enhance the cognitive capabilities of a child.

Published on: 29 Apr 2022
Virtual Schooling
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