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SL Public School Moradabad gives Overall Education Experience to its Students

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SL Public School Moradabad gives Overall Education Experience to its Students

A school that believes in its happy education experience through the teachers and balanced education environment. The school students feel the inspiration through the encouragement, expression, exploration and curiosity of the students for learning new things through the teachers and interactions.


SL Public School is a CBSE board school that has co-educational facilities with classes from Nursery to Class X. The school provides the real time education facilities though the smart classes that encourages students to encourage and inculcate the appropriate values of kindness, real life skills education, moral values to make a strong presence with the people, community, life skills and education system.


The focus of the school is on teaching through the experienced and well trained teachers who enable the students to become splendid leaders and lifelong learners. 


The school management is determined to provide a balanced platform so that the students are exclusively involved with the education exclusiveness and showcase their talent, skills and knowhow with the rich classroom learning and evaluation system. 


Exploration through the opportunities of learning through the surroundings and natural settings is one the stalwart methods adopted by the school educators by emphasizing on more co-curricular activities from the curricular education chapters. The students' successful mind-set is prepared to achieve success and to become a happy human being in all spheres of life.


The school management believes in providing the secular education system while focusing upon the diversified and equal learning opportunities for students of various backgrounds and cultures and provides the opportunity to learn together.

Published on: 17 Jun 2022
School Coverage
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