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Mountain Valley Educational Institute

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Mountain Valley Educational Institute

Mountain Valley Educational Institute is one of its kind school that focuses on teaching its students the importance of tolerance and diversity. A faithful follower of secularism, the education here is free of biases usually found in schools. The School situated in Baramulla has an abundance of scenic beauty, creating a perfect place for children to study and learn.

Schools and education have long been considered just facts and theorems; their implication and practical usage had no place in the curriculum, but now the days are changing, and education has developed new dimensions for itself. The studies are not limited to just cramming the facts, experiential learning is taking roots in many schools, and innovative measures to enhance and enrich a child's experience are taken. 

In modern times, education has grown and evolved, changing from its traditional ways to adopt innovative measures that include teaching methods that help engage a child and encourage them to develop overall mind and body, i.e. cognitive and physical development. That can be attained by instilling the curriculum with engaging activities infused with lessons.

 The Principal, Bilal Ahmed Malik, says, "We have strived to build a school that understands the needs of the students, helping them develop their latent potential so that they can use their talent and be a successful name in their future fields. Moreover, to ensure this, we inculcate various methods with our curriculum that include a thorough study of ethics and diversity in cultures, makes them more confident in their knowledge and prepares them for the real world."

Published on: 28 May 2022
School Coverage
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