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Choose the best Curriculum for your child: Boarding school offering the Best

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Choose the best Curriculum for your child: Boarding school offering the Best

For every parent, choosing an ideal school for their child is an important task. Numerous things need to be taken into account while choosing a school type and curriculum type.  A boarding school provides instruction in a setting that best supports young people. While a residential school is fantastic for a child's general development, choosing the best boarding school curriculum is as important.

  • Which School Curriculum In India Should I Choose?
  • What curriculum is best for my child?

Lets discuss this in the article ahead- 


The 10+2 educational system, put out by the Central Board of Secondary Education, has three divisions: elementary, secondary, and senior secondary. The NCERT textbooks are used in schools that follow the CBSE curriculum to prepare students for the All India Senior Secondary Examinations.

Benefits of choosing the CBSE

  • The main competitive exams in India like JEE and AIIMS are conducted by the CBSE board and thus the education addresses the same syllabus.
  • It is a national board recognized by the government of India.
  • CBSE has a PAN India presence with around 24000 schools and 240 schools across the globe in 26 countries. So, in the case of transfers, it is a bit easier to find a school following the same board.
  • It focuses on both English and Hindi for a balanced approach.


The best boarding schools in India provide a wide range of curricula, including the International General Certificate of Secondary Education, or IGCSE. The IGCSE curriculum is administered by Edexcel (formerly known as London Examinations) or Cambridge International Education, two UK assessment organisations (CIE).

Advantages of opting for the IGCSE

  • IGCSE is a global curriculum that takes into account educational standards from throughout the world.
  • The course of study is accepted by universities all across the world. For students hoping to enrol in higher education programmes at foreign colleges, this is very advantageous.
  • The board is present in about 10,000 schools across 160 different nations.
  • The tests are objective, trustworthy, and useful in preparing pupils for the opportunities and challenges of the future.

IB board

For students aged 16 to 19, the International Baccalaureate is a two-year diploma programme. With the growing need for global education, the course is currently quite popular in the nation. The best boarding schools in Maharashtra provide the IB curriculum.

Advantages of choosing the IB curriculum

  • The IB curriculum is more frequently accepted by international universities.
  • The curriculum places a lot of emphasis on allowing space for global concepts and issues that aid students in learning about various subjects.
  • Students who graduated from a prestigious IB school are more likely to be awarded a scholarship for further education.
  • There are three criteria for the diploma: a theory paper, an independent research-based essay.

State board

 Some of the greatest boarding schools in India offer State board-based instruction in addition to the aforementioned education boards. The State government of the specific state is in charge of managing the State Boards. Some of the boarding schools in India that follow the State Board curriculum are Corvuss American Academy, Montfort Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School, The Sports School, Shrishti Vidyashram Sr Sec School, St. John's International Residential School, St. Xavier's High School, Oakwood School, and Sharada Residential School.

Advantages of using State Board

  • State Boards use a tailored strategy based on the state or region. More focus is being placed on teaching regional languages.
  • The State board affiliated schools are less expensive and more accessible than schools affiliated with other educational boards, and they also include a variety of government institutions.
  • Political science is included in the deep study of subjects on the syllabus. The students benefit from higher test scores in open assessments like the civil services.
  • Students have three alternatives for the language of instruction: English, Hindi, or the native tongue.



We at Skoodos understand that enrolling a child to the best boarding school can be tiresome for most parents. We aim to provide the latest information about the top schools in your city.

Published on: 06 Feb 2023
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