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Different Teaching Methods Used in Preschools

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Different Teaching Methods Used in Preschools

Pre-schools are never given their due respect even though they are the stepping stones to the bright future of the Gen-Z. And even though the first step of a child towards education are considered important, the school and teaching method is not given its due importance, this may cause the child to face problems in upcoming years.

When we started our schooling the teaching methods were not as developed as they are now and we did not have the innovative learning methods implemented to teach us in an interesting manner. Our imagination in terms of pre-school educative methods is very sparse mostly because we have no idea. The teachers have a very heavy task of helping each child evolve with separate attention to each child. 

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Let’s see what methods preschool teachers adopt-

  • Playway Method- As the name suggests, children are happiest when they are playing, and playing not only makes a child happy it also teaches them important lessons, developing their motor skills and enhancing their mental and cogntive abilities. If a teacher is innovative, they can invent games that can help children in learning various things like colours, alphabets etc.
  • Reggio Emilia Method- Evolved in Italy, this method focuses on giving a child space and experiences to develop their skills. It encourages a child to forge their own relationship with the society, carving a space for themselves. This method sees the child as taking an active part in what should be taught instead of just receiving some random instructions.
  • Waldorf Method- This method was deviced in Germany by Rudolf Stenier. This method focuses on developing the imaginative power of a child by telling stories, creating art from available materials, taking walks and doing fun activities that will help with the development of a child’s cognitive development. This method does not only focus on pre-school children, it is also eligible for Primary schools and higher educations.
  • Montessori Method- This method was developed by Maria Montessori who was physician and was one of the first pioneers of modern education. She believed that, it is easy to mold a student’s mind when they are still young and this teaching focuses on the cumulative development of the child, mainly following five principles that are formulated to enhance the cognitive and social skills of the students. This teaching metho revolves around respecting children, helping them learn from their surroundings and giving them time for self-study. 
  • Bank-Street Method- This method is similar to Playway school method but the difference arises in the method of games children play in this. Bank-street method involves building blocks, puzzles and clay to bring out the imaginative and logistic skills of a child.

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Published on: 05 May 2022
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