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KY International School, Batangoo, Harnag, Anantnag

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KY International School, Batangoo, Harnag, Anantnag

KY international school has all the qualities to develop the student's comprehensive education belonging to real life.

The schools have the potential to provide excellent quality education to teach moral values and self-discipline. Moreover, various skills are required in modern times.

The school takes us to the new levels of learning and teaching system that involves the development of skills, and pedagogical education in the natural surroundings strengthens us to face the challenges with self-care with confidence and commitment.

The school provides a unique way of life that strives for educational excellence in all the subjects related to education life and growth perspectives.

The educational institute adapts the education system as per Islamic moral tenets to develop students' personalities through the introductory chapters of universal brotherhood.

The most crucial emphasis is on English, Mathematics, Science, Business Studies, ICT (Information and Communication Technology), History, Geography, and others.

The school has a good approach towards education style, quality of education and facilities that improve the student interest to perform, share and exchange quality levels of scholarly communication during the education cycle. The school is well known for its comprehensive curricula that positively influence a child's development.

Contact Resource Name: Abdul Hamid

Email: kyinternationalschool1@gmail.co

Published on: 27 May 2022
School Coverage
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