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List of Top 10 Best Schools in Faridabad for Admissions 2024-2025

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List of Top 10 Best Schools in Faridabad for Admissions 2024-2025

Top 10 Best Schools in Faridabad

Faridabad houses some of the major schools all over India, which attracts students from various corners of the nation. Some parents even shift their job to this city just to get their kids enrolled in the top schools in Faridabad. You don’t have to look further for the best schools once you have come across Skoodos for help.

We are your leading online source, offering valid and verified information on the top 10 schools in Faridabad. You can check out the probable options among the best schools in Faridabad, along with their faculty members and fee’s structure, before finalising the one you like. Well, we have listed below the 10 top-ranked schools in Faridabad to give out a try. Check out every school in detail before the final call.

Delhi Public School:

The primary goal of Delhi Public School is to create equal opportunities for every kid and teacher. They have integrated human skills along with technology into the rapidly evolving educational landscape of the school. 

  • The school uses learner-centred pedagogical practices to help re-consider, re-imagine and re-construct some of the powerful newer learning methods to foster lifelong learning.
  • Delhi Public School strives to be not just one of the top schools in Faridabad but also a human rich school with a commitment to judicious use of the available resources.

This school presents diversified learning fields, co-scholastic, scholastic and technologies programs to inculcate STEAM rich attitude. Here, the mental and physical health of the students is looked upon thoroughly.

Shree Ram Model School:

Another name on the list of top 10 schools in Faridabad will be Shree Ram Model School. This school believes that character is the most precious gift of education, and the father, mother, and teacher are three sole responsible individuals to mould the future of a little child. 

  • This institution promotes security, happiness and peace. 
  • It will not confer knowledge of spiritual reality to students who are actually engaged in the pursuit of multiple material studies. 

Real education, according to Shree Ram Model School, must help students to utilise knowledge to meet various challenges of life and make human beings happy.

Tarun Niketan Public School:

Another name to be added to the list of the best schools in Faridabad from Skoodos is Tarun Niketan Public School. It is a CBSE affiliated school, which consists of grades from Nursery to Class XII. This is a co-educational institution, offering multiple co-curricular activities to help shape a student’s life.

Tarun Niketan Public School is also known as TNPS, and it started its journey in 2000. Right from its inception, this institution has helped multiple students grow in life and create a great future ahead.

Northland International School:

Situated in Sector 30, Faridabad, Northland International School is a CBSE affiliated education institute and gas grades starting from Nursery to LKG. It is primarily noted as a co-ed playschool, which helps little kids to start their educational journey on a strong note. 

Noted as one of the top-ranked schools in Faridabad, Northland International School allows a natural and free growth of little kids to ensure genuine development. The teachers around here are not taskmasters. They play the role of guides and helpers. They believe students can acquire knowledge through multiple sources.

Scholars Pride School:

Established in 1980, Scholars Pride School was previously known as Gita Convent School. Later, this institution was baptised as Scholars Pride School in 2016. Noted as one of the top schools in Faridabad, this institution holds a legacy of more than 39 years!

  • This school is situated on an area of 2.87 acres, and it is well-equipped with all the ultra-modern facilities to help shape students’ future. 
  • It is a CBSE co-ed school, starting from Nursery to Class XII.

So, when you finally enrol your kids in Scholars Pride School, they will come out as bright future leaders of the world. They will gain an overall development to take up real challenges of the modern world.

Balaji Public School:

Known to be a promising co-ed institution, Balaji Public School has placed its rank as one of the top 10 schools in Faridabad. It is CBSE affiliated and has grades starting from Nursery to Class XII. 

  • This institution renders services to needy people living in rural areas, irrespective of creed and cast, without any profit motive. 
  • The Balaji Society was created with the aim to offer quality education to boys and girls with a service motto.

This institution follows the same motto, even to this date, which makes it one of the best schools in Faridabad for the parents to enrol their kids into.

Bn Public School:

Situated in Badri Narain Mandir Sector 2C Nit Faridabad, Bn Public School is one of the top ranked schools in Faridabad. It follows the CBSE course module and has grades starting from nursery to Class XII. So, this institution covers both secondary and higher secondary education to help create futuristic careers for the little ones. So, waste no time further and enrol your kids in this school as soon as possible. The seats are limited, so you better hurry up!

ABM Public School:

Situated in Sector 89, Faridabad, ABM Public School follows the CBSE module and is a well-known co-ed institution. It is also one of the top schools in Faridabad and is committed to making a difference in the lives of all students. For that, the teachers offer the greatest educational help. 

Not just bookish learning, but this school holds some extracurricular activities, which help students to know their interest points and start working towards them from a tender age.

Shanti Niketan Public School:

Shanti Niketan Public School is a day school and has made its way to the top 10 schools in Faridabad. Much like most of our schools mentioned in Skoodos, this institution also follows the CBSE module.

  • The classes here start from Nursery to Class XII.
  • It is a co-education institution located in Sector 49, Faridabad.
  • This institution is designed to impart value education to students under the proper direction of visionary teachers.

This school follows a modern infrastructure with smart technology in hand. The primary focus of this school is on channelising the energy of students in the direction of their complete physical and mental development.

Bharatiya Vidya Niketan Senior Secondary School:

Another one of the best schools in Faridabad is Bharatiya Vidya Niketan Senior Secondary School. Established in 1993, this school is situated at Chaudhary Charan Singh Marg. 

This school is affiliated with the Haryana Board of School Education. It covers both primary and higher secondary sectors to help create a proper educational environment for the kids. This day school is a perfect platform to help your kids get an overall development. 

Other names on the list:

Apart from the top ranked schools in Faridabad mentioned already, we at Skoodos have some other options to focus on. Some of those are Pinewood International Boarding School, Joy Ride School, The Shriram Millennium School, Tagore Academy and more. 

Make sure to check out the fees structure of every institution first, along with the features they have. That makes it a lot easier to select the best one in the end. Your kid’s future is at stake! So, do thorough research first before making a decision.

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