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List of Top 10 Best Schools in Greater Noida for Admissions 2024-2025

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List of Top 10 Best Schools in Greater Noida for Admissions 2024-2025

Greater Noida, UP is the most promising place for education in recent times. The hub of new business centers, apartments, Jewar international airport and local metro railway connectivity’s has led to the growth of admissions and size of major CBSE, International schools of the region. The parents of the residential localities look for a solid learning and educational foundation for their kids along with the child care facilities, safety, international curriculum and efficient transport. The newly developed, lush green townships have working parents who have their new dream homes and want their children to attain world class education and facilities.

List of Top 10 Best Schools in Greater Noida


St John's Senior Secondary School, Sector 2( West)

St John's CBSE Senior secondary school was established in 1965 with a vision to enable quality education for hundreds students of the region believes in the motto “Knowledge is Light” to strive towards excellence with a clear perspective of truth and strength through education. The smart class makes learning a pleasurable process for the children. The inclusion of IT labs, Math Lab, Science Lab, and Infirmary, wide open spaces for playground, library and focus on extracurricular involvement makes the students understand the future in every way. The thriving and talented teacher’s force of the school are regarded as the best in the region. The school enables sections from Nursery to Class XII that are environment friendly and spacious for activities. The School is regarded as one of the best schools in Greater Noida for its dedication towards education excellence.

The Manthan School,Gaur City 2

The Manthan School of Greater Noida has a very impressive building and infrastructural facilities for school children. The international school approach with an Indian education epoch can be felt once you enter the school campus that vibrates and echoes about the best learning and teaching taking place in smart classrooms. The CBSE school has always been focusing on India tradition and Culture that to impart and high order of education and instill values that is important throughout the life. The school also have developed its program on hobbies like Performing Arts, Indian and Western Music, Dance and Theater skills. The school that a Robotic Lab, Language Lab, Science Lab, Technology Lab and focuses on outdoor learning in the wide open spaces of the school campus. The school is one of the TOP 10 schools in Noida due to its student centric skill based curriculum from Nursery to Class X.

The Wisdom Tree School, Sector 16B Greater Noida

The Wisdom Tree School offers education to strengthen and achieve futuristic objectives of the students. The Co Ed, CBSE English Medium School is from Pre Primary to Class X. The Global quality classroom, and energy packed teaching and learning environment makes this school one of the top schools in Greater Noida. The teaching takes place not only through books but through the world class learner’s facilities, library cum resource center, computer resource center, multipurpose hall, music and dance avenues, sports curriculum, yoga and meditation grouping, learning labs, clubs and robotics section. The experiential school has a sprawling 6 acres campus that envisages quality and inclusion in every corner of the school.

Vishwa Bharati Public School,Beta 1 Greater Noida

Vishwa Bharati Public School is often the first choice of parents who want a experienced campus with brilliantly trained classroom teachers, smart facilities of engaging students for scholastic and co scholastic activities. The CBSE Co Ed school is from Nursery to Class XII  formed in the year 1989.Th emphasis of the school is on  mental, intellectual and aesthetic faculties  that connects with students through world class classroom environment, open and engineered  spaces for education and transformation.

The Infinity School,Tech Zone 7   

Young minds are curious to learn and nothing stand can between them to do so in the infinity school. Off course the caring teaching, have a look at students skills through the thinking led integrated curriculum. The Infinity is school is considered the best school in Noida by many due to its specialization of 21st century education through intelligent teachers guidance, favorable student teacher ratio, robotics(HOTS),professional sports training, international reading program and structured feedback process. The structured learning approach is backed up sports activities, library activities, STEAM education, science experiments, mountaineering as the list keep on updated with requirement and curiosity of an individual student. The CBSE school starts for Pre Nursery and is planned up to Class XII.

The Millennium School,Knowledge Park V 

The school nurtures and prepares students with the motto “Think Today, Change Tomorrow” nurturing the inheritance potential of the child through curriculum, extracurricular activities, facilities to change and introducing the culture of effortless learning from Play School to Class X. The Millennium School, CBSE Board, is one of the top ranked schools in Greater Noida due to the transformational curriculum that is framed to meet the recent trends of skill and education requirement.21st century and education elevates through the development of emotional, cognitive and social skills. Gurukul system is the root of the education in the country. The school empowers children with age appropriate classroom activities, skill based learning, and assessment system makes the learning experience joyful and bridges the learning gaps.

Lotus Valley International School, Tech Zone 4 

The school of Greater Noida believes in the motto "Arise, Awake And Stop Not Till The Goal Is Reached." The CBSE affiliated Co Ed day school has the objective to unfold the latent skills to help children grow to their maximum potential and succeed through  the involvement of mental, physical, spiritual, aesthetic and ethical values. The high academic endeavor happens through communication skills, leadership qualities, problem solving, realistic goal setting, self-confidence through independent thought and vision. The combination of academic and co-curricular enables the students achieve the realistic goals and life skill. The school curriculum involves experiential learning based on IT and E Learning. Co-Curricular activities include the whole spectrum of Art, Dance, Music and Sports from Pre Primary to Class VIII.

Delhi Public School, Sector Gamma 2 

DPS Greater Noida Gamma 2 is a core school with the support from the DPS Society, New Delhi. The leading CBSE school is from Nursery to Class XII imparts best education for the advanced and normal society children of the region. The school has taken commendable initiatives on remote learning learning and access possibilities through Digital Learning Tools, Apps, virtual activities, competitions and camps. The school clubs, auditoriums, sports complex, herbal garden, libraries, laboratories, emphasis on sports, arts ,drama makes the school one of the top 10 schools in Greater Noida. 

Somerville School,Alpha II

Somerville School provides an ideal environment for students through its green and digitally compatible classrooms and teaching flow. The Somerville Alpha II CBSE school is one the best schools in Greater Noida.  That connects with the educationists and students of the modern era. The school functions from Nursery to Class XII while providing state of art education facilities to the children. The school is deeply focused upon the safety of the students and the transport system of the school consists of modern buses, trained drivers and conductors. The school possess state of art libraries that promote traditional and modern readings. Science and Mathematics laboratories are being managed by NIIT. Over the years the school has a 100% record on board examinations.

Greater Noida World School, Sigma 1

The mission of GNWS focuses on the potential strength of service, skill, sports and study. The school prepares the students in continuity of understanding the rapidly changing world and society and act as a responsible citizen to make the world a better place to live and learn. The school is one of the top schools in Greater Noida having achieved success with student’s results and selections on national competitions and universities. The school has every aspect of quality education and enables the best teaching faculties for caring students. The CBSE school is from Nursery to Class XII provides world class club experience in extracurricular peripheries.

Published on: 31 Oct 2022
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