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Top tips for Handling First Day of Preschool

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Top tips for Handling First Day of Preschool

Sending a child off to preschool for the first time can be stressful, even if they have older siblings who have "been there, done that." Have they any reason to be afraid? Do you think they'll have a breakdown? Will they have to go to the bathroom? The first day of preschool is an exciting and emotional milestone for both parents and children. The good news is that you can ease into your new life by making adjustments at home. Having a good time on a child's first day of preschool is possible in a number of different ways; however, one of the most important is helping the child manage their emotions in advance.

We've compiled some top tried-and-tested suggestions to help your preschooler thrive on their first day.


Take time to sort out your emotions

It's perfectly normal and acceptable to experience a range of emotions on your child's first day of preschool, but it's essential to sort through these feelings beforehand so that you can present a confident, composed front on the big day. According to an expert psychotherapist who specialises in maternal and paediatric mental health, it's important to work through your big feelings in advance so you don't lose it at the classroom door. It's acceptable, to explain to children how you're feeling beforehand in a matter-of-fact manner and manage your own ambivalence and hesitation during this conversation.

Visit the school together

The majority of early childhood development programmes have a schedule that allows you to visit the child before school begins. Therefore, one should take advantage of this, as it helps students become acquainted with the classroom while one is present. During such a visit, you should attempt to take a photo of the classroom so that you can examine the image and attempt to identify details at home. Prior to the first day of school, you can remind your child of a toy or image they enjoyed in the classroom.

Give a memento of home

It is suggested that children bring a memento or two from home to school. When children attend school, family photographs are extremely beneficial because they reinforce their understanding of object permanence. As they can strongly believe that you exist even when you are absent. Consider placing a scarf that smells like you or a stuffed animal in their backpack.

Establish a morning routine

Do not wait until the day of to ensure that children are up and about at a reasonable hour. Not only will it be jarring, but it will also represent yet another change in their schedule to which they must adjust. Perform the morning routine as frequently as possible during the previous week, including getting up, dressing, eating breakfast, and walking or driving to school. If your child is already familiar with all of these elements, they will easily adapt to the new routine.

Do not discuss it too far in advance

According to experts, discussing the first day of preschool too far in advance will cause anxiety and confusion because the child will never know if the next day is the actual first day. A week before school, explain the next day's activities to the children. Then, the night before school, routinely inform them of their assignments for the following day, just as you have been doing. Thus, they have had multiple opportunities to hear about the following day, allowing them to visualise and anticipate it.

Give them some control

Allow children to choose their own backpack, lunchbox, and any other fun school supplies that may be required. It will not only be exciting for them, but it will also give them greater control over the preparation process.

Explain the preschool routines

Tell them about the games they will play, the children they will meet, and the fact that you will always be there to pick them up at the end of the day. Don't exaggerate the benefits of school, and don't make claims about things you can't control (like making new friends). If your child's first school experience does not match their expectations, they may already view school as frightening rather than exciting.

Meet the teacher

Numerous preschools host open houses where parents, teachers, and children can mingle. There will likely be many parents vying for the teacher's attention, but be sure to speak with them while your child is nearby. If you demonstrate to your child that the teacher is someone you like and trust, it will be easier for him to form an attachment to her.

Read books

According to many experts, books that describe what happens at school and validate a child's feelings can help calm jitters. These books provide your child with an opportunity to simulate schoolwork in a secure environment, at home.

Keep farewells brief and sweet

Lastly, when it's time for you to leave, hold back your tears a little longer (smiling helps relax those frown lines), hug your new preschooler, and tell him when you'll be back soon. Then depart immediately; he cannot continue with his day until you do. And no matter how tempting, never sneak out when your preschooler is looking the other way. It will make him feel uncertain and less trustworthy.



Summing up:

Just keep in mind that it's normal for children to have a tantrum when it's time to part (though many won't). However, even if your child is howling like a banshee and clinging like a barnacle, he will likely be fine five minutes after you leave.

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Don't worry if it's taking your child a while to adjust; preschool teachers have seen it all and know what to do, so ask his teacher for assistance. Just don't be surprised if your child is too eager to greet you (or tell you about his day) when you pick him up from preschool.

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Published on: 11 Feb 2023
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