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List of Top 10 Best Schools in Guntur for Admission 2024-2025

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List of Top 10 Best Schools in Guntur for Admission 2024-2025

Guntur is situated on the Vijayawada-Madras trunk road, 9 kilometers east of the picturesque Kondaveedu range of hills in the northeastern part of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, in the Krishna River delta. It is the district's administrative headquarters. It is among the oldest municipalities, having been established in 1866. Guntur is renowned throughout the world for its breathtaking landscapes, delicious pickles, and as a convergence of historical, religious, and recreational sites that are of interest to everyone. It is the state's primary commercial, educational, and transportation hub.

The abundance of educational opportunities in Guntur can make selecting the best one challenging. But don't fret; Skoodos has compiled a list of the top 10 schools in Guntur to guide you in the right direction as you search for the perfect fit among the many best schools in Guntur.

List of Top 10 Best Schools in Guntur


Iris Florets

Iris Florets in Tadepalli, Guntur, was founded in 2017 and is a leader in the category of Schools in Guntur. This establishment has a prominent location in Tadepalli, Guntur. As numerous modes of transportation are readily available, commuting to this school is uncomplicated. The school is located at NH5,Bypass, Near Sbi Bank, making it easy for first-time visitors to find it. IRIS FLORETS is renowned for providing superior service in the following categories: Schools, Nursery Schools, Kindergartens, and Pre-Schools.

Oxford IIT Foundation School

Oxford Educational Society was founded in 1999 by Sri.S.Francis Reddy garu, an eminent academician and philanthropist with a vision for a bright future by promoting educational institutions of excellence that would ensure a golden future for students, and thus becoming a part of nation-building activity. Through "OXFORD" I.I.T. SCHOOLS, "OXFORD EDUCATION SOCIETY" has made an incalculable contribution to the state's educational landscape and enjoys uncontested leadership in terms of quality education. The school is amongst the top ranked schools in Guntur.

The 'OXFORD' curriculum gives I.I.T. and Medicon the highest priority, supported by strong communication skills, strict discipline, and character development. The classrooms at Oxford IIT & Medical School are spacious, well-ventilated, and exquisitely furnished to make the students' learning experience comfortable and enjoyable

Gems Public School

In 1959, GEMS Public School in Nagarjuna Nagar, Guntur, a renowned educational institution, was founded. The school is proud of its holistic and innovative learning methods, which have allowed it to set a new standard in education. The centre implements a well-researched curriculum based on the play-based learning approach. The school provides education for children of various ages and there are numerous additional activities that children can participate in to expand their skill set. It is without question one of the best schools in Nagarjuna Nagar, Guntur.

Loyola Public School

LPS demonstrates its desire to respect, care for, and educate its students on a whole by encouraging its members to pursue intellectual, physical, psychological, social, and spiritual health and well-being. Loyola seeks to foster holistic growth that extends beyond the academic context by providing its community members with a vast array of resources and opportunities and by encouraging them to recognise the value and significance of a well-balanced and restorative leisure. This is demonstrated by Loyola's commitment to the classical ideal "a sound mind in a sound body” making it one of the top schools in Guntur.

Little Flower English Medium School

Despite being a Catholic institution, Little Flower English Medium School is open to all children regardless of caste, creed, or race. It upholds secular and democratic values and firmly believes in the oneness of God and the universal brotherhood of humanity. Through the apostolate of education, the Sisters of the Cross seek to lead children, adolescents, and women to experience God's liberating love and truth, thereby transforming them into conduits of God's goodness in the world. The school strives to cultivate children who are fearless defenders of truth and justice, dedicated to the cause of liberating themselves and others from all evil.

Dr. K.L.P Prasad Public School

Dr. K.L.P. Public School was established on 16 October 1983 by Dr. K. Basava Punnaiah, a philanthropist closely associated with several educational institutions in and around Guntur and a prominent medical practitioner of Guntur. The school is a coeducational English-medium institution situated on a 3.08-acre property close to the J.K.C. College campus, Ring Road, Guntur and aims to be an unrivalled centre of excellence in providing quality education. To continuously improve educational standards in order to meet national and international demands they inspire students' learning for their physical, emotional, social, and intellectual well-being.

ABC E M High School

ABC (E.M.) High School was founded in 1982 in Piduguralla, Guntur District (the well-known "Lime City" of Andhra Pradesh, India) and has been serving the Palnadu parent-student community for the past four decades. The school campus is a sight to behold: situated on five acres of land and surrounded by coniferous trees and greenery, it provides the ideal environment for students to let their imaginations soar and flourish in an atmosphere that symbolises prosperity, growth, and continuous education.

It is a source of pride and distinction that ABC has existed for nearly four decades, dominating the educational industry. This is due to the fact that ABC is one of the very few

West Berry School

Since its inception, Westberry has become a destination of choice for those who believe in an authentic method of education and the inculcation of an ethical value system. Westberry is an initiative of the prestigious Oakridge International Schools, which has been a pioneer in providing world-class education with an emphasis on the holistic development of each student. Westberry is advancing along a path that revolves around spreading the light of knowledge in an effort to bring the best education to the most remote regions and to unearth hidden talent making it one of the top ranked schools in Guntur.

The school believes that it takes the right type of campus with the proper infrastructure, teaching methodology, and experienced faculty to deliver quality education and achieve every parent's vision and goal. The combination of such requirements defines the very basis of education, and it is here that Westberry has made its mark.

Shri Chaitanya Techno School

Sri Chaitanya Techno School Lakshmipuram is one of the top schools in Guntur. The institution has an unwavering commitment and seeks to attain specific, measurable, observable, and quantifiable outcomes for all its students. Nonetheless, the School's mission for each student is excellence through active learning and education. In addition, the School's core faculty is composed of accomplished professionals with extensive experience.

iGrow International School

iGrow is a one-of-a-kind school that represents an approach to character development that goes beyond education. It aims at instilling respect, admiration, and compassion in each student, along with a well-rounded education to fully prepare them for future success. The students at iGrow International School are motivated to learn and approach their studies with a genuine desire to learn. The school believes that no other school offers a more balanced academic, artistic, and athletic programme like them and the school's expectations in these areas provide students with the best and most comprehensive foundation while allowing them to excel in their areas of strength.


Your child's ideal educational environment:

If you want your child to attend one of the aforementioned top 10 schools in Guntur for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year, you should take action immediately.  Remember, to find out more about the best schools in Guntur, Skoodos is just the place to go!

Published on: 19 Jan 2023
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