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List of Top 10 Best Schools in Indore for Admissions 2024-2025

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List of Top 10 Best Schools in Indore for Admissions 2024-2025

Indore, a metropolitan city where people come to fulfill their dreams, whether by pursuing studies or by seeking jobs. The city is a hub for great education and it finds aspiring students from all over the nation flocking for IIT and IIM. It is not only the college but the schooling in Indore is also top-notch.

The place is not only an educational metropolitan hub but also is a beauteous place that attracts tourists and trade from all over the place, with its picturesque waterfalls and grand palaces it is the best place to study in.

Let us take a look at the best schools your kid can embark on:

 List of Top 10 Best Schools in Indore


Emerald Heights International school

Diversity is the biggest USP of this school, with luxurious ambience, this school supports the best facilities that you can imagine for your child. With a separate lab for each class and an in-campus science park that helps develop the inherent talent of a child. There are exchange programs from across the world where students from other countries like France, South Africa etc., and visit for as long as 1 week or 1 year enriching their own and the background of native students.

An exposure as fancy and intense as this is a sure shot recipe to success for your child, and though the Emerald Heights International school is expensive but it’s over the top facilities with experienced teachers and practical knowledge of the subjects can help your child be ready for future hurdles.

Delhi Public School, Rau

Are you interested in sending your child out of the nation to study? Is your child exceptionally good in academics or sports? Then DPS, Indore is the perfect choice for your child’s education. With their Academic and Sports scholarship they offer all an opportunity to study in a prestigious school where quality education is a priority.

The exchange programs in foreign schools enables students to spend time abroad and enrich their background by mingling with the culturally diverse people. This not only expands the horizon of your child but also gives them a chance to be prepared for the future.

Choithram School, Manik Bagh Road

Is your child an achiever? Or do you see in them the exceptional thirst to be the best?

Choithram school has a knack of finding the children’s passion and developing it into skill, be it academics, sports or cultural, each and every student at this school is observed and to make it feasible for the teachers, the size of classrooms comprise of only 20 students. The teachers are specially trained to give the students the best opportunity to make a career out of their passion.

New Digamber Public School, Khandwa Road

Does your child hold a passion for cultural and arts? If so then the best school for them can be New Digamber Public School or NDPS. The school is affiliated with Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalay Mandal and the focus on cultural development of a child is relatively more.

The facilities are top notch with AC classrooms, a well maintained library with soft copies and hard copies of the books, the bookworms can rejoice with a perfect little novels corner. Equal focus is laid upon the academic and sports aspect of a child’s life providing an equal opportunity to excel in both.

Daly College, Residency Area

The college is an A when it comes to scenic beauty, with 2 picturesque lakes and a palace-like school where children are given the best facilities including sports, academics and cultural. A child aspiring to be an athlete will find the best here with Squash courts, swimming pool, shooting range, skating rink and much more. The school even has an inbuilt mosque and temple to promote secularism and tolerance among students.

A great focus is laid on the academics of students, a variety of languages like French, Sanskrit, German etc. can be learnt here along with great emphasis on development of communication skills.

The children are also offered exchange programs and an opportunity to study in foreign countries with different cultural backgrounds and diverse people.

Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar, Vijay Nagar

The school holds prestige and legacy as a crown on its forehead, It is said to one of the oldest schools in Indore and even India and has a history of providing its students with the best possible education and an enhanced focus on cognitive and physical development of the students.

The school has a traditional approach and ensures that students are connected with the cultures and values of our ancient times, but with a practical mix of modernity so that when a child steps out of the boundaries of the school, he/she is prepared for the outside world.

The school is an “A” when it comes to facilities and educational technology, with smart classes and various e-learning methods at its disposal this school ensures a thorough understanding of the topics taught.

Prestige Public School

As the name suggests the school has built its prestige with continuous good results and successful alumni count. The teachers offer value education to the students to prepare them for global platforms. The school has a world-class infrastructure and facilities. These include playgrounds, training field, parks, football court, basketball court, cricket field, and more. The library is also a well-stocked one with all the important journals, magazines, and more. Academically, the school has been a regular in producing toppers and JEE Mains qualifiers.

So if you wish to see your child as an achiever this is the best school to end them in.

Indus World School

This school is one of the which has received accolades, be it academics, sports or cultural, the students here have made themselves a name in every field. They have academic toppers, chess toppers and top-class athletes.

The facilities and amenities available are world-class. The classrooms are spacious and comfortable to ensure a good learning space. The book-nerds can heave a sigh of relief for they have a vast stock of journals, magazines and novels. The ‘Robotic-lab’ in collaboration with the ‘Thinklabs’ is one of the more prominent features here.The AV room is Multimedia enabled, allowing an enhanced learning experience. The school is one of the 18 schools across India as a part of the Indus World Chain.

Queen College, Indore

“Education for life”- the motto of Queen College fairly describes what the school stands for and what values they inculcate in children.

Seeking practical knowledge above the theoretical and factual knowledge, the school prepares its students for the real world. The school also includes a sound AV room to screen educational and informative videos.

Sports is a major aspect of this school and thus they have Basket-ball, Volleyball, football fields for the students to hone their skills in.

Multi-purpose auditorium is the highlight of the school where all important events and programs are held. Other than a bright academic record, extra-curricular activities are also a major aspect of encouragement. Various clubs like the dance, drama, speech, adventure sports, self-defense, National Cadet Core are also held.

Army Public School, Mhow, Indore

Legacy is what holds the school proud, for over hundred years this school is a symbol of education and knowledge. They aim to create responsible citizens out of their students, by inculcating correct values and ethics with a disciplined mind. Sports are practiced to instill sportsmanship and teamwork, various sporting activities are encouraged. In fact Physical Training is a vital aspect of the curriculum practiced making it mandatory for all. The infrastructure is awe-inspiring. Despite its ancient legacy, the building is modern. All the facilities and amenities are world-class in order to ensure the proper development of each child. The entire campus is a 100-acre British architecture inspired expanses of concrete and greenery.

Here are few more emerging schools in Indore like  Nordic High International School, The New Green Field Public Academy, Indore Public School, The Shishukunj International School

Published on: 18 Oct 2022
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