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List of Top 10 Best schools in Mysore for Admissions 2024-2025

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List of Top 10 Best schools in Mysore for Admissions 2024-2025

Mysore or Mysuru is a rich, healthy, heritage city of Karnataka. Mysore hosts many palaces associated with Indian Heritage and connects to the glorious history reminiscences from the 16 century and beyond. Legend of Tipu Sultan to the adorned Mysore palace. The city gives the feel that all schools of arts are available if one knows to appreciate and recognize them.

The qualitative and popular tourist hot spot has places for experiencing quality education in the lush green natural background that involve students and teachers from international destinations. Local parents, students of the city and the surrounding areas enjoy every moment of achievement through the child’s educational success.   

List of Top 10 Best Schools in Mysore


Mysore Public School

Mysore Public School connects its students with the universal force of achieving education endeavors throughout life. The green campus and a free-flowing education system attract the parent's decision to send their kids to this potential institution. Caring for the student's choices and skill development is one of the main inclusion motives of the school. The teaching and learning environment of the school empowers the students to become self-confident personalities of modern India. The students of the schools experience the thrills of attaining global education standards while actively participating in the era of co-curricular activities.

The school is affiliated with ICSE/ISC Board, New Delhi offers diverse education from LKG to Class XII. The Boarding facilities of the schools have separate accommodation facilities for boys and girls. The school transportation system is well equipped with modern buses to enable safety for local students. The school stands as one of the best schools in Mysore due to its highly professional approach and focused program toward individual students.

De Paul International Residential School And De Paul First Grade College

DE Paul International Residential School is on a Global education mission managed by Vincentian fathers having its institutions across 85 countries of the world. The school is one of the leading residential schools in Mysore. The diverse and highly enabled education campus has everything required for international qualitative education. The great atmosphere of the school is designed to help children in all spheres and requirements of the modern education system.

Children can tap their natural talent while adding value to their personality and highlighting their innate leadership potential through highly transformed academic classrooms and extracurricular activities. The school involves its students in various events of art, drama, sports, exhibitions, Olympiads, computer programming events, talent hunt programs, study tours excursions, student exchange programs, Harvard Model United Nations (HMUN) involvements, and international study tours.

The school infrastructure has world-class amenities for sports, Amphi theater, tennis courts, swimming pools, and everything that a child requires to take further education objectives in life. The Multi-Board school is one of the top-ranked international residential schools in Mysuru.De Paul School offers ICSE, ISC, IGCSE, International Advanced Levels(IAL), and open schooling for its students From LKG to Class XII through a Co-Educational Environment, Day Boarding, Residential, multidisciplinary approach with strong affiliations like with The Trinity College of London.

Pramati Hillview Academy

This academy has produced 100 percent results in CBSE Examination over the years recognized for producing brilliant students of the modern era who have achieved exponential career growth which is due to extraordinary personal attention, low students teacher ratio, and a wide array of coaching programs for school co-curricular activities enable students to score high in all spheres of real life.

The Residential and Day Boarding school begins its education facilities with Pre Nursery that carries up to Class XII of a highly engaging education system. The school is one of the top-ranked schools in Mysuru with the envisions of building a strong learning culture that develops every individual as a Global Citizen.

The Acme School

The Acme School is recognized by the Government of Karnataka that offers a donation-free education for students of the region. The honest teaching environment is student-friendly, empowered by the space of knowledge that is driven by the values of ethics and etiquette. The co-educational school offers education from Nursery to High School. The happy atmosphere and campus teachers have the knack of connecting and developing the education brain of every child in the school.

The Acme school encourages us to think independently and be passionate about education excellence, learning skills, empowering physical fitness, and value extra-curricular activities. School offers a unique ecosystem to learn beyond the textual facts and experience lifetime education.       

St Maria De Mattias School

St Maria De Mattias offers a sylvan education atmosphere from Nursery to Class X and is often ranked as one of the best schools in Mysore. The school management believes that teaching combined with overall education is one of the most dignified professions that leads all other professions of the world. The school was established in the year 2017 by the Educational Society of the Sisters of the Precious Blood, India. The institution is well known for its authentic involvement with students in a holistic education environment.

Every child's brain is in a continuous process of development and thus we need to take care of the child at every stage of education attainment, and opportunities for skill development and offer continuous support to achieve growth and success in every experience of schooling. School's teaching and learning process is embraced for congeniality, and friendliness, offering reassurance while learning to live, love, and imbibe a legacy of positive thoughts in real life. The CBSE school offers its unique education instructional program that involves critical thinking, leadership development skills, and future-ready skills through an enriching curriculum.

Sunandha Academy

Sunandha Academy is affiliated with the Karnataka State Board education system offering education through stronger foundation programs for an exclusive learning experience. Quality education can solve all problems in the world is the belief of the school through the relentless pursuit of building a moral character by instilling brotherhood and patriotism in the young generation. The co-educational English medium school begins from Nursery to Class X and follows the syllabus and textbooks as prescribed by the State Board of Secondary Education, Karnataka. The child-centered learning environment has every amenity of observational learning to develop the seeds of knowledge, skill, and integrity.

Sadvidya High School

Sadvidya High School has an extraordinary history of providing quality education. Sadvidya pathshala was founded in 1854 by Sri Periaswamy Thirumala Charya to impart English and Sanskrit education, a great Indian visionary from Mysore. The highly intellectual and healthy atmosphere of the institutions has contributed much to rating this school as one of the best schools in Mysore. A great visionary, educationist, and philosopher Swami Vivekananda once visited the institution in 1892 delivering famous lectures at the institution's compound to motivate the youth's strength for nation-building.

Sadvidya High School for classes VII, IX, and X is established to groom the students to face the challenges of pre University examinations. The semi-residential, co-educational school prepares the students for being trustworthy and forever ready to adapt and disseminate pertinent education through tech-savvy learning and teaching process, through regular parent interactions. The school follows the examinations of the PU or Pre-University Board Examinations System.

Atomic Energy Central School

Atomic Energy Central School was founded in 1991 to fulfill the educational needs of children of working parents from the Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC). The CBSE school is ranked one of the best schools in the city due to its diverse education modules, technologically enabled classrooms, modern sports facilities, and well-equipped teaching-learning platform that gives exposure to a specially planned education plan for every student in the school. The teachers of the school get ample opportunity to interact with students and understand the individual requirement of the child while adding important co-curricular and values for career development and counseling.

The school imparts education from Pre Primary to Class XII. More than 97 percent of the students from the 2022 Class X and Class XII batches were able to qualify for the AISSE and AISSCE examinations. The school believes in building the true character of the child making the students academically competent and scientifically inquisitive.

Acharya Vidya Kula

Acharya Vidya Kula is an ISC Board school that emphasizes the knowledge of Sanskrit and encourages Yoga practices from the very first class. The school is the only school in Mysore that offers Arts as a subject in Class X and also includes the Sanskrit curriculum in Class XII. AVK School takes active participation in the Children's Movement for Civic Awareness (CMCA) promotes active democratic values, helping children learn more about modern education trends. The school teacher is called Acharya and the student is called and respected Shishya. The schools offer great educational values for Indian Cultural involvement and celebrate the act of education through extracurricular and sports activities.  

Notre Dame School, Mysore  

Notre Dame School Mysore is an ICSE board school that is one the best-decorated schools in the area due to lush green trees and colored flowers all around the year. The quality of education is much stronger due to the school's teacher and student support program. The infrastructure of the school provides a world class and convenient education environment for children.

The school management believes in the formation of the mind, body, and heart. The school's commendable and committed leadership brings success and achievement to the school every academic year. Nursery to I PUC school is one of the Top 10 schools in Mysore due to the popularity of the school teachers and rank holders of the school. 

Published on: 01 Dec 2022
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