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List of Top 10 Best Schools in Ranchi for Admissions 2024-2025

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List of Top 10 Best Schools in Ranchi for Admissions 2024-2025

The admission season is almost here, and if your kid is nearing school-going age, chances are you have already started looking for a good school. The overall process of finding the best school for your child is a daunting task. Having multiple options just a click away is helpful but confusing at the same time. There is a good chance some ratings and reviews are not genuine.

So how do you select the ideal school from the plethora of choices, when each school claims to be the best? If you are looking for schools in Ranchi, we have made your task slightly easier. We have prepared a list of the top 10 schools in Ranchi for the 2024-2025 admission year, that can give your kid the quality education they deserve. Go through our list of some of the best schools in Ranchi and make an informed decision.

Here are some of the best schools you can consider for the admission of your child in 2024-2025.

List of Top 10 best schools in Ranchi


Loyola Convent School

Loyola Covent - established in 1986 - is a co-educational institution and is one of the few English medium schools in the city. Loyola Covent is a day school affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education or CBSE board with a minimum admission age of four years. With a class strength of thirty students, the institution ensures that the educators meet the needs of each student. The school not only gives strong attention to the education of the student but also to the overall development of character by inculcating strong moral values. Students have access to Smart Classrooms, which are also fully air-conditioned. The school provides both indoor and outdoor sporting facilities as well. Check its official site for information on the fee structure.

Vikenanda Vidya Mandir

Sprawled over a large area, Vivekananda Vidya Mandir - believes in inculcating the right values in its students, making them organized, focused, and disciplined. It is one of the top schools in Ranchi. The school has sixty classrooms, a well-stocked library, a playground, and an activity room. The school offers a scope for the students to not just study, but be free-spirited and relaxed. The institute has proper lab equipment for both computer and other science subjects. It also provides necessary facilities, such as ramps, for students with any form of physical disabilities. It is a day-only school and is affiliated with the CBSE board.

St. Anne's Convent School

Established in 2006, St. Anne's is a co-ed school, affiliated with the CBSE board. The school admits students from classes nursery to tenth and is one of the best schools in Ranchi. Compared to some other renowned schools in the area, it is comparatively small in size. However, the students do not lack any facilities or equipment necessary for quality education. It has science labs, a library, and proper IT infrastructure. The school has a staff of twenty-two well-trained teachers, and fifteen classrooms. The mode of instruction is in English. And it also regularly holds several academic and extra-curricular activities, such as - quizzes, drawing, yoga, and summer camps to name a few.

Bishop's School

Bishop's School in Ranchi is a co-ed, English medium, day school, affiliated with the CBSE board. It has a strength of over one thousand students, with an average of thirty-five in each class. The school welcomes students from all strata of society, irrespective of their background. The students have a designated play area, an auditorium for school functions, and arrangements for extra-curricular activities as well. Bishop's school also has fully air-conditioned smart classrooms where your child will have access to updated IT infrastructure. Visit their official website for the fee structure and other inquiries.

St. Clare's School

St. Clare's is a secondary-level school and takes in students from nursery to tenth grade. The minimum age for admission to this institution is three years. The small strength of the classes ensures each student receives proper attention. It has all the basic facilities, such as a playground, labs, and auditorium. St. Clare's school provides reliable transportation for the students to commute to and from home with ease. However, owing to its small size, the school cannot accommodate more than five hundred students. The classrooms do not have air-conditioners, but each room has Smart Class facilities.

Symbiosis Public School

Located in the Bundu area, around thirty-five kilometres from Ranchi, Symbiosis Public School has classes from baby pre-nursery to twelfth grade. The school has a large campus, modern teaching equipment, and laboratory facilities. In terms of facilities, it is one of the top schools in Ranchi. Transportation is also available for the students. The school maintains good academic records to date and additionally provides students with career counselling to effectively transition into the next phase of their lives. The admission process usually starts in April.

Holy Child Public School

One of the premier institutes in the city, Holy Child Public School has a spacious campus and technologically advanced facilities. It is one of the top-ranked schools in Ranchi. The unique thing about this school is that parents have access to a mobile app that enables them to track the daily school activities of their children. All forms of communication between the school and guardians take place through this app too. Apart from traditional methods of education, the children also get the help of audio-visual aids to make learning more interesting.

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Vidya Vikas Public School

A private co-ed institution, Vidya Vikas Public School opened its gates in 2010. Since then, it has been one of the top-ranked schools in Ranchi. It is a higher secondary level school providing only commerce and science courses in the plus two levels for the time being. The pre-nursery classes take place in the morning, while the rest of the classes are conducted on the day shift. The school offers academic excellence and is affiliated with the CBSE board.

JK International School

The JK International School has two branches, one in Bihar and the other one in Ranchi. The Ranchi branch is one of the best schools in Ranchi. The admission process of this school is fairly simple. All you need to do is get in touch with the admission authorities. The best thing is the school allows the parents to take a campus tour that can help you decide if this is where you wish to admit your child. Once you submit the application form, there is an admission exam. And after the submission of necessary documents, formal admission takes place. Apart from basic amenities, the school also provides hostel facilities for students coming in from far-off places.

Oxbridge School

This school is located in Mander and provides a green and open campus for the children to learn and grow amidst nature. It has an expansive race track, a playground, and excellent lab facilities. It takes in students from nursery to class ten and provides courses like information technology, math, English, and Hindi. It is affiliated with the CBSE board.

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Find the perfect school for your child

Hopefully, this above-given list of the top 10 schools in Ranchi will help you decide on the perfect school for your child. The information regarding admission forms, for all the above-mentioned schools, can be found on their official website. Or for a more expansive list and more info on schools of Ranchi, you can also visit Skoodos.

Published on: 02 Oct 2022
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