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List of Top 10 Best Schools in Shillong for Admissions

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List of Top 10 Best Schools in Shillong for Admissions

Shillong is one of the most beautiful towns located in the northeastern part of the country. The city captures the best of natural beauty from the resourceful Kanchenjunga range and falls under the eastern subdivision Himalayas. Shillong lies on the Plateau and is known as the music capital of India. The city is surrounded by hills and clouds making it one of the best destinations for education and schooling. Many of the educational organizations are headquartered in the city due to its pleasant climate, and heartwarming and welcoming local citizens.

The extraordinary demography of the place has many Day Boarding and Residential schools. Some of the best places in Shillong for educational, and extracurricular endeavors, and campsites are elephant falls, Shillong plateau, Don Bosco center for Indigenous cultures, and more.

List of Top 10 Best Schools in Shillong


St.Edmunds School, Laitumkhrah

Beginning in 1894, Mgr. The idea for a boarding school for boys in Shillong came from Edmund Becker, the Apostolic prefect of Assam. A well-known educator rekindled his enthusiasm. At St. Edmund's School, are determined to make our school a happy place where we fully participate in learning and sharing, inspired by Blessed Edmund Rice's charism. The school management never stops trying the hardest, not just to win, but also because the ultimate goal is always to do better than we are.

The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (Class 10) is being prepared for the boys from KG to Class 12. The I.C.S.E.-required course is followed. Socially useful and productive work and community service are essential components of the school curriculum. The school is regarded as one of the top schools in Shillong involved in joyful activities such as Science Exhibitions, Sports Activities, Swimming, concerts, Inter school competitions, and more. The school struggles to overcome challenges while smiling. We acquire the ability to say no to things we are aware to be wrong. We want to become gentlemen who help improve society by acting in ways that show peace, respect, and compassion.

Auxilium Girls Higher Secondary School, Nongthymmai

At this school, Students would be able to become intellectually competent, morally sound, spiritually strong, physically fit, socially alert, able to make sound judgments, and ready to face life's challenges if this educational establishment fostered and promoted their integral development. The school is looking forward to helping the students become decent citizens who can help the less fortunate and contribute to the establishment of a society based on peace and justice.

The Salesian Sisters of Northern India, whose headquarters are in Shillong, founded Auxilium Girls' Higher Secondary School in 1958. Its goal is to make students into decent people who can help their neighbors who are less fortunate and contribute to the creation of a society based on peace and justice.

The school, which is accredited by the Meghalaya CBSE School Education, Tura, prepares students for the Board's SSLC and HSSLC examinations. This school is one of the top schools in Shillong imparting education for girls from KG to Class 12. Over 14,000 Salesian Sisters are working in 89 nations. It is managed by the guidelines and approach of a contemporary educator, ST. BOSCO, JOHN The management and well-trained staff make constant efforts to bring out the best and noblest aspects of the students and to ensure that they develop fully. The school's high moral and disciplinary standards receive special consideration.

BK Bajoria School, Boyce Road

This CBSE school in Meghalaya offers the best education facilities to its children and focuses on the overall development of children. The school offers education from KG to Class 12 and is regarded as one of the Top 10 Schools in Shillong. More than 1400 students attend the school currently. There are three buildings and over 90 teachers at the school. The CBSE Board is associated with the school. Because of the training and experience, they have received; teachers have been able to improve classroom communication and subject specialization.

The school has libraries, laboratories, a math lab, an English lab, subject rooms, a record room, auditoriums, an indoor sports room, sick rooms, an audio-visual room, and a canteen that are well-equipped. The school not only celebrates Foundation Day, Independence Day, Teacher's Day, etc., but it also regularly organizes several programs to give students a chance to show off their creativity and talent. By winning competitions at the national and regional levels, our students have brought glory to the school.

St Anthony's Higher Secondary School, Laitumkhrah

The Society of Divine Saviour (Salvatorians) established St. Anthony's Primary School in 1901 as an orphanage. The school became an M.E. School when the Salesians of Don Bosco took control in 1922. Calcutta University elevated the school to a high school on June 19, 1931. St. Anthony's School is now a Meghalaya Board of School Education-recognized Higher Secondary and is regarded as one of the Top 10 schools in Shillong offering qualitative co-education from KG to Class 12.

The school follows the teachings and practices of St. John Bosco, a great youth educator who lived from 1815 to 1888. It is based on conviction, the reverent love of God, the educator's helpful presence, timely corrections, and direction. The Don Bosco method is taught to young students at St. Anthony's Higher Secondary School in Shillong so that they can become successful citizens and honest citizens.

For the students' overall development, the school organizes a variety of co-curricular activities. These activities are required of every student. We are of the firm belief that academic excellence alone does not constitute completeness. The school encourages participation in the following extracurricular activities: Excursions, National Cadet Corps, sports and games, cricket, football, basketball, table tennis, badminton, and karate Army), social service, drama, library and reading, singing, general knowledge, declaration, debate, and quiz competitions, among other things.

Each student's religious, spiritual, intellectual, moral, aesthetic, social, and physical development is valued and nurtured in our education. In an appropriate model, the school encourages "student-teacher" and "teacher-student" relationships, empowering all students to develop a sense of purpose and respect for themselves, others, and the environment.

Star Public School (A CMCL Vidya Bharti School), Lumshnong

The goal of the school is to create a nation that is ideal, healthy, wealthy, and culturally rich. Because today's student is a civilized citizen of the coming generation, whose powerful shoulders the nation's future rests, the goal is always to cultivate highly cultured citizens through the destitution of the aforementioned resolution.

The school's management is committed to developing and providing all of the facilities and infrastructures required to meet the school's future requirements. The school is respected as one of the best schools in Shillong imparting education from KG to class 12. The school provides every opportunity for the students to foster through world-class learning facilities such as Smart Classrooms, Libraries, sports facilities, and Art Clubs.

Tura Public School, West  Garo Hills Tura

The Education Department of the Government opened Tura Public School on March 14, 1981. under the Directorate of Higher and Technical Education in Meghalaya. Out of the five best Schools in Meghalaya, this is the only one in Garo Hills. This school is recognized as a Meghalaya Special School and is affiliated with the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, Delhi, this school has met the educational requirements of all Garo Hills students and offers the "Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) course up to the tenth standard."

Since its inception, this school has met the educational needs of all Garo Hills students and offers the "Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) course up to the tenth standard." This government school is coeducational and has eleven classes, from Kindergarten (Kg) to Class X Standard. The school has polished gem teachers and an impressive record of academic and extracurricular success. The school has a lot of well-established alumni who hold prestigious portfolios in a variety of industries. Numerous bureaucrats, government officers, doctors, engineers, academicians, IFS officers, lawyers, and entrepreneurs have graduated from the school. These individuals have demonstrated their merit in the social arena and continue to make valuable contributions to India and other countries.

Meghalaya Police Public School, East Khasi Hills

The Police Wives Association for Care (POWAC) set up the Meghalaya Police Public School in Shillong in March 1999. Presently, the School is situated adjacent to Golf Links in Shillong in the picturesque surroundings of the Police Training School campus. This Co-ed Day provisional school is affiliated with the CISCE Board, New Delhi offering education from KG to Class 12, and is regarded as one of the best schools in Shillong. The school offers qualitative student learning infrastructure such as the library, science lab, playgrounds, transport facilities, health center, chemistry lab, physics lab, biology lab, art center, and more.


St John's School, Whitehall Nongthymmai

The interesting mission of the school is to cultivate a strong moral character in its students through personal development and self-esteem building in a community of love, friendship, and faith. This is relevant in a world that has entered a period of rapid and, in many ways, turbulent change. It also encourages commitment to effective action so that each student is ready to give rather than just receive. The school's motto is "Love your neighbor as yourself, "Since its inception, one of the primary concerns of the institution has been the provision of amenities and conveniences for the students living in the dormitories. To guarantee opportunities for creativity and education, care has been taken to give the hostels a more homelike appearance. The boarders are cared for by experienced staff in separate dormitories for boys and girls that are large, well-ventilated, well-lit, and have attached toilets.

The significance of good elocution is emphasized in particular. Poetry is taught in every class to accomplish this, and students are taught how to use gestures, stance, and dress appropriately in addition to correct diction. competitions like debates, group discussions, extempore speeches, and recitations, among others are commonplace at St. John's School. Additionally, reading classes are taken every day. Other beyond-the-classroom activities include Counseling, Sports, Activities, Arts and Crafts, Access to Scouts and Guides, emphasis on Music and Drama, and more. The school is regarded as one of the best schools in Shillong imparting the SSLC Curriculum from Nursery to Class 10. 

St Margaret's Higher Secondary School, Laitumkhrah

Every MSMHC educational institution aims to cultivate well-mannered, knowledgeable individuals who contribute to a harmonious society. Because of this, all of the extracurricular and curricular activities are geared toward a child's holistic development, encouraging intellectual, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and interpersonal maturity, as well as the development of national integration, true patriotism, respect for all, and unity in them. To help students become well-integrated members of society, the institution imparts education by instilling piety, virtue, and discipline in them. St Margaret's is a Stat Board girls' school from KG to Class 12 and is considered one of the top-ranked schools in Shillong.

Pine Mount School, East Khasi Hills

PMS is a CISCE school from KG to Class 12 that focuses on Girl Child Education and also offers state of art and clean boarding facilities. The school is actively involved with parents to exchange their views on the child giving solidarity to the kid's education process within and beyond the school premises. The school focuses on activities like creative writing, sports activities, health safety classes, self-defense, music clubs, reading sessions, language lab, science labs, and more. The school is regarded as one of the top-ranked schools in Shillong having over ten decades of history.


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Published on: 04 Apr 2023
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