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Top 10 CBSE schools in Patiala for 2024-2025

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Top 10 CBSE schools in Patiala for 2024-2025

Patiala, a vibrant city in the northern Indian state of Punjab, is known for its rich cultural heritage and royal history. It was once the princely state of the Patiala dynasty and boasts architectural marvels like the Qila Mubarak complex. The city is famous for its traditional Punjabi cuisine, including the delectable Patiala peg. Patiala is also renowned for its colorful turbans, 'phulkari' embroidery, and 'jutti' footwear. With a blend of tradition and modernity, Patiala is a city that celebrates its heritage while embracing progress.

Education and educational institutes in Patiala play a vital role in shaping the city's future and contributing to the overall development of the region. They serve as beacons of knowledge, empowering the youth with skills and knowledge to become future leaders. The top ranked CBSE schools in Patiala foster intellectual growth, social awareness, and personal development, preparing students for various challenges in life. In this blog, we present you with a carefully curated list of the top 10 CBSE schools in Patiala, known for their commitment to academic excellence and holistic development 

List of Top 10 CBSE schools in Patiala for 2024-2025


Mount Litera Zee School

Mount Litera Zee School, Patiala, is a part of India's fastest-growing network of K12 schools, led by the Essel Group and Zee Learn Limited. It is also one of the top CBSE schools in Patiala. With a strong presence in over 75 cities with 80 schools, Zee Learn Limited is committed to preparing the leaders of the 21st century. The school offers a holistic educational experience, combining academic excellence with a focus on character building and personality development to provide students with a well-rounded education that equips them for success in all aspects of life.

Blossoms Senior Secondary School 

Blossoms School is committed to providing students with a holistic learning experience that focuses on life skills and all-round development. The school's approach emphasizes solid foundations for higher skills and aims to reduce homework burdens at every grade level. Recognizing the individuality of each child, Blossoms offers special classes for students with diverse educational needs, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to learn and develop the skills necessary for a healthy and productive life. The school's ultimate goal is to prepare students to confidently face the challenges of a complex and ever-changing world, fostering a love for knowledge and personal growth.

St Xaviers International School

St. Xavier’s International School, Patiala, stands as the first green school in North India as well as one of the best CBSE schools in Patiala, offering a forward-thinking curriculum tailored to 21st-century global requirements. Established in 1999, it has rapidly become a prominent CBSE-affiliated institution in Patiala. The school's innovative approach includes a building constructed from eco-friendly fly ash bricks, boasting 50% higher compression value, and earthquake-resistant interconnected concrete pillars, reflecting its commitment to sustainability and safety. The institution is dedicated to providing quality education and nurturing self-reliant, globally competitive learners.

Ryan International School 

Ryan International Group of Institutions is India's leading chain of K-12 schools, with a mission to contribute to the development of students' knowledge, views, and habits. Founded in 1976, the group has grown and expanded its educational reach over 43 years. It now comprises 135 institutions, both in India and internationally, dedicated to providing academic excellence. The group's commitment to quality education, excellence, and shaping the future remains at its core. With dedicated educators, Ryan International Group focuses on child-centered learning and aims to encourage students to explore, think, and learn with joy. Their institutions span the globe, establishing friendship institutions worldwide.

Shivalik Public School 

Shivalik Public School, Patiala, established in 2008, is an English-medium and co-educational institution offering classes from Nur to Class XII. Affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education, the school provides computer education from classes I to X. Known for its contributions to academics, sports, and socio-cultural spheres, Shivalik Public School is managed by the Shivalik Educational Society (Regd.), Chandigarh, a charitable trust. The school's motto, "Victory with Determination," reflects its commitment to fostering positive thinking and ensuring students' success. All of this makes the school stand out as one of the top ranked CBSE schools in Patiala.

Apollo Public School 

Apollo Public School is recognized as the best boarding school in Punjab as well as one of the top CBSE schools in Patiala, offering a nurturing community for students aged 2+ to 17 from diverse backgrounds worldwide. Nestled in a safe, culturally rich, and inspiring environment, the school provides exceptional academic, athletic, and artistic education, preparing students not only for university studies but also enriching their lives within a multicultural family setting. Committed to excellence, the school's board continually strives to enhance education quality and improve the working conditions of its staff. Apollo Public School focuses on developing well-rounded personalities by encouraging participation in a variety of co-curricular activities, hobbies, and interests, fostering mental attitude growth among its students.

Modern Senior Secondary School

Modern Senior Secondary School, Patiala (MSSSP), founded by Sardar Mohan Singh in 1948, stands as a testament to his visionary spirit. MSSSP, the first private school in Patiala, has consistently emphasized the importance of education in shaping India's future. The school's co-curricular program is designed to foster imagination, creativity, intellectual growth, and the cultivation of core values among students. Prioritizing values, MSSSP integrates them into activities such as Organic Gardening, instilling environmental, family, empathy, and community values. Co-curricular activities are an integral part of the school's daily routine, ensuring holistic development from Pre-Nursery to Class 12.


D.A.V Public School, Patiala, a distinguished member of the DAV Institutions under the DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi, shines as a beacon of education. It stands as one of the best CBSE schools in Patiala for studying. Established in May 1983, this institution, affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education, is dedicated to the holistic development of over 2949 students. The school boasts a well-equipped campus in the heart of the city, featuring modern amenities such as laboratories for physics, biology, chemistry, computer, and mathematics, along with a library, dance room, art and craft room, medical room, and more. With a faculty of about 96 experienced teachers, the school emphasizes activity-based, English-medium learning for the pre-primary section, nurturing physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development in young learners.

Our Lady Of Fatima Convent Secondary School

Our Lady of Fatima Convent Sec. School, established in 1960 and run by Seraphim Educational Society, Dehradun, is a co-educational institution affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). With a mission rooted in education for the youth, especially those less privileged, marginalized, or abandoned, the Society has been active in India since 1901. The school's medium of instruction is English, and it stands committed to nurturing students to be intellectually competent, morally upright, psychologically well-rounded, and spiritually responsible individuals. The institution instills a sense of love, freedom, and concern for the less fortunate, promoting holistic growth and harmonious interpersonal relationships among students while upholding noble values.

Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Public School

Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Public School, located near B.N. Khalsa Senior Secondary School on Sirhind Road, Patiala, offers a well-constructed and functional campus with spacious grounds for both major and minor games. The school follows CBSE and NCERT syllabi, emphasizing value education and utilizing resources such as library books, audio-visual aids, smart classes, computer technology, and more for effective teaching. With pollution-free surroundings and CBSE affiliation up to the 10+2 level, the school offers streams in Science (Med. and Non-Med.), Commerce, and Humanities, ensuring a holistic educational experience for students.



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Published on: 19 Nov 2023
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