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List of Top 10 Best schools in Thane for Admissions 2024-2025

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List of Top 10 Best schools in Thane for Admissions 2024-2025

The city schools speak for itself as the children of the city are lucky to get the best education formats for learning with the best teachers and academic resources of the country. Best schools in Thane are spread out all across the town that also relates to Mumbai culture, the commercial capital of India. Thane is the important metropolitan city of India. Parents would want to stick to the basics of locating best schools in Thane for their children in the competitive arena. The working parents look for extra care for their children which can be of real value to their kid’s seamless education success and growth. Here are a collection of Top Ranked Schools In Thane, Maharashtra.

List of Top 10 Best Schools in Thane


Rainbow International School, Cosmos Arcade

The smart school offers many aspects for learning with confidence and focused on skill development. Educating students while guiding them to succeed in the ever evolving world for a promising future. The CBSE School is one of the top 10 schools in Thane. The school begins with LKG classes and brings up to Class XII Higher secondary education. Parents feel the urgency of catching up with the real world has increased as the world is changing fast. The school incorporates activity/game based learning into the curriculum at a very young age. The school has plans for each class topic and individual kids. The classroom and activity planning has focused analysis through critical thinking, conceptual focus through visual arts, drama, drawing elaborate figures, making connections with the real world and through exploring imagination and generating inquiry on various happenings through classroom interaction.

St. John The Baptist High School and Junior College

The Catholic school is well known for its care and dedication for children. The school is affiliated to Mumbai Division Board of Secondary and Higher Education. The mission of the schools is to educate children through responsible and unified spirit of the teacher and the student who become exposed and informed to the latest technologies. Quality education in the areas of curricular and extracurricular activities to gain the utmost satisfaction of students and parents. The school offers best and positive attitude to lead a life that is full of hope despite the circumstances in life. The schools runs from Pre Primary Education and smoothly sails the students to achieve the heights of high school. 

Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School

The lush green schools are often the talk of the town due to activities and its students' progression to life, Smt. Sulochanadevi  Singhania School is located in the heart of the city in Thane. ICSE, ISC board schools is Co ED and offers education from Nursery to Class XII. The school offers equal opportunities to the students to grow, strive recognize fullest potential in life. The school enhances creativity and provides bright future through the dynamic learning spaces encouraging the children to explore, experiment, innovate and create. Preparing the students for the new world and building new skill sets while focusing on the right attitude works on competencies and learning outcomes has become a way of life in the school.

NL Dalmia High School, Mira Road Thane

The school is shaping tomorrow‘s future today is a CISCE affiliated school from Nursery to Class XII implementing new learning methodologies that are executed to perfection through the school teaching and learning environment that highly images the student with great dexterity. The school program is designed to chive the complete objectives of classroom education, build students self-confidence and encourage independence. The school organizes an exchange program with Finnish education system. Nurturing future superstars, enabling a second home environment, and learning is real fun for the students that ensures the culture of learning and growth. The school makes students understand the importance and intervention of education requirements through highly interactive sessions.

BK Birla School,  Kalyan

The school is conducted by Kalyan Citizens Education Society that strives to provide students the best opportunities for enhancing their inherent and acquired skill potential that takes them further towards success. B.K Birla Public School is one of the top schools in Thane that produce self-motivated learners who act as dynamic and proactive leaders of the future. Development of the talented mind takes place by following the learning rules for overall growth and success in real life. The school brings and motivates the selfless character of the students and imparts true sense of values that is responsible for learning, unlearning and relearning. The school teaches learners to achieve the balance of scholastic and co scholastic skills that ensures the holistic development. The school is affiliated to CBSE board and follows the syllabus of NCERT from Pre Primary to Class XII quality experiential learning for free flowing education experience. 

Universal High School, Thane

Universal High School is one of the top ranked schools in Thane that has a golden past with a better presence of a skilled teaching and learning environment. The ICSE/ISC format school has qualified many times to be ranked among the top ISC schools in the region. The school focuses on the exact learning requirement of the student and promotes all extracurricular activities to enhance the student’s personality. Health and wellbeing is the theme of the school for the forthcoming session 2024-2025.The school balances its learning program through various collaborations in live projects, gives a technology enabled environment, enables a distance learning program, school of music and performing arts, sports facilities, play gym, excursions, excursions, career guidance sessions, food and nutrition plans, ABACUS program, Vedic Mathematics. Promotes Universal Education Talks.   

Ram Ratna Vidya Mandir, Uttan Bhayander

This Coeducational Day Boarding and CBSE Board School has one of the best learning spaces for students of primary age groups, secondary and higher secondary class segments. A thorough education environment enabled sublime education from traditional to the modern ones. This school is considered best for children from a rich traditional background looking to make an individual place in the real world. Knowledge and wisdom is fused with Bharatiya traditional aspects and cultural heritage. The school follows a continuous and comprehensive evaluation procedures   for retention and mastering the topical education flow through deep rooted learning of the subjects, apply advanced pedagogical methods, project engagement, role play and through perfecting psychological efficiencies. 

Spring Buds International Virtual Pre School, Thane West

Pre-Schooling is an important priority for parents as their kid’s begin the journey of knowing about education, enjoying through classroom activities, and meeting the personality of teachers for the first time. Children try to locate various things that are relevant for the child when they are not in school and also try to speak about them. There is a new conjunction of thoughts and expressions which tries to care for everything that is an important aspect for child’s educational and skill development. At Spring Buds International Pre School is the designed learning approach for Playgroup, Nursery, junior KG and Senior KG. The team of highly qualified faculties provide quality education through state of art infrastructure and learning environment that helps the students grow in their way, at their pace and manner.     

Orchids The International School, Thane West, Thane

The International School has over 60 branches all across the country that believes that a school is the child's second home when it comes to teaching and learning. The schools greatest strength is highly enabled with the ready plan to respond to the ever changing education pace of the world. The teaching curriculum is shaping minds and touching lives of the young ones and recognizing the ability to set new benchmarks in the field of education. There are numerous branches of the school spreading into all the major towns of the country. This school is one of top ranked schools in Thane. The school has some of the highly reputed teachers in the country as the schools employ several innovative teaching techniques like robotic curriculum, along with traditional lessons that encourages the students to open their minds to a plethora of extracurricular activities, from music and dance to swimming and athletics. The CBSE Board from Nursery to Class XII school takes proper care in career aspiration of the children by suggesting important methods to score best in competitive examinations.

Lodha World School, Majiwada, Thane

The school has the vision to create and enable a passion for learning that is prone to growth and success in real life for accepting the zest for achievements in life. Children who seek an environment that is ready for them to jump into the successful flow of education, the school is one of the best schools in Thane. Being one of the top ranked schools in Thane explains the quality of education and the amenities that suit the children best, clarifies the learning objectives by nurturing children to become confident, self-reliant, and sustain education values. The ICSE school follows a symbiotic way of learning, focuses upon emotional learning, implements design thinking and creates environmental consciousness in mixing with extracurricular and co-curricular activities.


Here are few more emerging schools in Thane  like   Narayana E Techno School 

Published on: 22 Oct 2022
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