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List of Top 10 Best schools in Varanasi for Admissions 2024-2025

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List of Top 10 Best schools in Varanasi for Admissions 2024-2025

Varanasi is one of the oldest cities of the world that has experienced many evolutions in acquiring and learning from world education and culture. The city has been a place for great scholars, academicians, sages and also the place of Sanskrit language development, originator Panini. Varanasi is considered as a very important city for learning Sanskrit, Art and Music. The city upholds India’s best university, learning centers, art colleges and modern educational institutions that attract students from all over the country and the world. Cities rich cultural heritage and traditions are driven from the holy structures of the city. Varanasi hosts many educational institutions that rank best in the region and country.

List of Top 10 Best Schools in Varanasi


Sunbeam School,Bhagwanpur

Sunbeam School was started in 1972 which was an initiative by Dr. Amrit Lal ‘ Ishrat Madhok’ and Mrs Deesh ‘Ishrat’ Madhok, who realized that students of the city require quality education. The journey started with a small rented apartment, went along well and a rapid enrollment enabled the school management to take giant strides with vision and energy. The new campus was formed which is now one of the best in the city. The CBSE group of schools has various branches all across the city and nearby towns, starting from Nursery to Class XII. The schools also has Women’s college ably run by the owners of the school. Sunbeam school has earned reputation that is unmatched through various social initiatives that converted crisis into opportunities which ranges from supporting students, conservation, organized education camps and buzz all across the city. Being one of the best schools in Varanasi aims at creating ethical minds with humane, prestigious, progressive frame of mind within and across all institutions providing a conducive environment and holistic growth opportunities.

The Aryan International School

The motto of the school is caring of the student resulting in individual attention for the well-being, personality development, academic and personal growth. The Aryan International School combines the three important aspects of child’s education development involving an in depth curriculum understanding, supportive infrastructure, co-curricular initiatives that results in the development of multiple intelligence. The school adapts these elements through various classroom strategies to shape the students future. The school focuses on the total development of student’s character that results in the growth of the child’s mental, social, emotional, physical and spiritual faculties. The CBSE Day Only School is from Nursery to Class XII. The school is one of the top ranked schools in Varanasi having a lot to do with teaching and learning methodologies and well planned curricula.

Delhi Public School,Vinay Kunj

DPS Varanasi works under the aegis of Delhi Public School Society which has the permanent goodwill for education excellence and progressive approach to education.

Distinctive education strategies and the twin hallmark of its strategy being educational leadership and scholarly achievement. DPS Varanasi has been established with the aim to provide a holistic pattern of education for overall physical and mental development of children. Well planned education curricula and its effective implementation shapes the individuals personality as a whole and also sets quality standards for skill development. Child friendly environment and interactive teaching platforms enables the child to become the learners of life. Ranked one of the top 10 schools in Varanasi   the school sets a new record and benchmark on school education. The CBSE School is from Nursery to Class XII.

St. John’s School, DLW

St. John’s DLW is one of the first English Medium Schools of the city established in 1963.The school focuses on the holistic development of children through the involvement of the students in the classroom and through extra-curricular activities that is required by every child to further the education and learning cause. The focus on skills is the specialty of the school providing all around support through playground, auditorium, and modern laboratory set up and emphasizing on art, music and drama. The teachers of the school are experienced and also belong to the fresh batch of education experts who further the overall development of student. The ICSE/ISC board school is from Nursery to Class XII. One of the best schools in Varanasi has a focus on imparting knowledge to foster innovation, instill creativity, cultivate values and enkindle wisdom to bring change and transformation in the lives of students all across eastern UP. Duty first is the inspirational motto of the school.

Green Valley English School

The school follows the CBSE and State Board syllabus where the mission is academic brilliance along with the refinement of personality. The school is from Nursery to Class XII that contributes in a meaningful way as a teaching organization. The ideal school is one of the top schools in Varanasi. The school sets a high academic standard while working together with students, parents and teachers to achieve the hopes and dreams as a family. The academic brilliance is set at par with cultural insights to provide a wonderful environment of learning. The school sets high standard of education through focus and sustainable commitment. The school provides all amenities to the students for sustainable growth in all form.

Sant Atulanand Convent School 

Sant Atulanand is a CBSE Senior Secondary School from Nursery to Class XII. Recently the school has achieved great heights when more students got selected in the national level competitions line NTA level IIT JEE, NEET and in many university examinations. The motto of the school is to serve humanity through education and skill development of students. The CBSE School operates from Nursery to Class XII. The school is the first private school in eastern UP to get a CBSE affiliation in 1986.Equality in Education is one of the main aim of the school management.

St.John’s School Marhauli 

St.John’s school, Marhauli is one of the Top 10 schools in Varanasi. Academic excellence, development of skills and character building is the main aim of the school’s teaching learning process. The ICSE/ISC board school believes in the concepts of national integration as it partakes students from all states in India. The schools operate from LKG to Class XII. The school has a strong belief in ethics of socio cultural development of the child along with education and extracurricular activities. Scholastic skills is embedded with curriculum that enables the student to progress in life and face any challenge in real life. Physical training of the students is facilitated with all indoor and outdoor games amenities. The school has one of the best classroom set up and laboratories to keep improving practical and problem solving skills of students.

Dayawati Modi Academy,Ramnagar

DMA is one of the best schools in Varanasi that impart education in a free flowing format that includes modern concepts of experiential learning and adapts to smart class arrangements, extracurricular amenities for students. The Roots and Wings policy of the school denotes that the parents send their children to the school with strong roots, dream and zeal for education and school responds by providing them wings which enables children fly high in their life. The school has a comprehensive education plan suits to all requirements of education. MA hosts plethora of events, contests and skill development sessions for the students such that there is no shortage of knowledge and ability to become great citizens of the world.

Dalimss Sunbeam School,Rohania

DALIMSS provides a universal access to the world’s best education process that is compatible with each child’s growth and development. The school has earned wide reputation through student’s performances and among parents community. The students of this school have an eye for detail and develop their skills with best facilities as it should be to achieve educational excellence and physical fitness. The school has branches all across the eastern UP. The school focuses on every aspect of child care adding dynamism to their personality to meet the challenges of the new world. The CBSE Co Ed , Day and Hostel abled school runs from Nursery to Class XII. The schools ranks among Top 10 schools in Varanasi.

W.H. Smith Memorial School, Sigra

The ICSE board school was started by two retired teachers in 1958, William Henry Smith and Cecilia Rose Wells having the status of being one of the top ranked schools in Varanasi. This leading school of Varanasi has benefited thousands of students through its caring teaching, methodologies and extracurricular activities. The school essentially is an English Medium Co Ed school that has the reputation for teaching English Language to all sections of the society. The highly efficient teaching staff and learning atmosphere attracts many students and parents of the city. 

Here are few more emerging schools in Varanasi like  Orchid International School, Seth Mr Jaipuria School, Sunbeam School

Published on: 31 Oct 2022
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