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Motor Skill Development in Jammu's School: Cinosural International School

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Motor Skill Development in Jammu's School: Cinosural International School

Let's Understand Motor Skills

For a small Kid just enrolled in preschool, a thorough cognitive development is significant to build a strong base for future development.

There are two types of Motor Skills-

Gross Motor Skills

Gross Motor skills develop large muscles in the arms, torso and legs. These muscles facilitate a child in running, walking, and lifting objects, basically helping a child develop everyday physical activities that would help them in future too.

Fine Motor Skills

Specific actions like writing and making art include developing fine motor skills. Activities such as drawing, puzzles, and others enhance fine motor skills development.

 Very few schools support this innovative study method, and fewer still can incorporate the actual essence of Experiential methods. However, Cinosural International School is one of those few schools that develop a child's mind and body according to the Experiential methods and help with the development of motor skills.

 Tucked away in the picturesque city of Jammu, this school has been following Experiential teaching methods and Motor skill development to educate its students in the basic sciences, practical life lessons and cultural regions. The main aim is to create a love for learning amongst the students.

Published on: 28 May 2022
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