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Richmondd Global School Brings Quality to Contemporary Education through Smart Education based International Learning Experiences.

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Richmondd Global School Brings Quality to Contemporary Education through Smart Education based International Learning Experiences.

Education has been a real challenge in the past few years due to the Pandemic interferences in the normal functioning of the education systems. Richmondd Global School, West Delhi is one of those schools that has shown an incredible resilience on the topic of disseminating the true sense of education that is driven by curricula options, using technology to engage the unique education and learning opportunities while developing a new relationship with students who learn, admire, involve through EdTech platforms and present their learner capabilities.

The school has inculcated the K 12 co-educational primary and secondary curriculum that is begotten by the network of Global Cambridge Schools that is driven by the Cambridge International Examination body, offering Cambridge Education Programmes under Cambridge Assessment and International Education (CAIE), University of Cambridge, United Kingdom and provides the option to choose between Cambridge and CBSE curriculum. 

The educational institute's leviathan strength is through the students' leadership and technology involvement initiatives. The Founding pillars of the school include the inclusiveness and innovative visions of Chairman Mrs Nidhi Gupta, the C.E.O. Mr Rishab Guptaa, Administrator Mrs Neha Gupta, and Principal Mrs T Shrivastav took the institution's education to the next level through their determination and diverse education initiatives. 

The learners of the school would possess a real passion for education and learning while developing curiosity about learning through skills realization, skill development, ensuring participation in learning through the institute's developed teaching programs for the Early Years of Primary Education, assuring easy transition to the Middle-Level Education values which helps the students to select proper education path in secondary and higher secondary levels.No wonder the schools has been the front runner in providing qualitative, diverse, inclusive education for students of the region 

The institute is well known for rapid innovation and the inclusion of modern education. The school is the third in the Delhi region to introduce Cambridge Curriculum to the students. The institute can be relied on for its Dynamic curriculum that prepares students to lead a life with real-life intelligence and confidence.

The school's early years students benefit from experiential learning. The students learn from Hand on the approach to learning, and skill-based expression opportunities are guided by the teachers who provide real-time motivation and showcase the learning through various activities. 

The curriculum during the Primary years is planned as per the student's requirements from building foundations of education and excavating the numerical skills. The spirits of inquisitiveness clear the lean doubts in real-time. The institute focuses on developing listening and critical thinking abilities by using the features from the intelligent classroom reasoning features and education technology. 

Compassion and empathy topics remove the element of bloviating. The institute facilitates the students to be aware of the needs of society at large. The institute arranges unique visits to Old Age Homes and Orphanages as a part of the curriculum to assure community involvement.

The Middle Level of the institute's Education focuses on imparting skills and theoretical learning, such that there is no gap between the academic and real-life experiences and opportunities.

The concept of skill education brings new topics of learning, such as introducing the concepts of Artificial Intelligence, Website Designing, Coding, and Fashion Designing bridge the gaps between practical and theoretical knowledge. 

Education at the Secondary and Senior secondary levels of the institute brings an academic experience and enables one to plan the future for academic excellence.

The institution is highly responsive to meeting the demands of the interconnected world and prepares the students for universities and beyond. 

The institution has a world-class infrastructure for educational endeavors from a global perspective. Starting from well-equipped smart boards to intelligent security measures and other required facilities.

 The school's state of art infrastructure and quality education management infrastructure attract the dignitaries from various fields and positions. Furthermore, sports play an essential part in the overall development of students, and the institute has the best sports infrastructure in the region for many sports categories.

The Richmondd Global School is a must addition to the most important schools in the country. Undoubtedly the institute is endowed with positive influences from the educators, affiliations, awards, and leadership, and meets all education for quality objectives.

Published on: 28 May 2022
School Coverage
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