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How Technology Has Enhance Online Learning Experience

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How Technology Has Enhance Online Learning Experience

27th April’ 2022: Pandemic has taught us the importance of digital world, as our world was forced inside their houses the alternatives for shopping, grocery, offices and even schooling became the neo-norm. People learnt to use technology and made peace with it, but the education of their Kids was not such an easy thing especially with the myths surrounding the online education.

Replacing the traditional methods of education that are ingrained to teach through physical presence is a difficult task. It was harrowing to find new ways to teach students without the inclusive methods that teachers would use earlier, the lectures turned way boring when the only thing teachers could do online was to drone on about the subject. Very few schools have tried to combat this situation and introduce any new or innovative methods that would increase the appeal of education or a particular subject for the students.

But, searching for competent and innovative online school is now easier, with Skoodos which is a school search engine 

It is true that physical attendance gets higher grades than online classes but the online schools have certain usage that cannot be ignored, let us take a look-

  • Overcome Geographical Barrier-

Online schooling does not require physical presence, so the child can study from anywhere, be it remote or a central hub.

  • Affordable- 

Internet in India is the most affordable, and if a child enrolls, online classes cut the traveling and lodging expenses making it easier.

  • Flexibility- 

With Geographical barriers gone, a student can learn anything they wish for, even if it is not available in their home country.

Skoodos, Co-founder Mrs. Shruti Verma says, “Even though Online schooling is the necessity of the hour and has become the new norm across the world, it is still seen with distrust among parents. It is important to remove these myths that surround Online Schooling, and embrace the digital changes that are gripping this country.”, She further states that, “It is also important for the online schools to overcome the barriers that surround online learning and enhance their way of teaching and learning by adopting various digital ways to keep the lessons interesting.”

Cyboard School is India’s first AI powered online school that free’s the parents from their worries of child safety and also overcomes the boredom of online school lectures by enhancing the quality of studies, providing AI powered classrooms that help the students understand the concept through elaborate videos upon the subject matter. 

On joining the Skoodos platform, Rajat Singhal, Co-founder, Cyboard, said, “I believe that the integration of information technology in education will be further accelerated and that online education will eventually become an integral component of school education. Mobile platforms have given access to more people to benefit from online learning, and this has created huge data, then machine learning has given personalized solutions to the course content using the big data. In the future, it will not be surprising to see more elements in the online learning structure such as VR/AR or more advanced machine learning algorithms to democratize the learning more."

The teachers also get more time with students due to a lesser student to teacher ratio and also because AI helps with the mundane teacher duties like grading and attendance providing the teachers with more time to focus on a single student ensuring an overall growth and better future for the child. 

Online Schooling has become the noe-norm for foreign countries and our country too can benefit from this technological surge, it is time we adapt the modern way of education.
You can easily find Cyboard School, India first AI powered online School on Skoodos.com

Published on: 03 May 2022
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