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Top 10 Best CBSE Schools in Gurgaon for Admissions 2024-2025

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Top 10 Best CBSE Schools in Gurgaon for Admissions 2024-2025

Gurgaon is considered the corporate capital among North Indian states due to the presence of various multi-national company regional offices,  public sector organizations, industries, hyper malls, and technology parks. The city has seen considerable developments in the last two decades when it was the hub for corporate call centers in India. The working parents of the city want an apt place to secure their child's happiness, find their participation, and scale the educational requirements through caring school life, and activities for kids.

List of Top 10 Best CBSE Schools in Gurgaon 


The HDFC School

The HDFC school is the top CBSE Board school in Gurugram that showcases the child's talents and enables skills development using various technologies and teaching methods. The students are kept engaged throughout their school life in various cocurricular activities because life never stops teaching in the long run. Every child has a learning journey and school faculties act as friends, philosophers, and guides to the children. Every child gets empowerment that paves the way to excellence. This institution is one the top CBSE schools in Gurugram that aims to equip children with life skills and emotional skills and imbibe a sound value system that benefits kids at large in the realm of the future.

The school is committed to strong Academic Excellence and Creative Balance imparting the basic skills for developing a sense to secure health, lifelong learning, physical fitness, and well-being. The virtually connected classrooms are aimed to bring routine and discipline to students' school life. The school provides education from Pre Nursery to Class 12 inclusive of various beyond-the-school activities such as sports events, field trips, movies, works, projects, and meeting authors and experts as per the academic framework.       

Vega School 

Vega school is famous for its experiential learning success with children who can pave their way into their future. The CBSE Board school imparts learning from Pre Nursery to Class 10 and is one of the top CBSE schools in Gurgaon. The learning model of the school is solving real-life problems with children through education and activities. The inquiry-based learning program and projects are synchronized as per CBSE and NEP 2020 guidelines.

This 3-in-1 learning module enables one to give individual attention at large through the trending and health-friendly education atmosphere. The school's initiatives and belongingness with children have won many reputations, distinctions, praises, and awards. The school ranks as one of the Top 5 unique schools in India as per India Today and for many more in Education Leadership.

The unique features of the school are a 1:10 teachers student ratio, open learning spaces, a healthy atmosphere, a world-class educator’s team, WHO-compliant enhanced safety environment, large indoor and outdoor schooling facilities, an extended day care option, member of Global School Alliance, parent interaction, collaboration is made possible on every required occasion.        

GEMS International School

GEMS International School is a complete schooling system for learners and the best place for students' inclusion in co-academic activities. The lush green campus has futuristic learning stored for emerging learners and futuristic kids seeking a virtual platform needing a lot of activities to develop reaching their life goals. The school delivers through  8 kinds of curricula which are like India's CBSE Board, the UK's EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stages), IB, American, Canadian, British, French, and Arabic ways of teaching. The school has a unique plan for developing a child's future through its integrated classroom curricula and activities.

This institution is one of the best CBSE schools in Gurgaon and is one top school in Gurgaon for best skills development by GSLC. The parents of the school are regularly involved in the student's daily life. The school considers and values every aspect of parents' say. The students of the school are always learning through open-minded curiosity asking questions while listening to what has to be learned and explored.

The students of the school are empowered to realize their diversity of understanding of things and analyze the present-day requirements to achieve all decisions. School gives a lot of importance to co-academic activities, care, and defining individual excellence while learning to work in one team. The school begins its class activities with Play Group, K1 sections, and continues up to Grade 12. Extraordinary school facilities include the best daycare facilities for children.    

The Shriram Millennium School

Shriram Millenium School explores the inquisitive pure minds of the children and enables them to achieve all-around excellence. The unique creativity spheres of children find a realistic futuristic shape. The school presents and enables the valued capabilities and colorful spirits of education to its children and the world. The school provides a safe and inclusive environment for aspiring through a world-class education system. The life skill solution-oriented, encouraging environment of the school makes the school a wonderful institution for schooling and is ranked as one of the best CBSE schools in Gurgaon.

The school imparts education from Nursery sections to class 10. The school encourages students to achieve academic objectives by participating in national-level examinations like NTSE, Science Olympiad, National Cyber Olympiad, etc. The school challenges the academic spheres of children by introducing Sanskrit or Spanish in middle school. In higher sections, an annual curriculum of the school includes programs like DOL dimensions of learning, and DEED putting a strong emphasis on developing strong communication skills by conducting debates, elocution, extempore, speaking, and drama.

Fun while learning gets more important in school during pre-primary education. The primary sections of the school stay focused on the development of and acquiring of language skills. Healthy living through sports activities and the Shri  Sahyog community program has done wonders for the student's mental health and well-being.      

Euro International School

Euro Group of Schools is a CBSE board institution that believes in the nurturing of talent where education is the journey of dreams. Education is not about only information but it is the transformation of the individual. The school delivers exceptional 21 st century education that demands much more than a curriculum. The school teaches human and social well-being to achieve overall academic transcendence.

The purity and transparency of children are maintained through every means of the 21st-century education system that takes place far beyond the academic spaces. The school delivers education from Pre Nursery sections to Class 12 and is considered one of the top 10 CBSE schools in Gurgaon. The school facilities include a computer lab, science lab, smart classrooms,3 D Audio Visual Classroom, sports facilities, library, field trips, and interactive surroundings.          

Orchids Public School

Orchids Public School provides an outstanding environment for the education of modern-day children. The school has won many Asian Education Leadership awards through Time Education Survey. This school is considered one of the top 10 CBSE schools in Gurgaon that has an international schooling ambiance. The school attracts national and international students to its premises focusing on providing empowered education to its student for holistic 360 degrees development.

The school adapts to innovation and fun-based interactive smart classrooms to make learning an enjoyable experience. Equal importance is given to bookish education and real-world education developing relations with the child and his faculty of skills. Fostering education also means the involvement of innovative learning technology, co-curricular activities, and dedicated actives to enable students' success in every way possible.

This co-ed English medium school provides a world-class playground, music room, swimming pool, computer lab, library, smart classes, robotics lab, and more. The school offers inspirational NCERT education from Pre Primary to Class 10 caring for students for every academic and nonacademic requirement and empowering skills.                

Sun City School

Suncity City School offers a dual board system for its students who want to achieve overall academic success from CBSE, CIE, or IBDP board. The school is one of the best CBSE schools in Gurgaon and provides extended learning hours to its children. The state-of-the-art infrastructure of the school is spread out over the sprawling five-and-a-half acres of the green, pollution-free hilly surrounding. The school begins its classroom from Pre nursery level to Class 12. The schools provide modern and affordable learning facilities to the students of the city having associations with Microsoft learning modules.

The large windows of the school's smart classrooms gush with fresh air and energy for qualitative education. The school offers scholarships to existing and new students for sports activities and participating in national and international examinations. Regular scholarships are meant for students scoring more than 90% in the previous class or examination. The school has implemented the strategy, teacher, and learner methodology having the aspect of ASK or Application, Skills, and Knowledge for learning in better ways. Learning means interaction and mind activation through extracurricular activities, sports, and socio-cultural activities.        

KIIT World School

KIIT world school provides tender education by nurturing, creating, and inspiring learning experiences in the designed smart classrooms, playgrounds, and activity centers. The school's environment is ideal for Play Group and beyond( Class 10) having a friendly, caring, and enriching learning atmosphere. Every child is curious and requires individual attention is made possible in the school. The pleasurable learning experience is delivered to the pupils in order to learn, create and explore the inner talent and skill which need to develop in each class and each day. Play, learn, and discover methodology is implemented and accompanied by the highly stimulated learners' environment created through pedagogies.

The school learning environment fosters social, emotional, psycho-motor, and ethical skills. The school provides one of the best-integrated world-class curricula., technology-enabled classrooms, an experiential learning system (Learning while doing), organize parenting webinars, and offers value-based education. The academy is one of the top-ranked CBSE schools in Gurgaon offering daycare, enabling the learner to develop critical skills such as following multi-step instructions, organizing work, managing impulses, sustaining attention, and more.          

Vedas International School

Vedas International School is a CBSE Day and Boarding School for Pre Nursery to Class 12. The school's focus is on academic excellence, life skills learning, integrated virtual learning, and sustainable practices and activities for continuous learning aptitude. The progressive educational approach provides a wide range of possibilities for holistic learning and personality development through co-curricular activities. The school inspires its students to become thoughtful leaders of tomorrow. The improvement of the child's psyche is emphasized through activities and counseling sessions.

The eco-friendly green campus is in the background of Aravalli Hills. The school sports facility is for motivation and encourages children for achieving overall personality development. The institute is ranked as one of the best schools in Gurgaon teaching through the experiential learning approach and meeting the objectives of modern-day education for skill development and more.           

RPS International School

Rao Prahlad Singh International School is one of the most happening and vibrant CBSE Board schools in Gurgaon. The school offers education from Pre Nursery to Class 12. The school offers real-time opportunities to learn through interactive classrooms and audio-visual demonstrations. The institute is ranked as one of the best CBSE schools in Gurgaon that provides state of art Science labs, a Library, and resource facility, Music and Dance rooms, a splash pool, an art and craft room, an international language learning space, an indoor games room and a lot of space for a lot of children activities. The school students have performed wonderfully in all national and state competitive examinations like IIT, NEET, AIIMS, NDA, CLAT, KVPY, and more.   



There are a large number of top CBSE schools in Gurgaon to choose from, we have listed the top 10 CBSE schools in Gurgaon. Here are few more emerging CBSE schools in Gurgaon like Karmel International School, G D Goenka Public School, Narayana E Techno School, Orchid International School, Sehwag International School, Delhi Wonder World School, Klay Preschool And Daycare, Delhi Public School and more.

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Published on: 16 Feb 2023
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