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Top 10 Best CBSE Schools in Patna for Admissions 2024-2025

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Top 10 Best CBSE Schools in Patna for Admissions 2024-2025

Patna is one of the best educational capital cities in the country. The city is one of the oldest cities in India known as Patliputra in the Golden Age of ancient India. Education happens to be one of the main professions of the citizens in the city mainly due to the existence of the multitude of coaching centers for national competitive exams and beyond.

The CBSE schools of the city play an important role in developing the skills of the students who want to become the best citizens of the world contributing to various professions. The hardworking and inspiring parents of the city seek a qualitative performance-based education system that keeps their children happy and energetic throughout their lifetime.

List of Top 10 Best Schools in Patna


Trinity Global School

Trinity Global is a co-curricular CBSE Board day and boarding school in Patna that offers international education to its children. The school focuses on the development of communication skills and also emphasizes developing extraordinary concepts for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics skills. The school offers qualitative education from Nursery to Class 12 state of art boarding and learning facilities.

Each child gets individual attention through dedicated teachers to pay attention to every child. The school adapts to all innovative methods of teaching while involving parents in various requirements during daily school life. The school is ranked one of the top CBSE schools in Patna that offers a wide range of sporting, cultural, creative, and extracurricular activities.   

Millenium World School

Millenium World School is one of the reputed chain schools of India having an exquisite international schooling branch in Patna city. The co-education CBSE board school begins from Nursery and carries up to Class 12. The school has earned a massive reputation among parents and students due to its high quality of first division scores in board exams. The strong Indian ethnic and traditional values get taught through the inspirational education system. The school imbibes a global mindset in students through the distinctive pedagogical planning of the school management that inspires and mingles with students' requirements in every classroom session.

The school provides an air-conditioned hostel facility to its students. The institution is ranked as one of the top CBSE schools in Patna and is supported and directed by the Research and Development Wing of the education quality foundation of India. The schools offer extracurricular activities through sports, creative arts, theater associations, clubs and societies, social outreach campaigns, education trips, and excursions.

Gyan Niketan Sr. Secondary School

Gyan Niketan Sr. Secondary school is one of the best CBSE board schooling options available for boys and girls in the city and beyond. The school provides excellent hostel facilities separately for boys and girls that have real-time education facilities, games rooms, sports facilities, art centers, and more. The school was founded in the year 1986 with its full focus on human resource development. More than 2000 students of the schools have qualified in national-level competitions.

The school offers co-education from Nursery to Class 12 developing a unique vision for the future of every child. The school also provides hostel facilities for all class children. The school enables an all-round development of the child Smart Class, Parents Alarm Service, Smart Class, Laboratories, Sports amenities, and medical facilities to empower students with state of an art learning system,   

The Maalinyai School

The Maalinyai CBSE school offers admission all year round offering cloud classes to its children. The engaging online and virtual classrooms have been able to engage the student's curiosity and parents' interest due to its lucid platform. The school facilitates students to become compassionate human beings and play the role of active, responsible citizens throughout life. The school prepares the students for an ever-changing future to respect their own culture. The school brings a unique association and love of learning to everyone.

The school has an everlasting focus on developing students' inner strength through Yoga Classes, Sports activities, and many other cultural involvements. The K12 education school is one of the Top 10 schools in the Patna region. The school provides an extraordinary balance of Technology integration, with Curriculum, encouraging Physical Education, exploring Visual and Performing Arts, and leadership qualities. The school begins with Nursery and continues up to Class 12.   

St Michaels School

St. Michael School believes in the light of education that brings new aspirations and offers all-time resistance to face the adversaries real world. The co-ed CBSE school is from Nursery to Class 12 and has a big campus to fulfill the detailed requirements of modern-day education. The school provides a conducive environment for a greater learning perspective and maintains an excellent track record for holding top ranks at state and national levels of competition. The heritage school was founded in 1858 that began as a Boarding school for orphans and the deprived.

The school's special attention is on the development of character, and physical fitness while putting a lot of attention on child mental health and well-being. The school has a parent portal and an advanced learning system to assist students to develop academic skills and non-academic skills for their diverse future to move beyond self-centeredness. The institute is ranked one of the top 10 schools in Patna.  

Radiant International School

The full radiance of the student's talent is explored and implemented through efficient learning platforms and experienced faculty. Radiant International School is 20 years now having set excellent education delivery examples tagged as the top CBSE Co-Ed school in Patna. The open-school campus has a sprawling playground and GPS-enabled transport system for class Nursery to Class 10.

Equipped laboratory provisions are made available through a competent education system. All activities of the school are planned as per the sustainable development goals. The school is ranked as one of the top schools in Patna having its radio station empowering children through 21 st century education.     

Loyola High School

Loyola High School is the Roman Catholic Co-educational CBSE School from Nursery to Class 12. The school is different in many aspects from other institutions in the city believing in the sustainability of education in all aspects of a learning environment. The school teachers apply their skills through academic and co-scholastic activities to achieve the student's present education requirement and keep on updating the curriculum as per the futuristic requirement.

The school also organizes key skills activities and student awareness programs about the prevention of the environment from a global climate care perspective. The school is ranked as one of the best CBSE schools in Patna focusing on society, environment, culture, and economy.   

Seth M.R Jaipuria School

Seth M.R. Jaipuriya school prioritizes the holistic development of the child from the beginning itself. The unstoppable students of the school have done wonders in procuring the highest ranks in the national-level medical and engineering competitions. The Co-Educational CBSE school is ranked as one the best schools in Patna due to its atmosphere of learning and celebrity educators. The school has enabled the Crescendo platform to showcase extraordinary talent in all art forms.

The Pinnacle platform enables students to perform and develop co-curricular skills through inter-school competitions and cultural events. Upskill platform of the school is the need of the hour that brings new changes and aspires students to achieve their futuristic aspirations. The school conducts scholarship examinations and welcomes students from all backgrounds. The students of the school feel that they are the future themselves and judiciously carry forward their education objectives from Nursery to Class 12.   

Trinity Global School

Trinity Global School is one of the top-ranked schools in Patna that focuses on the development of students and their learning requirements. The state of art infrastructure of the school is for creating a realistic environment for child education through sporting activities, and cultural, creative, and extracurricular activities. The CBSE board Co-Ed school believes in a child-centric education system through dedicated teaching professionals from Nursery to Class 12.

School online classes initiatives are immensely popular among th parents and children due to their interactive learning modules and classroom updates. The school has a fully equipped campus serving children with a home-like atmosphere, state of art hostel, and student care facilities.      

International School

International School Patna provides one of the most audacious education systems for its children. The school is ranked one of the best schools in Patna in the constant pursuit of futuristic excellence. The school has adopted international methods of schooling and is affiliated with the CBSE board, New Delhi has classes for Class 1 students carrying up to class 12. The conducive learning environment of the school serves the students through a quality-based education system. The school holds the best classroom infrastructure through smart classrooms.

Healthy learning skills are being taught and savored for the students which create awareness of maintaining internal health standards in all phases of life in the real world. The school also lays heavy importance on developing the concept of healthy sports routines and has introduced a mental fitness plan for energizing students to learn better in all aspects. 

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Published on: 01 Mar 2023
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